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Splatter Punk 70's & 80's Post Apocalyptic Horror Campaign Sundown Edition - Cemeteries of The Dead Part Two Daylight

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Daylight does not leave on safe from encounters with the weird of the 'Supernaturalpyse' Below are some of the daylight hazards that mark this era of supernatural terror and horror beyond the ken of men and adventurer! 

Splatter Punk 70's & 80's Post Apocalyptic Horror Campaign
The 'Nightwing' curtesy of Emperor's Choose Games! Get it HERE
The unholy energies of the "Supernaturalypse" surges through the veins of the Earth. Long forgotten things crawl from the funk of fossilized worlds near the dimensional borders of Earth. Monsters imortalized in myth and legend return.The  NIGHTWING or (Giant Bat) is one such horror! These foul mutated monsters correspond to no known animal of Old Earth. These are the stuff of nightmare itself mutated by the supernatural energies of Hell itself. 

 These foul beasts often are found in the urban ruins of shopping malls, the shells of  churches, and a wide variety of the husks of skyscrapers. These brutes can eat a man within moments. They are often called by necromancers and the undead to bare witness to foul ceremonies and banquets to the moon.
Because of the company that these foul things of Hell keep there is a 40% chance of them carrying some god forsaken disease of the supernatural such as Red Death, Black Plague, or other less nameable infections.
 There have been reports of other larger versions of these monsters capable of carrying mansized or larger riders. These are often dismissed as legend. Many of the varieties of these monsters are active during the day!

Scavenger Angels 

File:Angel in St Pauli cemeteries, Malmo.jpg

 These stone faced scowling angels turn to stone during the daylight hours. They feed upon the misery and fear lurking in the air even during the sunlight. These beings look after the dead as a mother with her children They don't tolerate intrusions into their domains.
 They are actually an unholy hybrid of alien cybernetics and magic! They stand watch only to spring to life when the sun goes down! These monsters also carry a vendetta and have very long memories. 
Type: Other
Hit Dice:
Armor Class: 2 [17]
Attacks: 2 claws (1d8), bite (2d10)
Saving Throw: 3
Special: Unknown(weird alien cybernetics) 
Move: 12
Alignment: Chaos
Challenge Level/XP: 14 / 2600

Bronze Death Griffon 
File:"Griff" Statue in the forecourt of the Farkashegyi Cemetery Budapest.jpg

Type : Other Hit Dice: 9
Armor Class: 2 [17]
Attacks: 2 claws (1d6), bite (2d10)
Saving Throw: 14
Special: Immune to psychic abilities or mind magic 
Move: 12
Alignment: Chaos
Challenge Level/XP: 13 / 2600
Summoned from beyond the pale these demonic bronze monsters watch over tombs, cemeteries and entire necropolises. They are single minded in their devotion, and utterly deadly when roused. They hate the living with a vengeance and while away eternity thinking of cunning plans to kill trespassers and  adventurers.
They are active both day and night. They will spring to life at a moment's notice and
tear any fools apart who happen to disturb them.
These beasts do not fly but move quickly and have a bronze like skin that protects them from most attacks and the elements. These alien demon like monster's minds do not reside upon the same plane as their bodies.  Though they  have the appearance of  griffons they are demonic guardians and alien psychopaths of the highest order. 

1d10 Cemeteries of The Dead Part Two Daylight Random Encounter Tables File:La Recoleta Cemetery by Mardetanha 1925.JPG

  1. 1d10 Cultists tending the grounds and making a pilgrimage to a sacred tomb. They will attack as 2nd level fighters and are led by a 2nd level black magician. 
  2. 1d6 Grave yard lurkers tending the grounds and doing general maintence. 3 hit dice each, Armor 8, Damage 1d4 armed with a variety of shovels, pick axes, and garden tools
  3. 1d8 wild hell dogs 4 hit points, 1d6 bite, armor 8. Looking for a fast meal. 
  4. A very nervous necromancer on the run from a local cult, will pay 4 pieces of gold and offer a favor if you accompany him to a tomb. Has 1d4 funeral relics
  5. 1d4 Crypt trolls taking a stroll for a quick meal of some adventurers or lurkers. Stats a standard trolls but add mummy rot. 
  6. Weeping Guardian  This statue is actually a hell spawned horror that sucks life essence. The alien horror has 3 hit points, AC of 7, and does 1d4 points of damage as it feeds on Constitution. 
  7. A priest of  the old faith looking to make a name for himself or get himself killed. Wishes to put a stake into his sister who was turned into a vampire. 
  8. A pair of kids looking to mess around the graves. Actually two psycho children killers, each of these pint sized knife wielding weirdos isn't even human. 2 hit points each AC of 8, 1d6 in enchanted kitchen cutlery.
  9. An undead guardian worm winds its way around an ancient tomb of some dead occultist. The worm appears as a statue. This 10 hit point Horror does 1d8 damage in a powerful bite and has an AC of 6. The thing carries the "Red Death" upon its fangs. 
  10. A necromancer has summoned 1d10 zombies and is preparing to cause havoc to the locals. He might kill you and add you to his horde or pay you to help keep them rounded up!

