Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Free BLUEHOLME The Maze of Nuromen Adventure From Dreamscape Design For Your Old School Horror Campaigns

This a great free adventure
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This is pretty much your classic groping in the dark,ten foot pole needed, heroes in dire situations OSR horror dungeon! Seriously this one emulates everything I love about this sort of dungeon crawl. Low level PC's that close to the edge and any moment they're under horror rules! Anyone could die at any time.
This is a classic dungeon in the old school tradition!
You are going to need the Blue Holmes ppentice rules set right over
The Drivethrurpg description : 
The Maze of Nuromen is a modular quest designed to let the referee introduce a group of 1st level characters to the thrills of Underworld exploration as they attempt to unravel they secrets of the evil necromancer’s lair.
To play this adventure you also require the BLUEHOLME™ Prentice Rulesor the BLUEHOLME™ Compleat Rules.

Using the 
BLUEHOLME The Maze of Nuromen From Dreamscape
For Your Old School Horror Campaigns

 BLUEHOLME The Maze of Nuromen

Forget your thirty year old Greyhawk campaign for a bit. Roll up a few PC's, grab some dice, add a few random Gothic charts and your off for an evening's horror blood soaked evening.
This is a well thought out adventure that offers beginning players everything they need to get right into the traditonal old school game. This is like popping a VHS tape into the player. Sure there are blue rays on the market but sometimes its nice to watch a cheap ass flick that hits all the buttons. This one takes you right back into the deep end of the 'basic set' with little muss or fuss. Great for a Saturday evening's entertainment with friends!
Highly recommended in addition to Blue Holmes as well. Well done, well thought out, and an excellent design! 


  1. AWESOME! I've ran a few games with blueholme and thoroughly enjoyed them. nice review.

  2. Thanks I'm doing a bit more Blue Holmes coming up! Glad you liked it!

  3. And I'm glad you liked BLUEHOLME™! :)

  4. I enjoyed the hell out of the BlueHolme. Its great for running a quick campaign.