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Review and Commentary On The System Antagonistic Pay What You Want "100 Demonic Summoning Mishaps" List From The Amazing List of Things For Your Old School Horror Campaign

Get It Right Over
Madness rides the star-wind... claws and teeth sharpened on centuries of corpses... dripping death astride a bacchanale of bats from nigh-black ruins of buried temples of Belial...
"The Hound" Written September 1922, published February 1924 in Weird Tales, 3, No. 2, 50–52, 78
They say that one should never summon something larger then one's head but what about those times when a DM needs some truly terrible to be unleashed on the world? Something horrid has happened and now you want a random chart to tell you what has happened!? 
Here's where the 
100 Demonic Summoning Mishaps From 

The Amazing List of Things folks comes in very handy! 

According to The Drivethrurpg explaination: 

100 Demonic Summoning Mishaps is your go-to table when the summoning ritual goes wrong. On this table you will find such tragedies as:
15. Dead, twisted trees sprout from the ground, their limbs showing the twisted features of witch souls.
69. Summoner must complete an autobiography, to be deposited in the libraries of hell, within the month, or die.
96. The summoning is accompanied by clothes made from human skin that the summoner must wear for 1d100 days or fall ill and die.

This list has myriad of uses for all kinds of OSR or horror games. This is really nicely done and solid list of horrors from beyond. Use it to create a scene for the next game of call of Cthulhu. 
As magical mishap table for your next OSR retroclone game or as an adventure generator.
Use it as a pulp generator adventure table or as a Gothic horror jump off point. The list is clever, easily adaptable, and be sure to throw the gentlemen who wrote it a coin or two. Check out the rest of their list of wares as well. They've done quite a few lists. Many of them look incredibly useful and challenging to adapt to any number of horror games!  

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