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Free Dark Conspiracy PDF Resource And Fast Review - Demon Ground Vol 1 - October 1998 (Premiere Issue)


 Back when I downloaded my first issue of Demonground it was the dark days of the internet when things were more wild and innovative. Naw that's simply nostalgia talking.
 Demonground was/is a professional quality magazine pdf that has some fantastic content while actually covering a wide variety of horror related table top rpg stuff.
The premiere issue was no exception boasting some top names in the horror rpg field. You've to register to download the issue but its a small price to pay for another horror resource that you can actually use for both Dark Conspiracy, Call of Cthulhu, Little Fears and lots more. 

Vol 1 - October 1998   (Premiere Issue)

Cover Art: 
The Devil's Day by Alan M. Clark 
Beginning of a New Era by Marcus Bone 
A Short History of DC by Lester W. Smith 
A Long, Hard Look... by Geoff Skellams 
Terror Train  by Mike Marchi 
House Rules: 
Nine New Careers  by Geoff Skellams 
Dimensional Physics  by Mitch Polley 
Automatic Fire Table  by Moritz Capelle 
Slings and Chains  by Mike Marchi 
Dark Races: 
The Gatherers  by Marcus Bone 
Crazy Charlie  by Marcus Bone 
Stark Raving Mad  by Geoff Skellams 
Interior Art: 
by James Collins, Eyal Feingersch and Mike Marchi
With the release of Dark Conspiracy Demon Ground has suddenly become a great resource to revisit and age hasn't diminished the quality of the work one bit.  This issue has a built in adventure for Dark Conspiracy that actually works, a complete NPC, and another Dark Race. The nine careers are usable but need a bit of fine tuning. The short history of Dark Conspiracy is a bit bitter sweet for me looking back on it now but its informative and complete in what it says and does. 
The Dimensional physics article  is well done but really opens new doors for a Dark Conspiracy DM. Slings and chains are very useful because of the inclusion of gangs, mutants, and the unsettled nature of  the world of DC. The automatic Fire Table is now covered in the new DC rules. All in all a very cool horror resource and its very useful for other games as well.
 About three stars in my humble opinion but your milage may vary
You can register and download it right over Here

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The Christmas Aftermath Event - THE LENZKIRCH ADVENT IS LIVE !

Making it’s debut December 26th at Midnight, The Lenzkirch Advent.
Created by Tim Dry, Eric Fabiashci, and Eric Gross. This collaboration encompasses original music, research, and animations bringing a new level of story telling to the Pandoric histories.
We were fortunate enough to enlist the talented Mr. Dry, writer, actor, and musician to be open to working with us on a project. After many discussions, we all decided that doing a Christmas Pandoric is just what would start the year off to a good start.
The task, monumental. Involving all our combined efforts around the clock to produce the twelve (12) days of the Anti-Advent. Mr. Dry was able to set up a photo shoot to time with the writer/researcher Eric Fabiashi who began the task of culling the web for information regarding everything pertaining to Advents and the outline for the history of the advent. What they both came back with was monumental. Combine this with the lightning Photoshop skills on hand and the whole effect is staggering to behold.
For Twelve days starting on December 26th at Midnight, one day to the Advent will be added and view-able each day. This is not a simple story to read and walk away from. This is to be experienced. But, Mr. Dry has also upped the ant-(advent) by crafting a truly disturbing tale of the Advents dark history." 
 You can read more right over HERE
I'm very proud to be a part of this project. Each day another part of the story shall be revealed. The advent will reveal another link to the events of the Anti Christmas as they unfold every time you click on the link marked for each day. You can view the first animations right over HERE  Check back each day as the horror continues for the next twelve days! 

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1d10 Broken Toys - New Random Christmas Monster Encounter For Your Old School Horror Campaign

 There are toys that slip through the cracks of reality into the realm of the lost and the fey. Pieces of a child's dream that slips into the realms of nightmares and Christmas past. These creatures are both chaotic and lawful. These creatures often recruit adventurers to deal with matters of utmost importance to the courts of fairy and fey. These creatures often recruit or accompany adventurers on journeys into the lands of fairy and nightmare. They can also be the direst of nightmarish enemies or NPCs. 
Armor Class: 8 
Hit Dice: 2 -3 
Attacks: 1d4 claw or weapon 