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Artist Of The Day - Bree Orlock

Bree Orlock is a very talented artist whose work has grace corporate logos and the whole gamut of products. Her horror work is very evocative and interesting to say the least. She works quickly, confidently and boldly. I was introduced to her work by Bradly K. McDevitt. She been doing artwork for over twenty years. Below are some of her works!

The Mad Demon Sultan Azahoth 

Bold colors, distinct designs, and incredible statements mark her artwork! 

A very traditional Lovecraftian Ghoul that Richard Upton Pickman would be proud of!

Bree works very quickly and confidently in her art work. I really dig her artwork According to her," And the reason I work so fast is I use to do Package Design for the Kroger Company (Corporation) and everything they wanted done was at a last minute deadline, so I got use to working very fast due to the next assignment being only 4 hours away."
Her subjects range from traditional horror through science fiction. 
Bree is a gifted artist and talented graphics designer. 
These and more of her artwork are available for sale and she is also available for commissions! 

To see more of her artwork and find out more.
You can find out more about this multi talented artist right over on her page
Right over HERE

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Review, Download, & Look AT Jim Pinto's 'Midnight Vigil'

So under the 'pay what you' like there is a new rpg called 'Midnight Vigil'. Its got an interesting premise and might be a good solid thought exercise type of game.
You can download it right 
The blurb from Drive Tru Rpg is well pretty interesting : 
'Midnight Vigil is an experimental roleplaying story game where players recall the life of someone they've lost. The game is played in character and is not an attempt to replicate an actual vigil for real people. It is played over the course of one hour and each person takes on the role of someone at a candlelight vigil remembering someone special.

It can be exceptionally useful for writing backgrounds for characters or give players a chance to explore villains they have just slain.

It requires no pen, paper, or dice.'
The product verges into areas of some very interesting material. I've played more then a few games of Kult and Wraith. These games all require a good solid group, grounded players, and a willingness to play around with high weirdness, and never ever let things get personal. This game has the potential to verge into those areas. Then again any simple OD&D game has that potential as well.
 Its a well put together game for what it does and it does it interestingly. The author sets out to create a quick and experimental game. This game is exactly as its advertised. 
As a tool for creating memorable NPC's this is much more interesting. The game allows one to explore the further reaches of the darker aspects of the minds of villains without getting their hands dirty. On that front the game brings some interesting tools that we've seen in other products by the author.
 This might be a very interesting addition to style of game for any DM looking into the weirder aspects of their game. Anyhow take a look and give the author what you think its worth. I liked it but your mileage may vary.  

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Splatter Punk 70's & 80's Post Apocalyptic Horror Campaign Sundown Edition - Cemeteries of The Dead Part One

 Please Press Play To Begin! 

Splatter Punk 70's & 80's Post Apocalyptic Horror Campaign

The "Supernaturalypse" spread its wings across the face of the Earth like the angel of death herself. The effects still linger to this day! Cemeteries are no longer places where the living and the dead interact! They are psychic breeding grounds where the memories of the living and the dead mix in an unholy dance! These "Hellborn" for want of a better word call down all sorts of creatures and spirits of damned!  
Its as if the gates of hell itself are let loose! 

File:Covering the past (4437300599).jpg

Night time forays into such places are sheer suicide for the living. These ghostly hell gates glow with a terrible green eldrictch light that can be seen for miles. The supernatural sounds and sometimes ancient music carries even further. The living are sometimes drawn to see such sights only to be cursed or worse when they meddle in the affairs of the dead or undead!
 There is a 60% chance each night dallying around these places that a random demon or monster drawn by the paranormal energies will attack the party. The door to the realms swings both ways! 

