Monday, October 21, 2013

Eldritch Witchery Is Now Live From Elf Lair Games!

I'm really excited to see that Tim Brannan has come out with Eldritch Witchery!
I've seen his take on the classic Witch character class but this sounds really very exciting.
According to the Other Side Blog : 
Elf Lair Games is pleased to announce that our long-awaited second sourcebook for Spellcraft & Swordplay, entitled Eldritch Witchery, is now available for purchase as an ebook! The print edition will follow soon.

A Return to the New Class of Old School!

Witches & Warlocks.
Monsters, demons and devils. What horrors await you in dark caves and passages forgotten by mortal-kind? What eldritch secrets await in the dark? Will they be yours to claim or will you be claimed by them?

Eldritch Witchery takes you back to the roots of fantasy role playing, back to a time when witches cast mighty spells and demons were new to the lands. Inside this book you will find:

- Two new elite paths, the Witch and the Warlock
- Hundreds of new spells
- New monsters, such as the vile Hags
- Demons, including the vile Calabim, the rageful Shedim, the seductive Lilim, and the Baalseraph, the rulers of the Nine Hells, amongst others.
- New magic items and treasure
- Complete guidelines for running witch-centric adventures or incorporating these spellcasters into your existing game
- And more!

Everything you need to add witches, warlocks, and demons to your Spellcraft & Swordplay game is here...what are you waiting for?
 Eldritch Witchery awaits...

I've been following Tim's blog for over three years and watched his progression it comes to witches. This looks like adult oriented material but don't let that fool you the author's take on witches is both old school and it casts a wide net.
The first take on the Watch was here.


Get this one 

This product shows a new light on the Witch and I have a feeling Eldritch Witchery follows in its wake. 
The Witch covers the Witch character class and the various traditions of witchcraft one might encounter in an old-school fantasy game. This sourcebook contains plenty of information for players and game masters alike, including new spells, powers, magic items, and monsters. Compatible with original Basic Edition fantasy games, or your favorite retroclone!
'The Witch' is on sale for a fiver right now.
Can't wait to get a hold of Eldritch Witchery!


  1. Thanks for the shout out!
    I hope people enjoy the new book.

  2. Your welcome Tim. I get around buying it when I get a chance but real world stuff has been keeping busy. I've got to acquire another print copy of 'The Witch' a friend 'borrowed' my print copy. Such as what happens when you've got great OSR product.
    I'm very excited that Eldritch Witchery is seeing the light of day! Can't wait to see where you take this one.