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Splatter Punk 70's & 80's Post Apocalyptic Horror Campaign Sundown Edition

Splatter Punk 70's & 80's Post Apocalyptic Horror Campaign
Sundown Campaign VHS Collector's Issue! 

So this weekend I've got a balls to the walls campaign to run. A take off on the horror,post apocalytic movies of the 70's and 80's. This is going to a fantasy adventure campaign inspired by my days behind the counter at the video store in Boston during the 90's. I'm a part of a very exclusive club of players called the "VHS Rewinders".
 In 1973 the world experienced a "Supernaturalpyse Event!" , the Veil between the worlds of the paranormal and the world as we know it were shattered!  The world was shattered into a thousand tiny micro city states. Chaos reigns all these years later during the blood soaked 80's! 

Zombies,Ghosts, psychotic cults, mass killings rage across the world as the Earth tries to recover! Barbarians  Thieves,Adventurers, and worse wander the wasteland trying put things right! 

 Please Press Play To Begin! 

The covers of each and every horror,science fiction, fantasy,VHS tape  always promised so much on the artwork but seldom delivered.  That changes now! The players will be choosing a wide array of PC classes based on the usual OD&D engine type with a difference!
I'll be using Crypts and Things as the engine! That's right I've used this game to run a wide variety of campaign types before! 

Cults of serpent men inhabit the cities, deranged psycho undead killers stalk the country side, and worse wander between the planes of existence! 
The Earth endured a supernatural holocaust. The "Others" have returned with a vengeance. Vampires & other supernaturals rule the night. Mankind is pushed the brink of extinction. Barbarians, thieves, & adventurers are taking back the night one piece at a time! 
The Rules horror movies apply! Anyone can die at any time! 

The Totally F#$%ed Up Encounter Table! 1d30 

  1. Radioactive Teenage Mutant Gang Members 1d8 3rd level fighters! 45% percent chance of mutation! 
  2. 1d6 Lovecraftian Imps 30% of spells 
  3. A gang of 1d10 vampire bikers! 10% chance of artifact among them. 
  4. 1d8 Deranged Psycho bikers armed with military style weapons 2 level fighters. 3 thieves among them. 
  5. 1d20 Gremlins with a 60% chance of a leader with double hit points 
  6. A possessed '59 Chevy  - Actually possessed by a pit fiend 
  7. 1d30 zombies contaminated by toxic waste 
  8. 1d30 sewer dwellers looking for lunch and easy targets. Armed with hatchets and claws 
  9. Psycho killer 40% chance of undead status 3rd level fighter. 
  10. Chain saw wielding zombie massacre survivor 7th level fighter and armed with +2 chain saw 
  11. 4 mutant martial artists of reptilian stock 5th level thieves 
  12. A possessed demon ridden survivor wandering the streets. Possessed by a nasty disease spirit. 
  13. 3 mutant biker warriors time travelers 4th level warriors.  Armed with shot guns and animated sex toys of plastic variety 
  14. Ax wielding maniac comes screaming at your party. 2nd level fighter armed with a +1 ax 
  15. Lovecraftian slime horror double hit poi
  16. Wounded bio mechanical horror looking to impregnate a host for its young before dying 
  17. Psycho killer dream prince invades your dreams and begins killing the party ten little Indians style 
  18. A gang of desperate martial artist monks seeks the "Master"  and the "glow" 
  19. 1d4 strange mutant children seeks their babysitter. One wears a "Thor" helmet and carries a war hammer.
  20. A pack of savage wolfoids hunts the party to drag them off to their city lairs and eat them. Use stats for Wargs 
  21. A dispossessed werewolf naked and alone seeks to end his curse. He is accompanied by the ghost of his best friend who urges him to end it all. 
  22. A group of loony adventurer children seeks pirate treasure while  pursued by a gang of desperate criminals.
  23. A pack of flying saucers appears and begins blasting at the party. 1d4 damage as the incredible blaster fire melts any metal it hits. 
  24. A group of four merc. fighters in a black van with a red stripe pulls up to the party to ask directions. 7th level fighters. 
  25. A group of cyborg 1d4 warriors begins hunting the party. 
  26. A scantily clad woman construct with magical powers encounters the party. She seems almost god like. 
  27. A hearse driven by a lich undertaker carrying a silver sphere tries to run down the party. 50% chance of black magic spells. Has 1d4 zombie warriors with him. 
  28. A muscle bound mutant warrior 10th level riding a Zunder Cat bounds up to the party asking for their help! 
  29. A pair of dispossessed ghosts seeks an exorcist for the living! 
  30. An Avatar of Michael Jackson appears! 