File:Consuelo Fould Enterree vive.jpg

1d20 Night Time Encounter Table 
  1. Ghouls going for a midnight snack 1d8 of the unliving bastards. Lovecraftian variety. Armed with pick axes and matches. 
  2. Cofferr Corpses dancing unholy rites in the moonlight as skeletons play weird unholy music in the background. 
  3. A virgin sacrifice that has escaped the clutches of the damned! She's being persused by twelve double hit point skeleton warriors. 
  4. A vampire maiden leading a pack of skeleton women on a nightly hunt. These small town beauties hunger for the flesh of the living. 
  5. A necromancer trying his luck at ensnaring a few undead as slaves or worse. He's willing to share few tips in exchange for a party of bodyguards. 
  6. A weeping victim girl whose ancestors have begun stalking her to join them. 1d8 random undead monsters. 
  7. A single lonely ghost whose looking for some living friends. Actually a lure for a party of 1d20 hunting undead things. 
  8. A single incredibly large blob of crawling corruption that has  disguised itself as a pond and moves to different areas to act as guardian for the festivities of the undead. The living are its main prey. 
  9. A group of wrights that haunts a lonely little stretch of the cemetery in question. They are performing unholy rites and are looking for a living to rip limb from limb to their gods as they howl unholy praise! 
  10. A group of fast zombies mindlessly racing under the mad directions of a demon of death. They will break the action as soon as they smell fresh meet.  Double normal hit points.
  11. A group of former adventurers who are know mindless zombies. They have 1d8 piece of random equipment that has survived in tact. 
  12. 1d3 Hellish scavengers 5 hit points, Armor Class 8 1d4 Damage Claws  - These gaunt insect like undead demons are hunting for the living working for a local witch. They have a large sack and are supernaturally strong capable of moving much more then their frames would suggest. 
  13. A ghostly lover is looking for a boyfriend. She croons in the moonlight singing for a romantic interlude. Actually a succubus of the worst aspect whose congress will curse her lover. 
  14. A pack of wights hides in the bushes for victims. 
  15. A group of 1d10 undead soldiers are working for the local necormancer/black wizard and are seeking recruits. Fight as 4th level fighters 
  16. An undead rock band is playing for the dead and holding a concert. There are 1d30 random undead in attendance. 
  17. A minor ghoul lord has 1d8 ghoul adventurers on a quest for a family artifact hidden in the cemetery that your visiting. The ghouls are up to no good. They will attack and fight as first level fighters with all special abilities. They also have automatic pistols. 
  18. A vampire is very,very hungry after tackling a local wizard of the lords of light. The thing will savagely attack the nearest victim to slate its unholy thirst. 
  19. Hundreds and hundreds of giant leeches fall from the trees drawn by the corruption of the place. 
  20. A great old one is drawn to the unholy energies of the cemetery. This minor god wishes to be worshiped by the dead. It will not look kindly on interruptions to its revelries. 

