Friday, October 4, 2013

Issue 19 of Dragonsfoot's Excellent Free e-zine For Your Old School Horror Campaign

Get it Right Over
The OSR freezine from Dragon's Footprints is up to issue 19 and its a fantastic free little offering.
The contents include the following :
Field Notes from Davendowns (article)
Kung Fu Monk (class)
Magic Items for Assassins and Other Dirty Fighters (article)
King Rat (monster)
Create Food and Drink (recipes)
Troubadour (class)
Into the Shrieking Hollow (adventure)
Ecology of the Cave Blinder (article)
Thorks (adventure)

With Halloween just around the corner this is a perfect addition to your download line up.
The Magic Items for Assassins and Other Dirty Fighters are just the thing to turn your OD&D game or AD&D game into a regular horror style who done it. These are pretty deadly so use with care.
The 'King Rat' is perfect for those moments when Giant Rats aren't enough. And you'd like some weird 60's and 70's eco movie terror in your games. 
Add in the Troubadour for a real Edgar Allen Poe style NPC and the let the Masque of the Red Death sing his or her tale.
Into The Shrieking Hollow is interesting and weird enough to add a few twists and turns to your game.
And The Ecology of the Cave Blinder is a nice twist on a seemly familiar monster that isn't.
Thorks can certainly spice your OSR horror games up with a bit of a different species on a familiar frame! 

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