More coming soon! 

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Moon Of The Wolf For Your Old School Horror Campaigns

Believe it or not "Moon of The Wolf " was a movie of the week on ABC. The film follows a dark twisting road through the heart of a Louisiana town & a plantation's dark history.
The plot according to Wiki: 
In the Louisiana Bayou town of Marsh Island, two farmers discover the mauled, dead body of a local resident, an attractive young girl. Sheriff Aaron Whitaker (David Janssen) is called in. The victim's temperamental brother Lawrence Burrifors (Geoffrey Lewis) arrives at the crime scene and jumps to the conclusion that the girl's lover committed the murder, a man whose very name her brother does not know. The town's Dr. Drutan (John Beradino) examines the body and pronounces the girl died of a severe blow to the head caused by a human hand.
The sheriff continues to investigate the crime and interviews people who knew the victim. Local residents have a variety of theories, including the belief she was killed by wild dogs. A posse soon forms to track down the wild dogs with little success. Burrifors continues to insist the killer to be his sister's mysterious lover while the sheriff, in turn, is suspicious of him. The girl's sick and dying father Hugh Burrifors (Paul R. DeVille), interviewed by the sheriff, warns him of the "Loug Garog". The sheriff does not understand the French term and local Cajun residents are unable to interpret it.
The sheriff's investigation soon takes him to the plantation home of the wealthy Andrew Rodanthe (Bradford Dillman) and his sister Louise (Barbara Rush). They are the last of a local family dynasty with a history stretching back over a century. Andrew, who the sheriff suspects had an affair with the victim, claims to have been suffering an attack of malariathe night the girl was killed.
The sheriff, suspicious of the temperamental brother Lawrence after he assaults the town doctor (who turns out to be the mysterious lover), soon arrests him and puts him in jail. While there, the full moon rises again and Lawrence and the sheriff's deputy are killed in a vicious attack as the steel bars of the cell are torn from the wall.
With the town's terrified residents turning into an angry mob and the sheriff now without assistance, Andrew Rodanthe volunteers to become deputy. Andrew and the sheriff return to Hugh Burrifor's house and discover the old man has created a voodoo potion that gives off a vapor meant to repel the "Loug Garog". Rodanthe inhales the potion and goes into what appears to be an epileptic seizure. He is taken to the hospital.
While there, Andrew's sister Louise tells the sheriff she can speak French fluently and would like to talk to Hugh Burrifor about the unexplainable term "Loug Garog". While speaking with the old man, Louise solves the puzzle. "Loug Garog" is a mispronunciation of "Loup-Garou". Translated into English the term means "werewolf". The next scene shows Andrew turning into a werewolf, revealing him to be the elusive killer.
Transformed into a werewolf, Andrew violently escapes the hospital and becomes the subject of a man-hunt. Louise talks to Sheriff Whitaker about werewolf folklore. She reveals a family secret that her grandfather used to suffer from unusual spells of sickness, implying he was also a werewolf and Andrew's curse was inherited.
Louise returns to her plantation home and is alone when Andrew, still in his werewolf form, quietly enters the house. A frightened Louise attempts to corner the werewolf in a burning barn and eventually shoots the creature with what she assumes are blessed bullets. The sheriff arrives on the scene in time to see Andrew return to his human form before dying.