1d10 Broken Toys - New Random Christmas Monster Encounter Table 
  1. Sir Upton The 1st Teddy Bear Knight of the Realms - Veteran of more then 30 campaigns of the Wars of The Rats is wise beyond his stuffing. He is looking for a party to help with a very troublesome warren of rats and Rat kings for his mistress. This highly intelligent bear may teleport three times per day without error. 2nd level fighter and envoy of the realms of fairy.
  2. The Gnome of The Unknown - A small fairy gnome mercenary is willing to show any group willing to pay his tax of shiny buttons and 3 gold coins the backdoors of reality and the passages of time. He was once an action figure named Rupert and the name still holds power over him. He is armed with a razor of sharpness. A 2nd level thief and explorer of beyond. 
  3. The Calico Princess - This handmade maiden has been stitched together from the garments of great western adventuresses and heroes of yore. This princess is a capable envoy to the realms beyond fairy. She is on her way to Blackmoor to recruit a group of adventurers for a war on the orcs assaulting her queen's realm 
  4. Doctor Fenious J. Rabbit - This once stuffed rabbit has become a mad villain of the most vile type and wants nothing more then take the stuffing out of adventurers. Armed with a harness of scalpels and sharp knives. Chaotic and very unpredictable but likes to see blood. 
  5. The Chrustmas Gnomes - A group of Christmas gnomes created from a group of garden gnomes who hire themselves out to guide parties into the most fetid parts of fairy. 3rd level thieves of the most dire stripe. 
  6. The Wise Guys - A Trio of Nativity figures that are actually 3rd level wizards & and advisers to the various courts of fairy. They often travel the world looking for adventurers to embroil in one intrigue or another. Very chaotic and very dangerous in a humorous sort of way. 
  7. The Jester of Psychoses - This toy jester is animated by the darkest specters and ghosts that cross the planes. He has murdered four hundred families and is working towards five hundred in the coming year. There are three fairy courts with rewards on his head. Has the heat metal ability and produce darkness at will. A very dangerous toy and also a 5th level fighter. 
  8. Rick Ranger Doll - This 5th level paladin of the courts of fairy is looking for a group of adventurers to accompany him on a quest into the darkest recesses of the Monster's Closet to regain his boy back. Stolen from him eight months ago 
  9. The Doll of Cthulhu- This doll is a conduit for the power of the Great Old Ones and is looking for a new child of power. Very dangerous and sanity shattering 
  10. The Box Of Wishings - A Jack in the box that is actually a Jinn princess looking for adventurers to break his/her curse which lead adventurers into the foulest depths of fairyland and nightmares. 

The Christmas Aftermath Event - THE LENZKIRCH ADVENT

December 26th, THE LENZKIRCH ADVENT begins to be revealed on website.

12 days to discover the dark secrets.
Musical score by Tim Dry, story and research by Eric Fabiaschi, Tim Dry, and Eric Gross.

This promises to be a very unique event to be experienced after the fall of Christmas.

Links will be provided prior to the unveiling.
 — with Tim Dry and Eric Fabiaschi.

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1d10 Hearses From Hades And Beyond For Your Old School Horror Campaigns

Call Hearse 
Spell Level : 7th 
Range: 50 miles
Duration: A night and a day
This spell calls forth a hearse of unusual aspect. The nearest vehicle within a 50 mile radius will answer the call compelled by the ghostly powers from beyond. This vehicle will have 9 hit points with a 30% chance of being a 12 point monster. The hearse will have an armor class of 6 and a top speed of 120 mph. This monstrous hearse will serve for a night and one day after which it may depart peacefully or have to be rebuked by the mage with a successful wisdom and charisma roll. Each of these cars have a devilish intelligence and evil cunning to them. There are exceptions but they are few and far between. It is quite easy to call these cars from beyond the grave.  A sack of grave dust, the motor oil from a car used in a crime, and the car battery from the most famous car yard in Detroit are needed. The spell must be done during the height of traffic under the stars of the Big Four. Any damage done to these cars from the realms beyond is healed with the new moon.

1d10 Hearses From Hades And Beyond Table 
  1. Satan's Ride - This jett black matt finished hearse is actually an Ernyes bound into the shape of 1960 Caddy hearse. She ferries souls  directly to her master. She will also carry one to the first level of Hell and beyond. Quick temper though and loathes red heads. 
  2. The Fiend - This car moves between the realms of the just dead and hell. Has the temperament of a pit fiend. Has been known to terrorize small desert towns from time to time. Also stalks young men in their twenties. A charmer with the ladies or it thinks it is. 
  3. Eddie - An ordinary hearse that's taken on a life of its own. Frequents air port parking lots and moves between planes at will. Fairly even tempered but with a cunning streak as well. 
  4. The Clown Car Of Souls - This yellow Hearse manifests on nights of the full moon and vomits forth 1d8 lemures and souls of the damned. The car regularly tries to act as a taxi and stalker
  5. The Hungry Ride - This car's interior is actually the stomach of a demon. The creation of a botched binding rite this car has the temperament of a murderous creature of the night. Stalks the high ways and by ways of the planes. Mean spirited and spiteful as a car can be. 
  6. Hitchhiker's Special - This jet black hearse with a cherry red stripe hunts the desert roads of the world looking to feed on hitch hikers of all stripes. Often vomiting them at remote locations of the planes. Then again its prone to eat them as well 
  7. That Which Rides - This Lovecraftian car frequents New England highways picking up the occasional passenger and ending their sanity and wits whenever it can by making joy rides through the planes. Its 9th level wizard owner has a reward for its return. It is now in the service of the Old Ones. 
  8. The Doppleganger - This Caddy hearse is a shape shifter and masks itself as luxury ride. Then it takes the owner for a night of hell across the infinite dimensions finally dropping them off after they lose their minds. It frequently eats politicians and despots. 
  9. Gygax's Gearbox - This hearse frequents the planes and ferries parties to Greyhawk or Blackmoor in times of greatest need. A lawful ride with a stylized dragon on the front of it. 
    1. Efreeti's Engine - This fiery tempered ride will grant your darkest desires or burn your soul to a crisp. Haunts for the desperate or lonely looking for vengeance and hate. The monster will serve an evil wizard for 1001 days then try to eat his or her soul.  
        1. Invoke Hearse 
File:Hearse - Bodywork by O'Gormans.jpg
Spell Level : 7th 
Range: 50 miles
Duration: 1,001 days
The wizard casts the call hearse spell after which this spell is cast. The wizard must have the specially prepared fluids for the car and create a bargain with the monster car. The car will try to trick or even kill the magician as the dance begins. The wizard will be locked in a psychic dual with the car as it sits within a specially prepared circle of motor oil and pig's blood. This circle must be prepared ahead of time while invoking the incantations of the big four gods of the auto.
The wizard must make a successful wisdom and charisma roll. He must agree to meet all of the car's needs and provide it with a blood sacrifice upon the new moon.
 In return the car will serve him for 1,001 days without fail. These rites are very rare and only available in scrolls of Detroit and The Motor City. It is said that music from the 1950s such as classic rock and roll help with these spells.

