Friday, October 25, 2013

Review and Commentary On The Free Dragon Foot OSR Adventure -.Horror of Spider Point For Your Old School Horror Campaigns

Get It Right Over
Just In Time For Halloween The Horror Of Spider Point Adventure.
The explaination for it is right over here: 
Being dropped into the middle of a strange and eerie island, your adventurers have to fight for their lives to escape the evil that inhabits this weird island. Full adventure time plan, guides for the use of music,maps, hand outs and detailed information for the DM are included in this special adventure. A perfect introduction into the Ravenloft world or just to add some darkness into your current campaign world.

 An adventure for players from levels 7-9, and players 2-6. 
The adventure is up to the usual standards of Dragon's foot. The adventure clocks out at forty three pages and its a really packed affair with all kinds of encounters and spooky goings on! Couple of new monsters and some solid action packed challenges! 
But wait there's even some support! A free map pack that goes along with it! 

Get It Right Over
 The Map pack was also done by the author and reflects the circumstances of the adventure!
According to Dragon's foot :
This special pack contains enhanced maps and player handouts for the Horror Of Spider Point adventure module. Well worth downloading.
 It clocks in at twenty four pages and they do come in handy as well when running this one. 

Using The Horror At Spider Point Adventure 
For Your Old School Horror Campaigns

The Horror at Spider Point makes a perfect mid campaign adventure when you want or need a solid horror story adventure and want to challenge the party.
The encounters are tough but balanced and very well thought out.
This one has plenty of atmosphere and old school ethos rolling throughout the adventure. Plot wise its got a few twists and enough weirdness to stand on its own merits.
The map pack is really helpful for running this beast and as a mini campaign it will fill a weekend with little issue or problems.
Considering this one is free its a real steal and solidly thought out. Even though its advertised for AD&D first edition this one should run for any retroclone with some minor adjustments. 
Highly recommended And well done!  

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