The Actual Movie 

 Using Moon Of The Wolf For Your Old School Horror Games 
Make no mistake that  Moon of the Wolf offers quite a bit for old school gaming. The movie shares many of the conventions of the "Gothic" horror story.  Again from Wiki:
The term "Gothic horror" implies horror from a dark imagined past. There is always a feeling of something unnatural that has a history reaching far back into the past. That is where the hints about Louise and Andrew's grandfather comes in. Another convention in use in Moon of the Wolf is the dark and mysterious plantation home with its long history, serving the same function as a castle in other stories of the genre. It is the historic center of royalty that has seen more fruitful days. In addition to this mood piece, there are elements of the supernatural such as the victim's father's paranormal powers of perception and his voodoo potions.
 The whole affair reminds me of later supernatural detective shows such as my beloved Kolchak. Here's a list of such shows from the Wiki entry on Moon of The Wolf 
Other examples include The Norliss Tapes (1973) with Roy Thinnes as a reporter investigating the supernatural; Fear No Evil (1969) and its sequel, Ritual of Evil (1970), starring Louis Jourdan as psychologist David Sorrell; The World of Darkness (1977) and its sequel, The World Beyond (1978), starringGranville Van Dusen as a man who battles the supernatural following his own near death experience; and a British production, Baffled!(1973) starring Leonard Nimoy and Susan Hampshire as a pair of ghost hunters.
There are quite few loose ends from Moon of the Wolf that can be used for your old school horror gaming. The town's lore is steeped in voodoo and werewolf legends. Are there other members of the same family cursed by the bloodline that might be awakened by the death of a cousin, brother, sister?
 The fact that this film is steeped deep in Southern American horror and legend makes it a perfect jump off point for all kinds of weird and unexplained incidents. 
The Rodanthe Plantation 
The giant loose end that I've used in games ranging from Chill,Call of Cthhlu, Kult, and many others including AD&D is the plantation. This place bears the scars of history stretching back centuries and further. The connection may stretch back all the way to very founding of the town and its foundations. 
The place may be haunted  by the ghosts of a blood soaked past and with the death of the last of the male airs the door to the supernatural may be flung open.
Everything from hertical voodoo cults, ghosts, cursed family members, vampires, ghouls might all be loosed with the solving of the werewolf angle. 
 Marsh Island might not wilingly give up its secrets. There could be many things boiling just under the surface of this place. Sheriff Aaron Whitaker has appeared in a number of my games as a major NPC. A local man of  the law locked forever to encounter the forces of the supernatural.  Moon of the Wolf is a very underrated and under appreciated movie that can be used for a wide variety of games. 

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Further Meditations and Thoughts on NOSFERATU: PLAGUE OF TERROR Part III For Your Old School Horror Campaign

A splash page from the upcoming NOSFERATU: PLAGUE OF TERROR Kindle ebook by Rik Levins and Melissa Martin Ellis.


Please read this part for an overview of the graphic novel Part I HERE And Part II HERE

The following is a continuation of NOSFERATU: PLAGUE OF TERROR which is going to be coming out as a downloadable ebook soon. I used the graphic novel as the basis for a World of Darkness and Kult crossover campaign way back in the 90's. But ultimately I ended this campaign when the players went their separate ways.  The themes of the campaign followed the graphic novel and the film from which is is derived. They can be broken down into the following : 

  1. The curse of the vampire as supernatural disease and its effects on the victim and the pollution of the soul. 
  2. Immortality as a curse and personal hell. It places the victim outside of the laws of God and man. The person becomes a blight on the face of reality itself. 
  3. The vampire as walking disease vector and font of corruption. 
  4. The loose ends of both the graphic novel and the film and exploitation of those ends as story hooks for newer horrors. 
Photo: Very moody splash page by Rik Levins and Melissa Martin Ellis from the upcoming NOSFERATU: PLAGUE OF TERROR ebook.

The following is a thought exercise and  riffs off of  Plague of Terror and the original movie. Each issue of  Plague of Terror weaves its way through the centuries and hits the high notes about the battle between Orlock and the hero of the piece. Its a good solid story and a ripping yarn.  That being said there are loose ends that a DM can and should use for their own campaigns.
A plot overview from Wiki : 

Returning from the Crusades in the eleventh century, English knight Sir William Longsword stops at the castle and finds the nuns dead or dying of plague. Longsword’s squire, seeking treasure, inadvertently frees Orlock who kills the man. He bites Longsword but does not turn him into a vampire—rather, he becomes immortal for reasons known only to Orlock. The series tracks Orlock throughout history as he perpetuates his evil, instigating wars and bringing down plagues. Longsword tracks him through 19th century India and the madness of the Vietnam War and finally catches up to him in an abandoned cathedral in contemporary Brooklyn.
The final chapter ends in a conflagration in which both Orlock and Longsword are killed but the curse of the Nosferatu is passed onto an innocent, as it was to Longsword ten centuries before. The series was notable for presenting a vampire character drawn from European folklore rather than the refined Anne Rice model that was in vogue at the time.
Nosferatu: Plague of Terror compilation in graphic novel format was released by Millennial Concepts in October, 2009.

