Friday, October 11, 2013

Free Adventure The Howling Hills From Dragon's foot For Your Old School Horror Campaign

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This is a typically well done old school dungeon crawl in the best of the horror/old school editions. 
This one could be set within the confines of a Gothic Greyhawk! 
The focus here is the evil of Luz and in ten pages the author does gives a DM everything he needs to step right into the darkness of this mad bastard sorcerer! 
This isn't a low level adventure at all. 
In point of fact its set up as a homage to Tomb of Horrors and its definitely a homage and and then some.

Here's the blurb from Dragon's foot : 
 Far to the North, in the upper reaches of the land of dread Iuz, lies one of the possible resting places of the ancient evil sorcerer, Acererak. Rumored to lie inside are deadly traps and terrific treasures, but all pales in comparison to the awesome power of the Demi-Lich. 

This module is one of a series of adventures created in homage to the deadliest adventure ever created, The Tomb of Horrors! An Adventure of characters of level 10-14

Using The Howling Hills For Your
Old School Gothic Horror Campaign


This is a very tightly packed little horror adventure dungeon crawl. The descriptions are tight. The adventure well written and the maps are short, sweet, and old school true blue.
This could be a mini campaign if, A. Your party survives some of the tricks and traps in here and B. The players are willing to invest the time as well as energy into this adventure. I would suggest grabbing some of Jack Shear's stuff for trappings and going into your favorite retroclone.
This one however is one to have a few PC's on stand by folks. 

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