There are rumors of lesser cars with the powers of bound nightmares within them. These are very wild and only the most desperate of men would call those from beyond the pale. 

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Pulp Horror Saturday - 1d10 Random Finds Of The Hidden Eye Spell Table

File:Ghost Stories February 1931.jpg
The Hidden Eye 
 Spell Level 5th 

Range: Random 
Duration: 3 Hours
The caster lights three candles in a triangle along the sacred paths of Shu'ri in alignment with the astral winds. This spell needs the eye from a murderer, the tongue for a flame lizard, and the tears of a damned witch to succeed.
Once cast this spell opens a psychic portal into the realms of the newly dead and deceased. The window will roam which ever ways the astral winds take it. Those who this spell will gaze into the dreams and left off memories, wants, and dreams of the dead.
The spell will show their relatives, secrets, passions, etc. Many casters use this spell to check on the souls of the dearly departed and their hidden secrets. There is a 40% of attracting a watcher of the dead. These specters hate the living and the intrusion into the realm of the spirits.
 The caster must make a wisdom check every 1d4 rounds to find the right window of the spirits. There is a 20% of something looking at or recognizing the caster. There is a 10% of some PKA entity following the window and escaping from the realms of the departed. 

1d10 Random Finds Of The Hidden Eye Spell Table 

  1. The caster watches the murders of several victims all jumbled together. The violence is horrible but he is able to find a hidden clue among the whole thing
  2. A judge of the dead sentences a former friend of the caster and the victim sees the caster. He or she begs for their afterlife. The scene plays over and over again. 
  3. The caster finds a soul has been sealed away in a nearby building by a band of demons. The soul cries out eternally for someone to help them. 
  4. A magic item is leaking its energies into the nearby realms. The energies act as a beckon to ghosts, demons, and others. The thing cries for release from its prison. 
  5. The caster is privy to the sexual acts of the ages. There is a 40% of some secret being revealed that may ruin or help a near by NPC 
  6. The spell backfires and sends all present into the realms of the newly dead. The gateway remains open for 1d4 rounds 
  7. The spirits of the damned notice the character and he gains a valuable contact among them. 
  8. A lich has been trapped beyond and will bargain with the casters for freedom. Will you help it
  9. Found what you were looking for but the judges of the dead will give you a warning this time. Next time you will be on trial in front of them. 
  10. The judges will give you the information you seek in exchange for a mission. 

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Terror Crows : 1d20 NPC Table of The Urban Masters of Flight And Nature

File:Carrion Crow (Corvus corone) (5594567723).jpg

 There are exceptional and rare crows that occur in nature as an example of loners, vagabonds, and birds of an incredibly cagey intelligence.  These birds may attach themselves to parties as NPC support and friends. In  food and company these creatures will exchange information, act as  information about the local environment, and function as a liaison.
They are anything but ordinary birds however. These crows have double the normal hit points for their species and have been blessed by the gods with 2 extra points of intelligence. Should one of these creatures be struck down in abuse or anger. The person  will bring down a curse upon their heads.
These creatures often find themselves at the center of events of horror or terror and have an undeserved reputation as harbingers of evil and murderous circumstances. In all other respects they are ordinary crows
1d20 Myths Table of The Urban Masters
  1. King's Adviser - This wise bird acts as the memory and adviser to kings. He has seen a succession of masters and is now looking for a new one. 
  2. Messenger of Woe - This warrior serves evil clerics and warriors as eyes and ears 
  3. Stalker of The Innocent - This Corvid hunts the innocent for thieves and highwaymen reporting his findings to his master 
  4. Dark Avenger of Good - This foe of evil acts as the eyes and ears for paladins and often haunts those of foul and evil deeds 
  5. Follower of Carrion  A follower and companion of necromancers who knows all of the best spots 
  6. Messenger and Reed - A healer and kind hearted trickster who counsels young warriors and mages 
  7. Haunter of Dead Places - A hunter of secrets, souls, and dead men's shiny treasures 
  8. Flyer of the Foul Wastes - A carnovoric explorer of of ruins and dungeons. He feeds on the remains of outlaws and bandits 
  9. Angry Mocker - A rebel and comedian of the dead. Always ready with a quick joke 
  10. Death And Taxes - A bird who watches the comings and goings of the dead. The accountant's companion 
  11. Retriever of Souls - The bird who travels between worlds retrieving the stories of the dead and dying. Sometimes avenges the wrongs left undone 
  12. One Of The Lost Twelve - This bird represents the last vestige of twelve lost saints of the gods. He is looking for a young warrior 
  13. The Boatman's Companion - This bird was the former companion of Charon himself and knows some of the bastard's ancient secrets 
  14. Songs of a Dead Dreamer - Representing the souls of a lost tribe this bird wanders the wastes mourning them. Yet he yearns for a friend. 
  15. Flyer of Cross roads - He knows the time and place of the devil's next appearance and agenda. A very cagey bird indeed with his own agenda 
  16. Carrier of Fire - Within this bird's breast is the original fire of mankind. He moves across the planes one step ahead of a hunter of the gods. 
  17. Counter of Dead Dwarves - He feeds off rumors and secrets of fallen Dwarves. He is a font of their legends and knows where the bodies are buried. 
  18. Puzzle Of The Gods - Knows the latest gossip of the gods and demi gods. This one shares his knowledge in exchange for snips of information. 
  19. Dragon's Hunger - This bird feeds on the kills and remains of a local dragon. He knows where all the good stuff is. The dragon is getting wise to him though. 
  20. A Kind Word - This bird is actually a lost minor god of law locked into the form of a crow. Will appear to help an adventurer in times of great need. 
    File:Carrion Crow (Corvus corone) (5594566707).jpg

