Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Free Old School Campaign Resource Footprints #18 From Dragon Foot For Your Old School Horror Campaign

 Get it Right Over
This particuliar issue clocks in at over forty five pages of sheer old school goodness.
Contents include the following: 

The Cult of the Devourer (article)
A Riddle (article)
The Mired Cathedral (adventure)
Magic Items (article)
The Holy Sword (article)
Tribal Spellcasters revisited (article)
Creatures of the Tulgey Wood (article)
The Sorcerer (class)
An Unhealthy Obsession with Equipment (article)
This is a very useful issue. Those of a horror bent should pay attention to the 
The Cult of the Devourer (article) 
which features an entire overview of the cult of 
Juiblex. This is an almost insane among of detail on the demon lord (or is it something else), his cult, spells, and much more.
The Mired Cathedral is another nice offering with a definitive horror bent.  The creatures of Tulgey Wood has some of the classic Alice in Wonderland monsters which are very subtabile for horror and mayhem. The Tribal spell casters revisited was very cool and somewhat inspirational.  The Holy Sword article was nice for those crusading do gooders and witch burners paladins!
Grab this one for some horror and Gothic fun! 

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