Minor Treasures of the Dead 
File:Cemetery Statue (4228859518).jpg

The rich supernatural energies coursing through the grounds here allow many minor treasures of the dead to be created. The damned only have to project their very will and reality runs like melted wax to their wishes. Below are a few examples. These items have become minor legend among locals who sometimes use outcasts to trade with the dead. These fools often end up as fodder for the next lord that they displease. Still the congress between living and dead continues.
  1. 1d10 Minor Treasures of the Dead 
  2. Key of the Unliving - This rusted piece of  a key opens most door locks and can with a quick turn allow one to start a relic car. Once it starts a car it will be drained. Only the dead may recharge them.  
  3. Line To Hell - This child toy phone allows quick communication with any dead spirit. There is a 60% chance of a demon grabbing the line and a 20% chance of said demon trying to possess the living.
  4. The journal  - This diary is possessed by a spirit and communicates the secrets of the dead with the living. It will write such secrets and they may not be there the next night. 
  5. Relic of Remembrance - This piece of gossamer shroud allows the dead to take the form of the living for one night but should it tear the illusion of flesh is torn apart as well. These shrouds allow the dead to have congress with the living but should they be caught in sun light they are driven back to their graves. 
  6. Rings of the Living - These rings or charms belong to the dead and allow them to have minor influences over their descendants. These rings also allow communication during the full moon. They often have other minor powers or can be cursed as well. 
  7. River Water - These strangely shaped wine bottles hold wine or river water from the shores of the dead. Should a living drink them they will be transformed into an undead state for one evening. However should they not leave the realms of the dead by sunrise the next morning they will be forever more trapped by the dead! 
  8. Grave Dust - The ground itself of these places is imbued with the power of the dead and the ground churns with that power it allows a spell a 40% longer duration when cast. There is a 10% chance of a demon being attracted by the display of power however. 
  9. Memo Mori Statue - These minor statues of the nonliving are fashioned by ghoul masons and allow one to send dreams to the dead. The fool errm owner may venture into the worlds of the dead. Should they find themselves there more then eighteen hours. Their spirits are trapped! 
  10. Eyes Of The Demons - These are the garden balls charged by black mages that allow them to open gates to the realms of hell. They also allow the unholy energies of the realms of the dead to invade the living. This allows farmers to grow incredibly delicious crops but often summons a demon of darkness on the nights of the full moon! 
  11. Tools of the Dead - These medical instruments are the pride of necromancers everywhere. They are imbued with the dark energies of the dead and any magic, medical, or otherwise in their use is +3 on all skill checks. There is no truth to the rumors of these instruments moving of their own accord.

End of Part One 

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Antiques of the Abyss - The Lenzkirch Advent Kickstarter!

 We have an ominous Advent calendar, an animated tale of Christmas gone badly wrong. Turning virtue into vice over 12 days but we need your help to make this happen! 

"Is your life dull, predictable and old hat? Does your soul lack its former luster and shine? It does? Well, fear no more, because you have now definitely arrived in the right place! Welcome to a new diversion and perversion that will let you in to explore the dark chambers of your deepest, most secret desires. But don't fret because it's humorous too! Oh yes! For this is Christmas in the Hell you've always wanted! The tale of the Lenzkirch is an intense story designed to delight,frighten and enlighten. It's all about a very unique Advent calendar purchased in an old curiosity shop,that is rumored to possess (or be possessed by) powers to bestow gifts that free and heal the soul. At a price of course".

The Lenzkirch Advent is a joint collaboration from Tim Dry, Eric Fabiaschi, and Eric Gross. Pooling three creative talents to produce the "Anti-Advent." 

The Pitch : 
This is the story is of a good man who becomes transformed from his rigid lifestyle and crosses lines until they become nothing but a blur as he rapidly descends into the darkness without hesitation.
Slowly the Lenzkirch manifests itself over twelve days to show who the true master is. It presents its rare fruit to taste and savor, but these gifts come with a lofty price.  And when their effects wear off, they leave you anxious for the next day with pangs of withdrawal eating away at your soul.
Discovered in an old curiosity shop the Lenzkirch makes itself comfortable in its new home. Upon attempting to open the first window a treasure is offered up in exchange for the smallest drop of blood. But the Lenzkirch now begins to slowly work its magic in small imperceptible ways at first.
Each day the Advent rewards, but unseen, it also takes it's payment. And what is being gifted and claimed is not of a physical nature that a value can be placed upon.
Little by little the man is given back that which he has lost until the last window is opened on the twelfth night... 
Have we whetted your appetites? Is your soul groaning to know more?  

Please Take a look and support our Kickstarter!
Right over HERE
We can't open the doors of Hell without You! 

More 80's madness coming up tomorrow!
Thanks for your support! 

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Splatter Punk 70's & 80's Post Apocalyptic Horror Campaign Sundown Edition - Inspirations Death's Hand Maidens

File:Cara mujer.JPG
 Death's Hand Maidens
Type: Undead 
Armor Class: 2(17)
Hit Dice: 8 
Attacks: 1 boney claws (1d6) 
Saving Throw: 5 
Special : Lethal Poison,+4 
Move : 18 
Challenge Level/XP: 8/800 

These monsters are found within the remains of public buildings, museums, shopping malls, and many other places where people were caught when the first of the paranormal dimensional storms  that ripped through the fabric of the local space time. Many such victims became instant undead.
These  are stylized artistic undead souls are trapped between the mortal world and  limbo. They are terrible angry spirits of horror and vengeance. Their souls swim in the lethal state of undeath trapped between a tortured poisonous existence of half life and the local space time continuum. They hunger for the living.
When teams of explorers or adventurers enter their abode these spirits are able to temporarily rip their way from their resting places. They attack with boney claws that drip with the crawling corruption of their deathless existence.
 Those who are hit by their claws are infected by their terrible poison. Bit by bit this stuff ebbs away the spirit of the victim until they too join the ranks of these horrors. 