The Burden Of Immortality 

English knight Sir William Longsword is ultimately a very tragic figure in the series. Orlock makes him immortal. A fellow member of the damned. He's consigned to his own personal hell of living along side his hated foe for eternity.  He's a hero because even as the world winds down through the centuries he's still out there fighting both his own existence and as a warrior. 
Yet what does he do throughout the centuries? Simply moving from one war to another in pursue of  Graf? There's a lot of room for a DM to fill in gaps right here.  A being that can not die might be a monster in his own right. The source of immortality is the carrier of a plague of evil beyond compare. 
The burden he carries is harsh and very nasty. The idea of a never ending existence raging across the world trying to end your own existence? That's not living at all. Its simply trading one hell for another.  
What secrets might Sir William Longsword hold? In a world of Darkness setting he's a rather unique figure in a world of mages, vampires, and werewolves. A lost soul damned down through the centuries pursuing his prey. Or is it the other way around? 
 The series centers on Orlock but really its Longsword whose the intriguing one. With a setting like Kult, this knight has some very rare insights into how the world really works. A being who might well be sought out by others because of his own legend. An undying warrior in pursue of an evil merely whispered about in certain occult circles and dingy bars. 
A warrior who walks in a sunset world of half truths,legends, and the living hell of the immortal damned. 
 Surly he couldn't be used in a AD&D or OD&D setting? I'm ultimately reminded of the old Keep Adventure by Mayfair games. In this one the party is part of a plot in the Dark Ages involving the adventure location and then their own descendants get involved again. I can see using Longsword in the same way.  


The series is a solid tour of a strange and through a glass darkly history of a very dark and dangerous world. A world of vampires,plagues, immortals, and violence, which makes it a perfect place to adventure. Ultimately is the fact that its tied into the fact that it is its own mythology. The mythology of its authors and creators which I hope at some point they return to. Its a good jump off point for a very distinct campaign. But in the end its a very complex chess board for an immortal chess master who creates war and plague moving through the shadows of history.
However its not one that I would use myself again. 

Everything that follows here is going to be based on the silent film  Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens. Which was based on Bram Stoker's character Count Dracula.
The Plot according to Wiki: 

In Nosferatu, Count Orlok is a vampire from Transylvania, and appears to be the haunt of many nightmarish creatures, including a werewolf (which was actually played by a hyena in the film). Orlok, known locally as the eponymous "Nosferatu", is a living corpse also known as "The Bird of Death", which feasts upon the blood of living humans.
Count Orlok dwells alone in a vast castle hidden among the rugged peaks in a lost corner of the Carpathian Mountains. The castle is swathed in shadows, and is badly neglected with a highly sinister feel to it. He is in league with the housing agent Knock, and wants to purchase a house in Wisborg. Local peasants live in terror of Orlok and never venture out after dark. Thomas Hutter scorns their fears as mere superstition, and ventures to the decrepit castle; however, the coach-driver will not take him over the bridge leading to it. A black-swathed figure in a black coach (Orlok in disguise) drives him the rest of the way. He is greeted by Orlok, who claims as it is past midnight all his servants have gone to bed, and the two dine together and discuss Orlok's purchasing of a house in the fictional city of Wisborg, Germany. Hutter accidentally cuts his hand when slicing bread and Orlok is barely able to control himself from drinking from Hutter's wound. After Hutter collapses in a chair, Orlok feeds off of him, but this is not shown on screen: Hutter discovers two bites on his neck the next day but is unaware that his host is a vampire.
Hutter only realises the horrific truth later in his chambers after further reading from "The Book of the Vampires", and he discovers that he is trapped in the castle with the Nosferatu. Orlok advances upon Hutter, and Hutter's beloved wife, Ellen, senses through telepathy that her husband's life is in mortal danger; she screams for him and somehow Orlok is powerless to touch him. The next morning Hutter searches the castle, and discovers to his revulsion that Orlok is "sleeping" in the basement in a filthy coffin filled with earth. Hutter then witnesses Orlok loading a cart with several coffins filled with soil, one of which he then hides in and they are driven off to be loaded on to a ship headed for Wisborg. This soil is later revealed to be unhallowed earth from Orlok's grave; according to "The Book of the Vampires", all Nosferatu must sleep by day in the unholy earth from their graves to sustain their power.
On board the ship, he kills every crew member until only the captain and his first mate remain. Later when the first mate goes to the cargo hold to investigate, Count Orlok rises from his coffin, terrifying the first mate who jumps overboard in fear. The captain ties himself to the wheel of the ship when Count Orlok creeps up on him and kills the captain. His journey by sea spreads plague all over Europe.
Upon his arrival in Wisborg, Orlok infests the city with rats that sleep in his coffins, and countless people fall victim to the plague, forcing the local authorities to declare a quarantine and provoking hysteria among the citizens. Rather than come back as vampires, however, his victims simply die. Ellen and Hutter know the causes of the plague but fear they are powerless to stop the vampire. Ellen watches sullenly as lines of coffins are carried through the empty streets, and she realises Orlok must be stopped. Ellen learns from "The Book of the Vampires" that - rather than a stake through the heart - the Nosferatu can only be vanquished if a woman pure in heart willingly allows him to feed off her long enough to prevent him from seeking shelter from sunrise. Ellen coaxes Orlok to her room and lies in bed whilst he drinks from her neck. The sun rises, and Orlok is burned away in a cloud of smoke. Knock is able to sense Orlok is dead. Ellen dies soon after.

