Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Pay What You Want Adventure -The Vile Worm From Arcana Creations

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The Drivthru Explanation : 

"Deep within the forest, an ancient oak has grown huge, twisted, and evil. Ages ago, a savage cult haunted these woods and this tree became the focus of their unspeakable rites. Below it, they carved out a chamber of sacrificial horror where innocent victims were offered to a hideous worm-like god. As the centuries passed, the cult faded into the mists of time, but the twisted old oak stood fast, awaiting the day when the creeping evil in the dark below would be summoned once more."

Using The 
The Vile Worm From Arcana Creations
For Your Old School Horror Game

This is a good, solid, well done and easy to adapt old fashioned Lovecraftian/Howard style adventure perfect for an October game! 
This ten page adventure is great as a mid point gap adventure to fill in where the party might need a game to pick up upon an evil horror stalking the land. 
The cult is well though out and despicable. They're a nasty a group as you'll encounter and the monsters perfectly twisted for an evening's entertainment.
Don't miss this one and have a blast with this one!
 This is a really nice little adventure that will fit about 90% of the retroclones on the market. Has a really old world feel to the adventure ! 


  1. Thanks for spreading the word on this!

  2. Your welcome Pat! Its a great little adventure man! Thanks for the comment & more coming up!