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Splatter Punk 70's & 80's Post Apocalyptic Horror Campaign Sundown Edition - Inspirations 'The Gate Movie" Lovecraftian Imps

There are a few movies that I had on rental back in the earlier 80's. The "Gate" hit many of the right buttons for "Lovecraftian" video nastiness. Not too much in the gore department but its classic none the less. 
Now out the wastelands "Ghost Winds" blow in plagues of Lovecraftian Imps that terrorize towns. Take entire sacrifices for their dark masters and perform obscene rites to the "Old Ones" 

Tribes of 'Lovecraftian Imps' are swept along by ill winds move through the world serving many dark masters and murdering wantonly. These ill bastards are classified as terrestrial demons and can be slain by conventional means. They do however heal much faster then many mortal species and are especially long lived. With long memories for slights and worse. 

Lovecraftian Imps 

Number Appearing: 1d8 
Type: Other
Armor Class: 5(14)
Hit Dice: 2
Attacks: 2 claws (1d3), bite(1d4) 
Saving Throw: 13 
Special: Alter Reality, Illusions, Infernal Joining 
Move: 9 
Challenge Level/XP: 6/400 

Hordes of these little bastards are deposited by the demonic twisters that blow through the world. These things are often left behind and begin tormenting anyone they find. They prefer to lair in vast underground catacombs and can often be found in the remains of towns they have plundered for sacrifices and mayhem. 
They are easily summoned.Cults, Dark Magicians, and other deviants often use these monsters as familiars. They can bite for 1d4 points of damage or claw for 1d3. Should the need arise 1d6 of the little horrors can form themselves into a minor undead with the following stats.
Type: Undead
Armor Class:6(13)
Hitdice: 4 
Attacks:claws 1d3
Saving Throw: 16 
Specials: Immunities
Move: 9 
Challenge Level: 3/60
The imps will form back into their individual selves should 2 points or more be done to the creature or if it causes maximum mayhem. They will use these undead forms to take sacrifices away to their minor planar limbos. The ultimate aim to bring one of their dark overlords to Earth. They will use their 'alter reality ability' create the conditions needed to set one of these things free. 

These Dark Overlords will mark their supplicants with a minor Khoatic mutation someplace upon the body

These 'Dark Masters' are cruel, evil, and incredibly wise beyond human understanding. They treat the imps as their children and are often the heads of complex cults of the Old Ones or worse

Dark Masters
Type: Other 
Armor Class : -2 (21) 
Hit Dice : 12 
Attacks: Tendril (1d4),Claw(2d6),Tail Slap 1d10
Saving Throw 3 
Special: Annihalate Non Living Matter 
Move : 12 
Challenge Level /XP:15/2900


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Anatomy of The Pulsonic Disruptor From The Mind Of Dave Hargrave

Anatomy of The Pulsonic Disruptor 
These devices have been found throughout time and space across the 'planes prime'. These devices are responsible for the creation of beings of  incredible destructive capacity. They were created by parties unknown and can be found throughout alien ruins, dungeons of incredibly ancient aspect, and space wrecks of ancient antiquity.
They have even been found in places like the 'flying dutchman of dungeons' Caliban from the wicked pen of Dave Hargrave.
These days they have made appearances in 'The Vaults of the Weaver' adventure collection from Emperor's Choice Games 

