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Boreas Snows Ancient And Deep ~ A Sword & Sorcery Adventure Setting For Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea

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Boreas Snows Ancient And Deep

Caught beyond edge of the world of Hyperborea is an the ancient world of Venseclav. This world sits within the path of the Boreas that blows beyond Black Gulf. 
Venseclav is a world warmed by ancient Atlantian technology but forever caught within an ice age. Wandering tribes of proto human Atlantian survivor degenerate tribes make war with the primitive remains of Kelts, Amazons, and Vikings as well as many others.
This is a world of snow, blood, and a hundred thousand shattered ruins that sit as impassive witness to the generations of warfare around them.
Yet a curious hand has begun a chain of events that may forever alter this delicate jewel of snow and ice.
A party of adventurers is caught within the crossfire of ancient god kings. The hand of history extends across the ages to shake the snow from the branches of horrors long thought dead. Things spoken of in the oral histories of various tribes have come from across the gulf to chill the back bones of the sane!
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The  children of Ymir now stalk the land.
Warriors and hunters now cleave closer to their fires as tales are told of corpses of friends and relatives found flash frozen in horror and ice. 
Ymir has loosened his children upon this delicate world
Friends and family are found with limbs missing, eyes gone from sockets, and many flash frozen.

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Ymir's child take the form of spirits of air are beyond cruel but they take the form of innocence as a perverse mockery of the world. 
Blood Frost - Ommogguru "The Hand Taker" has come across the Black Gulf 
Blood Snow known as Thruru The Blinder has been seen in the South 
Cruel Ice Called Thusru brother of Blood Snow stalks the land and is called Eye Taker 
Finally Frozen Reigns The Child Killer is loosened
The worse part is that the corruption of power of some of encounters with these monsters makes the dead walk once again. 

 Heroes are needed to quest for magic to banish these spirits back to the brink.
 Back to the black gulf once again!
 End of part one 

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