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

1d20 Random Magical Sacrificial Knives For Your Old School Horror Campaigns

File:Aztec sacrificial knives.jpg

Ceremonial offerings of sacrificial flint knife blades with magical properties. Each knife is invested with the blood, anger, passion, and thunder of the priest who created it.The blade fairly hums with the power coursing through it.It also hungers for blood and power of its victims. 

  1. Cha'bors- This blade sings in the hand of the wielder and whispers the sacrifices darkest secrets. +1 blade 
  2. Cha-yurh- This blade is chipped and broken cutting anyone wielding it. It causes infections to the fool who wields it. But it does effect magical beings 
  3. Gothotham - This blade shines with its own inner red hellish light. The blade hungers for all. Acts as a vampire blade once per day. 
  4. Ha'zhostholep - This blade changes the wielder into an undead monster for 1d3 rounds once each day. 
  5. Ha-li -This blade whispers the secrets of time granting its wielder a wizard's eye spell once per week. 
  6. Hu'shamal - Each morning this blade howls for blood with the sun up but will heal 1d4 points of damage once per week 
  7. Igna-ekenat - Worn smooth by the rivers waters this blade is supernaturally sharp and cuts like the sun across the water on a beautiful day. +2 blade 
  8. Keilorha- This blade feeds the gods hunger direcly. Allows contact diety once perday but the wielder must make two sacrifices to do so. 
  9. Kello The Thief - This blade steals a bit of life force for itself. Heal 1d4 points of damage with each use. The blade is cursed and murderous 
  10. L'keki - Blood and passion mark this blade. The blood of life itself flows through this blade. Once per month this blade may be used to bless a couple with a child of the gods and all that goes with it 
  11. Lihachugo The Child of The Stars- This blade knows the stars and will allow +1 to all naviagation and building rolls 
  12. Lot-ni - This blade has been touched by the lips of the god of death. Feign Death spell once per week. The blade burns undead when handled 
  13. Mengotuak The Murderous Killer of Men. This blade will drive the weilder into a beserk state and call for as many sacrifices to the gods as possible including other priests 
  14. Nekr-thag The Wings of Hell - This blade will curse the wielder with a set of useless bat wings and demonic features. The wielder will be nothing more then a play thing of the gods. Cursed by all accounts 
  15. Ondath The Cursed of Man - The blade howls the secret names of 31 demons its blade wishes to taste. There is a 30% of the demon hearing its name and appearing
  16. R'phurabhihot - This blade changes its user into the lowliest form of undead with each sacrifice. The priest is a mindless minion of the gods of the undead. He will attack the nearest person. 
  17. Rnog - This blade causes rains of blood and madness. Those struck by drops of rain become mad for 1d4 rounds unless a saving throw is made. 
  18. Skrnac The Goddess's Bosum - This blade heals all who touch it for 1d3 rounds but they will bleed themselves an entire pint of blood. The blade hums with the song of its goddess 
  19. Yall-okisa The Zombi Maker  - This blade will summon 1d4 zombi directly from the under world who will try to change the wielder unless the wielder knows the sacred dance. Usable only once per week 
  20. Zogothath The blade of Change - Each wielder of this blade receives 1d4 mutations each time it is used.  