The Followers Of The Hell Hand 

The Hell hand comes in the form of both the 'Pulsonic Disruptor' and the Laser Cannon form.  Each of these weapons will not function at all without the 'control pendant'. From the diary of government offical Tony Craig we've been able to work out that the 'control pendant' functions as a sort of nanite esper control unit allowing the user's unconscious to act as function for the weapon. 
After the March 1 1978 events in a remote small town in Arizona in the United States several vital pieces of 'The Hell Hand' system have come to light. Many of these strange facts have come to light at great cost and loss of life. The work of surgeon Dr. Mellon and the strange 'bio organic receiver disk found within the chest of Billy Duncan. The fictionized account of these events became the basis for the movie 'Laser Blast' brought to the screen by Charles Band and company. The plot according to wiki goes something like this: 
A green-skinned man wanders through the desert with a laser cannon attached to his arm. A spaceship lands and two aliens emerge, one of whom shoots the man, which disintegrates his body. The aliens depart on their spaceship, leaving behind the laser cannon and a metallic pendant the man was wearing.
Teenager Billy Duncan wakes up in his bed, seemingly disturbed, and learns his mother is leaving for vacation. He goes to visit his girlfriend Kathy, but her deranged grandfather Colonel Farley makes him leave before he can see her. As Billy drives around town, he is harassed by bullies Chuck Boran and Froggy, and by two police deputies who give him a speeding ticket. Billy wanders into the desert and discovers the laser cannon and pendant. He starts playing with the cannon, pretending to shoot things, then realizes he can fire the weapon while wearing the pendant. Meanwhile, on the alien spacecraft, the two aliens converse with their leader who shows them footage of Billy using the cannon, prompting the aliens to turn their ship around to head back to Earth.
Later that night, Billy and Kathy attend a party where Chuck and Froggy attempt to rape Kathy. When Billy discovers them, a fight breaks out. Later that night, Billy uses the laser cannon to explode Chuck's car, and Chuck and Froggy barely escape the explosion alive. Government official Tony Craig arrives to investigate both the explosion and the desert where Billy found the cannon. Tony informs the local sheriff that the town must be sealed off.
Feeling sick due to an unusual growth on his body, Billy visits Dr. Mellon, who surgically removes a metallic disc from Billy's chest. Mellon calls the police laboratory technician Mike London to arrange for the disc to be investigated. A green-skinned Billy opens fire on Mellon's car that evening, killing him in an explosion. The next day, Tony investigates the wreckage and recovers unusual material, which he brings to Mike London, who concludes it is an alien material that cannot be destroyed.
The next day, Kathy puts the pendant on Billy's chest while they are laying together outside. Billy immediately wakes up with green skin and deformed teeth and attacks Kathy. Billy goes on a rampage, shooting random objects with the laser cannon. Law enforcement officials shoot at Billy from an aircraft, but Billy destroys the aircraft with the cannon, and later kills Chuck and Froggy by blowing up their car.
While Tony questions Colonel Farley and Kathy about Billy, the two aliens land on Earth and begin searching for Billy. After killing a man and stealing his van, Billy travels into a city where he randomly fires at his surroundings. Kathy and Tony arrive in the city and locate Billy, as the aliens spot Billy from atop a building and shoot him, which kills Billy and destroys the laser cannon. The aliens depart in their spacecraft and Kathy cries over Billy's corpse.

Prolonged exposure to the strange radiations of the 'Hell Hand'system creates insane humanoid berserk like mutants. Each fights as a third level beserk with the' hell hand' system. Each hell hand will thread bio synthetic alien organs, systems ,and mutate the genetic codes of their users. The users are conduits of violence, depravity, and unlimited destructive energies. 
Many communities of galactic bounty hunters and in dimensional trackers seek those who wield the Hell hand systems as prey. They take it upon themselves to purify the universe of the scourge of the Hell hands. 

Each 'Hell hand' system seeks out the correct mental psycho conditioning of the weapons's users. They often choose human and near human humanoid types as users. 

Mercenaries who use the Hell hand systems are often some of the most highly sought after in the galaxy and often work for the sheer violence of a job. They are easily angered and often have double the hit points of their species because  of the influence of the 'Hell hand system. 
Hellhand systems should never be found easily or within the hoards of simple orcs or even dragons. These are campaign altering weapons. They should be difficult to find., dangerous to use, and extremely dangerous to possess. THose who do use them take damage to both life, limb, and their very souls. 

Obviously  this is a fan created blog entry. This blog entry is for entertainment purposes only there are attempt to violate the copyright or trade mark infringement of the original copy holder's. work. Everything else is a result of my own warped mind. 
 External Links 
You can find "The Vaults of the Weaver" from Emperor's Choice right HERE
 Laserblast VHS
 Wiki Entry On Laser Blast Right HERE