The Children of Orlock 

 There is an entire world within the film itself  which never gets mentioned today. We get lots of deviations or reflections upon this dark world but never any real expansion. 

 Ultimately the coming of Orlock brings the plague of corruption onto the shores of Europe. The plague spreads like wildfire throughout the whole of Wisborg. Those who contract it die.
 This is a sickness of the soul and spirit. The rats moving through out Europe spread it. The disease is very nasty and spreads quickly through cities. Yet everything stems from Orlock himself. 

A reflection of evil in the very beginning of the film. The character of Knock looks and acts like a miniature Orlock and even the contract for the house he wishes to buy is a satanic contract if there ever was one. 

One thing that has always bothered me is the end of the movie. The sun comes up and the evil is extinguished.  There are several ideas that occur. Why was orlock spreading this horrid plague in the first place? "In Plague of Terror" we are given one possible answer. But let us look at this through the lens of the DM for a moment. Was Orlock trying to create an empty kingdom of the dead? A place were the plague vicims were stacked six foot high. Those bitten die and receive the curse of the vampire. Orlock was going to be a king whose throne was those of bleached skulls. A world of death ruled by an undead king.  Why kill your food source?
 Those who survive are likely to have wounds upon their souls. Divine healing might be needed and even then it might not be a sure thing. Insanity, degeneration, and worse might await the plague survivors.  

Aftermath of the Plague Bearer  
 What I'm about to say is has caused some very large arguments. Count Orlock isn't Dracula or even a close reflection of him. From Wiki:  "Orlok does not create other vampires, but kills his victims, causing the townfolk to blame the plague, which ravages the city. Also, Orlok must sleep by day, as sunlight would kill him, while the original Dracula is only weakened by sunlight. The ending is also substantially different from that of Dracula. The count is ultimately destroyed at sunrise when the "Mina" character sacrifices herself to him."
Evil like this does not simply wither with the coming sunlight even according to the Book of Vampires in the film. Could there be plague victims trapped in a living undead hell just waiting to tear into the streets?  You bet they are. Remember Orlock isn't Dracula or even a shadowy reflection. Just use your favorite game's version of zombies add fangs and plague. Parodies of humans that might fall between the cracks of reality itself.  

 The Shadow Kingdoms of Orlock 

The world of Orlock is a shadowy place where the final stages of death caused by the plague makes things seem to fade away. Each day the second hand of the clock brings Orlock's vision of reality closer to reality.
 This isn't the World of Darkness or Kult but the world of Orlock. And what does this creature want for the world? A look at his Carpathian origin point paints a very grim picture indeed. A place 
swathed in shadows, and is badly neglected with a highly sinister feel to it.

This is a kingdom of phantoms,vampires,undead, and werewolves.The day brings final dissolution of the things of the night. But only for that night. This is a vastly different world from the more traditional games of Vampire or Kult or even OD&D.
This is a world affected by the ravages of the plagues of the vampire. A place of the damned and haunted. A place that might be swept away at dawn's light into the pages of someplace like Kult or Limbo.
A place where the living,half living, and undead are under the sway of both angels and demons.  Caught up between the Illusi
on and Death itself. 

Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror Itself As Future Horror Rpg Campaign 

The movie itself might also be transported to a very bleak steampunk kinda future where the Count once again begins his attempts. The PCs might be plague survivors, undead hybrid things, vampire slayers or even 1900's Undead Bounty Dogs hunting down the last remains of this horror.
This kinda campaign is perfect for Mutant Future or a science fantasy campaigns. This kinda of campaign would be populated with vampire worshiping cults, Reverents, ghosts, werewolves, crazed survivors, and even other vampires.  

 Relics of The Grave

 When we speak of any world infected by the evil of Orlock and his ratlike minions. We are also talking about former treasure houses of the living. These places are folded between the pages of history books. Lost unto themselves. Items from these sort of places carry their own curses.
 According to Hoyt "Lust For Blood The All Comsuming Story of Vampires"  Items handled by the undead carry with them a curse all their own. In the world of Orlock even the items of survivors of the plague might well carry this sort of haunting. Items cursed by fate. Diaries of survivors and photos of the world of the undead.
Vampire touched gold with its guardian rats. All these options are on the table.
There is one item that threads its way through the movie itself that tells of the evil of the Nosferatu but of which we know little about. 