File:Aztec coiled rattlesnake2006.jpg

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1d20 Random Where Does That Secret Door Lead Table

 1d20 Random Where Does That Secret Door Lead Table 
  1. Down, down into the depths of the Earth to the secret catacombs of the Derro and the horrors never seen by the eye of normal folks.
  2. The door is  actually the mouth of something very vile and nasty roll initiative right now! 
  3. The passage is actually the intestines of some god awful beast from the lowest depths of a horror writers imagination. There are 1d4 smaller 3 hit point monstrous devourers waiting to feed on the party. 1d3 points of damage from their vile teeth. There may also be puddles of stomach acid here and there. 
  4. The door leads into a 1d4 random planar location: 1. Carcosa 2.The backyard of the current location.3. Advenus The First plane of Hell 4. The First layer of the Abyss 
  5. The door leads into a wizard's lab complete with bubbling alchemy equipment as if the wizard just left moments ago. 
  6. The passage leads to a location miles, and miles away. Random monster encounter here 
  7. The passage leads to a grave yard at night and as you emerge there are 1d4 Lovecraftian Ghouls who are very suprised to see your party does anyone know the language? 70% chance of these creatures attacking 
  8. The passage is an ice filled slide that snakes its way deep underground to a larder of some monster or demon 
  9. The passage winds its way through to a carnal house of horror. The lair of a serial killer of the country side who has remained undiscovered so far. Until now! 
  10. The passage lead down,down into the bowels of the Earth and miles of tunnels to the center of the Earth and the horrors that await there
  11. The passage leads to the resting place of an ancient Lovecraftian god who sleeps the sleep of ages. And must never be disturbed until now! 
  12. The passage is lined with hundreds of bones some of them dating back centuries. The passage leads to the lair of 1d8 zombie/ghouls who are waiting for the party. 
  13. The passage leads through walls lined with thousands of holy texts. At the end of the passage which seems to go on for miles there is a giant brass door which is hot to the touch. 
  14. The passage seems almost like the puzzle box from the movie Hellraiser. The floor is covered over in a fine mesh work of odd ornament looking glyph. The passage leads to a wall covered in different symbols 
  15. The passage leads no where at all. Turn around or so the illusion seems to tell you but then it beings to lose power and that's when the horror begins 
  16. The passage leads into a 20th century closet of some woman in Brighton England and she screams, picks up a knife and attacks 
  17. The passage leads right to the lair of a Grendal style monster who awakens to have a lovely conversation and dinner. Your party is dinner 
  18. The passage leads to the workings of a party of Morlocks and their giant stream works. There are 1d6 morlocks waiting for a new round of slaves to join their ranks 
  19. The passage is part of a net work of tunnels to hidden brothels throughout the countryside. The party will become newest additions to the hideous menu of horrors that these places serve to their most jaded customers. 
  20. The passage leads into the mind of one of the world's most demented writers and the nightmares it contains 

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Island of Terror (1966) For Your Old School Horror Campaigns

Plot Outline According to Wiki : 
On the remote Petrie's Island, farmer Ian Bellows goes missing and his wife contacts the local constabularyConstable John Harris goes looking for him and finds him dead in a cave without a single bone in his body. Horrified, Harris swiftly fetches the town physician Dr. Reginald Landers, but Dr. Landers is unable to determine what happened to the dead man's skeleton. Landers journeys to the mainland to seek the help of a noted pathologist, Dr. Brian Stanley in London.
Like Landers, Stanley is unable to even hypothesize what could have happened to Ian Bellows, so both men seek out Dr. David West, an expert on bones and bone diseases. Although Stanley and Landers interrupt West's dinner date with the wealthy jetsetter Toni Merrill, West is intrigued by the problem and so agrees to accompany the two doctors back to Petrie's Island to examine the corpse. In order for them to reach the island that much faster, Toni offers the use of her father's private helicopter in exchange for the three men allowing her to come along on the adventure.
Once back at Petrie's Island, Toni's father's helicopter is forced to return to the mainland so he can use it, leaving the foursome effectively stranded on Petrie until the helicopter can return. West and Stanley learn that a group of oncology researchers led by Dr. Lawrence Phillips, seeking a cure for cancer, have a secluded castle laboratory on the island. Paying a visit to Phillips' lab however reveals that he and his colleagues are just as dead (and boneless) as Ian Bellows. Reasoning that whatever it is must have begun in that lab, West, Stanley and Landers gather up Phillips' notes and take them to study them. From them they learn than in his quest to cure cancer, Phillips may have accidentally created a new lifeform from the silicon atom.
Thinking the doctors are at the castle, Constable Harris bikes up there looking for them to tell them about the discovery of a dead, boneless horse, only to wander into the laboratory's "test animals" room and be attacked and killed by an offscreen tentacled creature, the result of Dr. Phillips' experiments. The creatures are eventually dubbed "silicates" by West and Stanley, and kill their victims by injecting a bone-dissolving enzyme into their bodies. The silicates are also incredibly difficult to kill, as Landers learns when he tries and fails to kill one at the castle with an axe when they first encounter them.
After learning all they can from the late Dr. Phillips' notes, West and Stanley recruit the islanders, led by "boss" Roger Campbell and store owner Peter Argyle (who seems to serve as Campbell's second-in-command in an unofficial capacity), to attack the silicates with anything they've got: bullets, petrol bombs, and dynamite all fail to even harm the silicates. But when one is found dead, apparently having ingested a rare isotope called Strontium-90 from Phillips' lab (via Phillips' accidentally irradiated Great Dane), West and Stanley realize they must find more of the isotope at the castle and figure out how to contaminate the remaining silicates with it before it is too late. They obtain enough isotope to contaminate a herd of cattle - at the cost of Stanley's right hand, when he's grabbed by a silicate - and the silicates feed on these and begin to die.
The story ends with evacuation and medical teams inbound from the mainland and West commenting on how fortunate they were that this outbreak was confined to an island. Had it happened on the mainland, he notes, they might never have stopped them in time. This sets up an epilogue and a visit to the satellite program, in Japan, where the techs are duplicating Phillips' work - with the inevitable result. A technician walks down a corridor, hears a strange noise and investigates before screaming.
The Silicates 

