Saturday, October 26, 2013

Five Resources For Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea That No DM should be without

I've had a lot on my plate this week work wise but I've been writing a quick adventure with some background setting for AS&SH. Poking around the website I came across three resources that got my attention. 

  • AS&SH Character Name Generator is a resource created by Colin Chapman.
     This 10-page PDF document provides culturally specific names for the various races of humanity that populate Hyperborea
    This is a ten page God sent from Crom himself. It details everything you need for naming PC's, NPC's and Pict chieftains.
     A very useful document. 
    • Drunken Debauchery! is a fun resource created by Colin Chapman. This 2-page PDF document features a random generator designed just for those special times when the adventurers are between adventures, and they have returned to civilization to carouse and spend their hard-won gold. Some results are humiliating, others glorious, and others still might serve as excellent springboards for further adventures.

      This is a great spring board for getting adventures off the ground and seeing what happens when those saving throws vs drunken rampages happens. Very classic pulp in its execution and ideas.
    • Random Sword & Sorcery Adventure Generator is a resource created by Ben Ball. This 8-page PDF document provides the referee with an easy means to generating quick, exciting adventure material in a sword-and-sorcery milieu such as HYPERBOREA.

      Classic, easy to use, and it generates some fantastic results for instant play and some really nasty adventures.

    • All Too Familiar is another fine resource created by Colin Chapman. This 4-page PDF document presents a variety of small animals suitable for use as “familiars” by magicians and witches in any Hyperborea campaign. I am particularly fond of the pegomastax, which will find immediate use in my own Hyperborea campaign.
    This is a four page familiar extravaganza that will provide hours of weird and some what off beat pulp like familiars for both NPC's and players. The thing I like about this one is how these are specifically geared for Hyperborea making the game world that much more identifiable.
    A quick entry has also got to be the 
    • Hyperborea Campaign Calendar is a resource compiled by Russell Cone. This 14-page PDF document is useful for both players and referees of any Hyperborea campaign. It is a printable calendar that provides ample space for jotting important campaign notes, and also keeping track of important events such as moon cycles, festivals, and more.

      This is really a nice little campaign tracker and generator for those events that you need to happen on such and such a day for said magical rite and spell. This also helps tremendously with dates for the appearance of one or more Great Old Ones or their spawn.
      Everything is of course drawn from

    As with everything that I've drawn on for AS&SH all of this material is one hundred percent compatible with your favorite OSR retroclone. 


    1. I've been very fortunate to have some creative fellows contributing to the AS&SH game. Two of the mentioned fellows, Chapman and Ball, have full adventures in the works which will see publication in 2014.

    2. They're really excellent writers and they've put together some great stuff!! The resource page has some nice solid stuff and I haven't utulized all of it.More adventures in 2014? Excellent news! Can't wait! Chapman and Ball are excellent authors and if this trend continues with the adventures can't wait see where the authors take us in Hyperborea!
      Thanks for the excellent comments, game, and news Lord Ghul!

    3. Agh! Why must this game tempt me so!

      Thanks for these links. More reason for me to get the print copy.

    4. Because its a completely different take on the usual D&D tropes and follows a very different path. And you want it. I've been looking into this one for a long time now and the game really follows a path that I've been looking in my OSR D&D path. You really need a print copy as well.