"The Book of the Vampires" threads its way throughout the film despensing critical information, acting as chorus for the plot,and we almost nothing about it. Who was the author, where did the book come from, and why is it the authority on the undead?
This book gives a DM the opportunity to create his own book of the undead with critical information for his games. It allows one to insert highly critical info to players with little fear of doubt.
The author knows his subject and isn't afraid to deal with it. 

The Rats of Orlock  

One loose end that bothers me are the "Orlock disease vector". The rats with the coffins spreading the plague. So Orlock is banished. Do the rats vanish with him? Or do the little furry minions wait for another day to spread the taint to a new unsuspecting world? 
Are these rodents of unusual aspect? I've used them any number of times to spread some nasty disease upon unsuspecting players. 
These minions could be awaiting the return of their master.Just waiting for the opportunity to swarm when the night comes to arise from sewer and storm drain. 

The Blight of Reality 
Legends of Orlock point to a seething cauldron of horror just waiting to be tapped for your games. The truth is that this often neglected classic needs to be dusted off and used more often for table top rpging. 
NOSFERATU: PLAGUE OF TERROR is a decent and concise way of delivering the horror of  Orlock but go back to the source material to get the full effect! You can purchase the book right over HERE


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Gabriel Cushing at the Carnival of Sorrows (Web Series) Kick Starter

An old dedicated group of friends has been putting together a video web series that has gotten quite a bit of attention as of late. So I've decided to help get them some exposure  This group of professionals has been at this series for years and really helping to raise the bar on their own brand of horror/action adventure with a touch of comedy.  

The plot according to the kickstarer : 

Gabriel Cushing at the Carnival of Sorrows is the third web series outing for the intrepid demon hunter Gabriel Cushing and his assistant, Melanie Lancely.
The eight parts follow Gabriel and Melanie as they work to uncover the dark intentions of a cursed carnival troupe who prey on the souls of the living. Several unexplained disappearances draw them into an investigation, and as they delve deeper they reveal the carnival’s disturbing past and frightening portents of its future. Their every step hounded by demonic clowns, terrifying beasts, freakish living dolls and other twisted creatures, they must hurry to unlock the secret to stopping the troupe forever.
Concept art for 'The Clown'

Its going to be very interesting to see where the dedicated professionals take this production. 
Following in the tradition of Gabriel Cushing vs the Zombie Vampires and Terror of the Killer Carnivorous CoatCarnival of Sorrows will combine good old fashioned horror with thrilling action and adventure and a twist of humour.
This Kickstarter will generate the funds we need to shoot and produce the series. The money we raise here will go directly towards what you see on the screen, while our own investment and private funding sources will cover the behind the scenes expenses.

The world of Gabriel Cushing: Demon Hunter

Gabriel’s world is filled with dark forces which lurk in the shadows. If you’ve heard a scary story about it, the chances are it probably exists, somewhere, and it's people like Gabriel who fight it.
For Gabriel, it’s not the brawn that counts, it’s the brains. He may be handy with a stake, but it’s out-thinking his opponent that makes sure they’re the one on the pointy end. His compendious knowledge of all things arcane is a deadly weapon in itself. His companion Melanie isn’t afraid to get stuck in with elbows and fists though; she’s no one’s victim.
Gabriel made his first appearance in our short film, Terror of the Killer Carnivorous Coat, back in 2011. When we shot the film in 2009, we really had no idea how many more stories he would have to tell. From that carnage filled debut he has gone on to fight Zombie Vampires in his first web series and rid a haunted theatre of a banshee with a grudge in his first comic book; A Fright at The Opera.
Later in 2013, Gabriel will return for another series of mini adventures in a second web series, Strange Encounters. He’ll also make his written word debut in the first novel set in the Gabriel Cushing universe; Mime.
To explore the world of Gabriel Cushing, visit
So why support this?  There are a number of reasons as to why I would support this series. One its very original in its content. The ideas here are horror elements we've seen before but done in new and exciting ways.
 I love British action adventure and I know the way that the folks behind this do their stuff.  The crew are very much giving a hundred and ten percent to seeing this come out.
And most of all I'm curious to see where they take this. I personally want to see this on the small screen. I'm all about seeing the little guy taking the genre to new directions and spreading the news about this production. 
The Great Escape crew. 
The Great Escape Team on the set of Strange Encounters
I've know Mark Adams And Dave Curtis for a number of years from my Hellbound Web days and the "Web" produced a number of very creative and talented folks. Who have gone on to create and produce incredible stuff.  I'm very proud to help spread the word about this production and the up coming series.
If your curious and want to help out please visit their kickstarter site and find out more right over HERE