No. Enc.: 1 (1d4)
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 120' (40')
Armor Class: 4
Hit Dice: 6
Attacks: 1
Damage: 5d6
Save: L3
Morale: 12 
Mutations: Adaptive Body Chemistry, Bone Dissolving  Enzyme 
Hoard Class: None

Created by the Ancients as a to cure cancer, they may have accidentally created a new lifeform from the silicon atom.
The creatures are eventually dubbed "silicates"  and kill their victims by injecting a bone-dissolving enzyme into their bodies. The silicates are also incredibly difficult to kill. They adapt to almost anything thrown at them. 

Should a victim be grabbed by a tentacle from the beast a save vs poison must be made. Failure results in the victims bones dissolving from within.  The monsters are incredible tough to kill. 

Only rare isotopes from the wasteland will kill the beasts.  Rare isotopes such as  Strontium-90 and the like are likely to destroy the beasts from within. 
The beasts are able to project their tentacle/sensor feeding tubes over 40 yards snaking through vents, windows and other obstacles with easy. They then feed on the bones, marrow, and other tissues of the victims bodies. 

The monsters are accompanied by eerie whining whistling when hunting. They may be hunted by those who know the tell tale signs and signals of these death dealing engines of hunger. 

Should a victim be strangled for more then 1d4 rounds, the victim must make a save vs death or be completely dissolved and boneless. 

The monsters are mostly immune to most physical damage. Magical and psychic energies may effect them only 70% of the time. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Revisiting Mayfair Games Undead - Review and Commentary

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Role Aids #737
by Laurel Nicholson 

This book came out in 1986 and has an infamous reputation among horror and D&D players. The book is both an adventure campaign and resource for a pretty high level campaign. As a piece for the horror gamer this one has a lot to offer. Lich Lords rocks! Certainly one of the best high-level adventures ever written, with colorful back story, a variety of encounters, and some seriously challenging creatures. It also features a nice pullout map, and great artwork.

The illustrations are very evocative and set the mood for the book. This one introduces such things as lichlords, a complete undead army, undead war mammoths, and a boat load of other creatures. 
The maps are slick and very easy to use. There's even a complete dwarf community at the center of the adventure. 
The spells are very interesting and are central to the undead theme of the adventure. There are wide variety of magic items that fit right into the campaign background. 
There are certain enough npcs and monsters to keep players busy for 6 months or more. The monsters are set right into the background of the module that can be dropped whole sale into an existing campaign. 
The monsters in this one fit into a Gygaxian ecology and certainly are a nice addition to the region. 
There are also a wide variety of necromancer specialty spells that will keep players guessing. 
There are metric ton of places the players can wander into with potential for another 4 to 6 months of adventuring fun. 
While the plot is epic and more then slightly horrific the rest of module feels like it deserves to be explored completely and utterly with enough places to keep play sharp and quick. 
The module isn't without flaws. Several of the magic items and places might be a bit too high level. A couple of the encounters are uneven and need a bit of trimming. These are really minor concerns and this module does live up to its reputation. 

This is another module that is fairly well known among collectors and DMs but not among players as much. The piece seems to have a reputation as a mixed bag of sorts. I've seen this one selling for as low as 5.00. Pick it up for hours and hours of fun.  This one can easily be used with the latest retroclones with some adjustment 

Weird Wednesday - Ul muchtis - The Christmas Creepers

Ul muchtis - The Christmas Creepers
 Type: Other/undead
Armor Class: 3 (16)
Hit Dice: 3 
Attacks Slashing Tendril Blades 1d8 
Saving Throw:16 
Special: Boneless Form, Automatically Hide In Shadows,Immune To Cold
Move: 9 in Semi Solid Form, 23 in Complete Boneless 
Challenge Level/ XP: 3/60
Ul muchtis - The Christmas Creepers have been terrorizing the kids of Rosewood since 1936 right after the visit of Christmas night when the Walker family was mysteriously slaughtered.  Only little Jimmy remained to tell the tail. The monster came from inside the chimney and within moments took the entire family. The thing seemed to melt into the shadows moving this way and that. Sliced and diced everyone except the smallest child.
An examination of the home turned up some very odd slime's and fungal residue. The Creeper's legend was born and Jimmy was placed within the care of the state.  
Ul muchtis continued to visit the little boy giving out some details of its existence here and there while threatening the little boy.
Ul muchtis are created from the dreams and wishes of unfulfilled children twisted and captured by certain fairies. Then sacrificed to ancient twisted god things the result it is the Ul muchtis. They who act as assassins and killers for hire to the most twisted of black magicians and foul necromancers.
 These things are completely boneless and may hide in shadows as a thief. The monster is mostly immune to physical attacks but takes massive damage from fire.  The thing is immune to cold and uses ice and snow to add in its sneaking, climbing, clinging, and moving acquiring targets.
The monster often follows Santa Claus's rounds and targets one of his special children. The thing stalks, then kills entire families leaving one survivor to tell the tale. The monsters often feed on winter fairies and Jack Frost's children. They also eat man flesh as well able to eat a grown man in five minutes or less.
This has led to several groups such as The Friends of Santa, The Elves of The Red, and The Fellowship of Jack Frost all of whom track and try to destroy as many of these mad bastards as possible.  

