Friday, October 18, 2013

The Day of the Rat Adventure From Stainless Steel Dragon For Your Old School Horror Games

 Get It Right Over

This is a system agnostic dungeon crawl with rats and lots of 'em. This is an eight page quick and easy dungeon to slide into and it makes a great Halloween adventure!
According to the blurb on Drivethrurpg :
More rats then you can wave a sword at! (Some with unusual powers.) Plus Traps, (With detailed pictures for the GM.) and of course, treasure. (Some fairly rare, but not unbalancing stuff here for lower level characters.)
 This is basically a low level crawl that can be easily turned into a Gothic horror extravaganza with a little DM effort. Color maps round out the package here, 
This one is like a small eight page step back in time! 
 Why Did it have to be rats! 
Maybe its me but there is a bit of an Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade vibe whenever rats are involved! 

All in all a great little eight page horror fest of ratness! 

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