David Curtis (Gabriel Cushing)

David Curtis has been performing from a young age, acting and singing. After many productions in youth theatres and various musical performances, David went on to study Drama at The University of Wolverhampton and then continued to pursue his acting career on a professional level.
David Performed in many small scale theatre and musical tours ranging from performances in Schools to the London Palladium. Performing in several short film productions helped David to land his first commercial role starring in an award winning KFC Advert in 2005 (BTAA Bronze award for BEST 30 SECOND COMMERCIAL KFC "99p" made for BBH by Hungry Man). This led to many other featured commercial roles.
David first appeared in one of our short films, Threefold, as a serial killer haunted by the ghosts of his victims. He first appeared as Gabriel Cushing in Terror of the Killer Carnivorous Coat and later in Zombie Vampires. He has currently been working with us to film material for Strange Encounters. David has brought much to the role of Gabriel and has developed his mannerisms over time.

 The Gabriel Cushing series has its own graphic novel as well and I'm looking forward to taking a look at it in next week or so. He has to rid a haunted theatre of a banshee with a grudge in his first comic book; A Fright at The Opera
To find out more about  the world of Gabriel Cushing, visit

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Review & Commentary On Proto-dimension Magazine Issue # 15 - Free Horror Rpg zine

  • Shuffling in the Shadows, Words from the top by Tad Kelson
  • A Creativity Contest, To put some words to a great picture by Jim Kazanjian A Contest!!!
  • Forty-Four Days Ago, A tale from the Badlands by Captain Obvious
  • Extreme Sports Splinterlands, Radical Proto-Dimensions by Mitchell K. Schwartz for Dark Conspiracy, 2nd Edition
  • Too Much Coffee, A real-life story by Mike Minihan via Captain Obvious
  • Alley Encounters, An Encounter Set by Norm Fenlason for Conspiracy Rules and DC3
  • Izhmash International, New small arms from Russia by Lee Williams For Dark Conspiracy/CoC
  • A R, A short story of the near future by Michael Lanzinger
  • Elsewhere for Inspiration, Adventure Creation Advice by Tad Kelson For Call of Cthulhu
  • You’re Nicked!, A British 70’s setting by Linden Dunham For Mini-Six
  • Courier Ayes, New fiction by Tad Kelson
  • My So-Called Life…Sort Of, Life in the Greater Depression by Norm Fenlason For Conspiracy Rules and DC3
  • From Under the Floorboards, Reflections from the underside by Lee Williams Commentary
Protodimension Magazine is the free horror E zine that could the mag cranks out some of the more interesting and off beat rules, and suppliments for horror that are out there. The magazine is slick,reliable, and free. Its also part of a very active community of horror gamers who support Dark Conspiracy 2nd edition but also a number of other horror themed rpgs over the years.
Issue #15 is no except to the above. The mag takes us deep into the world of Dark Conspiracy which is an errie future very similar to the world we live in now 29 seconds in. The action gets hot and heavy with Forty-Four Days Ago, A tale from the Badlands by Captain Obvious. Its very well done and kinda engaging in its own off beat way.
We're shoved into the weird worlds of 
Extreme Sports Splinterlands, Radical Proto-Dimensions by Mitchell K. Schwartz for Dark Conspiracy, 2nd Edition and this is my bread and butter. The strange twilight zone other worlds of DC were a high point of the game for me and anything that expands this is welcome at my table. 
Too Much Coffee, A real-life story by Mike Minihan via Captain Obvious is taken from real life and generates another direct game use story. That's something useful right there. Alley Encounters, An Encounter Set by Norm Fenlason for Conspiracy Rules and DC3
Izhmash International
, New small arms from Russia by Lee Williams For Dark Conspiracy/CoC are two articles which combined can be used to generate a black market encounter that won't be forgotten by players. The expansions of weapons in games  is welcome by players. Alley encounters wretches up the DM's arsenal of encounters for the game. The organization and articles are well thought out and solid
 R, A short story of the near future by Michael Lanzinger is a very interesting little story that has some conotations into your favorite near future or cyberpunk game. 
Elsewhere for Inspiration, Adventure Creation Advice by Tad Kelson For Call of Cthulhu is obviously an article by a veteran CoC DM and author. Its very useful for the CoC enthusiast. 
You’re Nicked!, A British 70’s setting by Linden Dunham For Mini-Six is a very 70's mini campaign setting. 
Courier Ayes, New fiction by Tad Kelson is one by an author always stretching his horizons and expanding his fiction. Very interesting stuff. 
My So-Called Life…Sort Of, Life in the Greater Depression by Norm Fenlason For Conspiracy Rules and DC3 is an article which really expands on the world and setting of DC. The thing is that world isn't often talked about in rule books. It often seems like rpg companies want to get to the "cool" stuff without expanding on the "real world" of the game. This is a very useful article and a welcome one. 
From Under the Floorboards, Reflections from the underside by Lee Williams Commentary is a heart felt eulogy for two of gaming innovators who are no longer with us. Very respectful and heartfelt from an author whose loss and friendship was truly felt. 
All this and a slick presentation make this mag a must have! Best of all its free! Get and download this bad boy right over HERE