Please note that this image was found via tumbler and I don't know the original artist. There is no intent of copyright or trade mark infringement. This monster was inspired by the image.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Cyothoit - The Cyclopean Deep Giants A Lovecraftian Monster For Your Old School Horror Campaigns

File:Tales of Horror 01.jpg

 The Cyothoit -  The Cyclopean Deep Giants are part of the Deep One Hybrids that are often found along the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts of the globe. These monsters also make their homes in Lake Eerie and several other fresh water lakes in the United States And Canada.  The monsters often prey on passing ships accompanied by their deep one brethren. The monsters will eat any they can catch within their talons as they murmur praises to their unthinking and insane gods.
The monsters are Deep Ones whom have been favored in the service of Mother Hydra and Father Dagon. The "blessings" of these beings further twist the mind and bodies of these creatures. Scientists and top biologists in their field at the Paranormal Studies Group of Rosewood who have seen and studied these beasts conclude that they need 60% more protein then the average Deep One. Slow Regeneration as Troll taking up to six months.
The monsters are continually regenerating and adding cells, tissues, etc. They are almost immortal in every sense of the word. Only Fire and atomic radiation will destroy the tissues of these foul  fiends from the depths of their watery Hells. 
The Cyothoit have a foul cunning that enables them to select a victim or sacrifice that must be given over to their foul gods on the new moon. The victim will become charmed to the beast and will willingly walk into its foul claws.
There have been several instances of authorities coming across cults or so called Flocks headed by a 
Cyothoit priest. These creatures use a psychotropic poison sting that will charm any victim who fails its saving throw. 
These beings are often accompanied by 1d6 Deep Ones or warriors when raiding commercial or passenger ships 
For more information on the Deep Ones Go Here

Type: Monstrous Aquatic Humanoid
Armor Class:6(13)
Hit Dice:6+4 
Attacks: 2 Claws (1d3), Bite(1d8),Tail Spikes(1d6), Mouth Barb(1d3+poison)
Saving Throw : 11 
Special: Charming poison 
Move: 12
Challenge Level/XP 8 /800

Monday, December 10, 2012

Decay - Free On line Zombie Movie Shot Within The Large Hadron Collidier As Fodder For Your Old School Horror Campaign

Decay is just the sort of movie I've been looking for to use with Dark Conspiracy. A modern zombie film with a bit of a difference. The film has a unique background :
"DECAY is a zombie film made and set at the LHC, by physics PhD students. It will be released free online on the 8th of December, under a Creative Commons license.
Trapped underground at the world's largest particle accelerator, a group of students make a deadly discovery."

 The idea of using the massive particle accelerator as background set piece for a film is great and also works for a number of horror, post apocalyptic and science fictional games as well. A lot of effort went into this film and you can download and watch the whole thing for free right over at the official website. Right over HERE

 There are any number of conspiracy and post future games where the secrets of "Things man wasn't meant to know" could be easily applied. The ideas of weird planar or dimensional energies being unleashed is an old science fiction/ horror cliche but it still works. The idea of your party being called in as a government strike team is where you could pick this one up and run with it. 

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1d10 Puzzles,Artifacts, And Toys of Damned For Your Old School Horror Campaign


 Its that most wonderful time of the year again. The time when the shoppers come out of the woodwork for that perfect gift for those girls and boys on their list. The time when the residence of Rosewood gather in the shops and big box malls of their little city. There are however other places that are spoken of down dark alleys and 3:00 am whispered conversations around bar stools. Places about which the stories usually end in choked whispers and tears. Followed by another round of strong drink. 

File:The Childrens Museum of Indianapolis - Marklin Carousel.jpg

Chiang's Emporium of Imported Artifcts  and Treasures is such an establishment. Filled to the brim with antique dolls, artifacts from around the globe, nick nacks, and row after row of toys. Chiang's is the kind of place only seen once a year which seemly unfolds itself on December 9th of every year only to disappear on the 23rd of December again.
 File:Daughters of miners playing with toy house in company store. Koppers Coal Divison, Kopperston Mines, Kopperston... - NARA - 540925.jpg

Chiang's seems to specialize in the old, unusual, and downright deadly. The toys are always in reasonable condition and the price is scaled to the client's needs as well as the shop's own.
Old Man Chiang himself is always present with his blob of a black cat Trixie whose always close by but seemly never gets into the toys or underfoot. Chiang will always answer questions about items or is available for consulting work as well. 

File:Popular festive scene of yesteryear revived, Omagh - - 1616520.jpg
Trixie is ever present for whatever is on going. There are rumors about Trixie being a monster or demon from the very gates of hell itself. Chiang laughs this off every time.
File:Ghost Stories January 1931.jpg
Trixie pictured above.

Here are small selection of items from Chiang's. If you don't find what you are looking for please inform our helpful staff and we would be happy to do a weekly special from Chiang's various wares

1d10 Puzzles,Artifacts, And Toys of Damned
  1. The Machinery of M'gringrthuim - A delicate silver green sphere and clock from the 1700s with a small smatterings of diamonds. Plays six remarkable tunes and softly glows to itself. 875.00 is the asking price. Found at the scene of a murder/suicide. 
  2. The Sphere of Ronchialri - This Greek machine from the 1400s is a clock and mini astrolabe of the most ingenious type. Allows one to know the time and dates when to summon " demons" or open a door way to the underworld. Once belonged to a contemporary of John Dee. $650.00 Found from private collection after the suicide of its old owner. 
  3. The Puzzle Of Urthanaron - This American puzzle/toy maze was created in the late 1860s and represents the legend of the Minotuar or some such creature. The maze is a wind up puzzle of the most incredible tin type you've ever seen. Notice the delicate brass and steel gears. Hours of amusement and fun! $ 200.00  And it has a small blood stain in one corner 
  4. The Mesmerism of Shaulugithlian - This weird doll comes from the Shaulugithlian region in Wales in the UK. A representation of the goddess of woe and the wyrd. This doll is said to bring fortune to its owner and show buried treasure but there is a dark side to its wyrd. The doll is said to be the resting place of an ancient monster. Notice the delicate stitch work along the border of the eyes. You just don't find work like that any more. $ 300.00 and its yours. 
  5. The Engines of Ncamirngaiyr -This set of odd wind up toys zip around the brass tracks like so. They form intricate patterns on paper like so. These patterns show the rate of the astral wind and the doorways that they create. It is said that those who follow these gates and keys may speak with the dead, amuse themselves with the dreams of the gods, and toy with fate itself. The set is a great toy without the hoodo. 600.00 for the whole set. Be careful the blades are very sharp. Not for children under 16. 
  6. The Works of Omotholzah - This wonderful little book of seemly nonsense riddles will entertain both girls and boys for hours on end. With over two hundred plus pages they might not even finish it. Made in the 1900s this book is gold leaf and gilded edges  on pressed leather with a tooled cover. Created as a one of a kind work this one will drive the collector seemly mad with its riddles  and puzzles. 400.00 is the asking price on this rare gem. 
  7. The Jeweled Toys of Yiggryina - This Arabian set of mechanical toys was created in the 1860s for a crowned prince. See how they cleverly click together and join to created twelve toy like configurations. These are made with semi precious stones and gems. This rare one of a kind work is perfect for the mature collector and his inner child. The toys mimic the movements of the various forms of government and were once supposed to predict such things. 
  8. The High Artifact of Zstaguar - This weird contraption is supposed to mirror the inner workings of a man's mind. You move the gears here and here and twist this and you get a series of strange optical illusions  No I don't see something over my shoulder why? Well 340.00 is the asking price on this puzzle. Don't mind the blood stains there and there. 
  9. The Personal Slave of Maothl - This incredibly life like automaton is capable of 45 separate movements and weights as much as a real child. The thing is capable of moving over 40 yards in any direction on its own. With a flick of these switches you can change its sex, age, or even face. Twist this set of gears and you can change the entire configuration of the thing into a dog or something like that. A very cool piece at $500.00 
  10. The Woman Of Kiaz - A doll of the highest quality this china doll is made into the likeness of the Czarina of Russia herself Kiaz. The mysterious Kiaz who disappeared in one night from her bedroom and had one of the shortest reigns in the history of the great country. This doll was made for her but was never delivered. She approved the prototype but never accepted delivery of this one. The only thing found in her room was that doll. Notice the eyes of this doll and she even cries so life like. 400.00 for this rare piece of history.
The Horrid Reality of These Toys 
  1. The sphere is able to gate 1d4 demons from the lowest depths of the planar Outer Darkness 
  2. Acts as an unlimited contact other plane spell when in operation. 
  3. Summons a Servitor of The Old Ones to the user and then returns to the toy 
  4. This monster is bound in the form of a doll. A shambling mound of the most evil intent that will give the user 1d8 gold coins every week. The doll will kill the user on the winter solstice 
  5. This toy may open a door to the afterlife, act as a speak with dead spell, and allow one to peer into the astral.
  6. This is a Necronomican for children 
      1. This set of toys will predict the movement of politicians and leaders. The thing however has a very evil intelligence and intent 
      1. This thing allows one to see the invisible and to interact with those within the Outer Darkness 
      1. A clock work horror/ zombie like being 4 hit points armor class 5 and 1d4 points of damage per round. Regenerates like a troll when it feeds on human flesh and machinery 
      1. The doll is the Czarina of Russia herself Kiaz. She has been bound into the dolls form by Hastur himself forever more and will whisper the secrets of nightmare and grief to the user along with 1d4 first level spell per day.  
Each Item is a cursed item from Swords and Wizardry as per the rule book and almost indestructible. Almost! Happy Shopping