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Five Artifact Fire Arms For Your Old School Horror Campaigns

Each of these firearms has been painstakingly created from the bones and metals of the various demons and angels involved in the "Fall From Heaven". These firearms are often found within the armories of archdevils and various occult collectors of such things. Each one has been crafted from the finest metals, bones, and materials.
Each is a sterling example of a Colt 1911 fire arm and capable of taking out a minor godling, demon, or spirit with deadly accuracy. These weapons often seem to have minds of their own. Malevolent intelligence that whisper to their owners. Some are nasty and dangerous tools capable of leading their owners into situations of utmost danger. Often these firearms find their way into situations or pivotal moments of history. The ammo for these weapons is often made from the vary souls of the person or being using the weapons. Utmost care must be used when firing these weapons. They often care a curse or streak of necromatic magic with them.
I have not used any game statistics so that they may be used in any game system.  Any angel or arch demon knowing that an adventurer who possesses such a weapon will be hunted down and their souls ripped from their vary bodies. 

Five  Named Artifact Fire Arms
  1. Fatuaur The Devil's Pistol - This weapon has been created from the bones of a minor god of the old ones. This weapon is a black as a total eclipse and responds like a hot knife through butter. It is said that the weapon lusts for the blood of monsters and that it has a taste for families. The weapon has been know to misfire in the presence of siblings and if rumors are to be believed it has killed over 333 demons of the first order. The weapon is cursed with a blood lust and manufactures its own ammo from the dreams of regret of its owner. The weapon is embossed with glyphs of power of a forgotten and forbidden religion of Hell itself. 
  2. Lkarangirn The Angel's Friend  - This weapon's slide and barrel have been created from the tears of a million angels and scoured in the rivers of Hell. The weapon is good and lawful mostly but has a frightening visage from a trapped angel within its frame. The pistol reacts to the presence of anything diabolic but often glows with murderous light when evil is present. The pistol has been known to shoot by itself and kill any sinners within its range. The thing purrs when it kills and often drives its owner into greater and greater dangerous situations to combat evil. 
  3. Motharg- Created on the orders of the twelfth plane's of Hell. The thing was made from the straight razors of a tribe of demons. The barrel and parts created in the heart of a valcano and tempered in the icy planes of Hell. The weapon reacts like an extension of its owner's arm. An unholy weapon that has an appetite for the destruction of any holy relics or things of Heaven. The weapon often passes hands until its target is found. The weapon often has its owners stalk its victims for it. Motharg likes to be the center of violence and fills its owners with the fury of a beserk. The weapon can heal mortal wounds for a price. Often the victims soul that is absorbed to create ammo for itself. 
  4. Sarmi  The Yomi Blade - This weapon was created from the swords of a rebellious Oni. The Oni's spirit was trapped within the weapon and used to create the magic of the weapon. This weapon will aim itself and kill any undead creature it can. It hates its owners but will serve but kill the first born of its owner if possible. The weapon bears a strange curse and will force the owner to assume the personality of an oni but with no powers once every six full moons. 
    1. Tulilat- This weapon is the bound form of an angelic concubine of a saint from the 13 worlds. It's righteous fury creates its ammo and it will slay minor gods for its owner. The weapon hates to be mishandled and will bite its owner when firing if the owner ever miss treats the weapon. 
    1. The weapon will every full moon offer counsel in matters of Biblical importance and teach its owner clerical matters. The weapon loves to slay vampires and other undead. The weapon will slowly warp its owners personality into a vain and pompous character over time. The weapon will heal the owner once per week if the owner promises a term of service. Once per week the owner may call a minor angelic spirit. The owner will be followed by the ghosts of those it slays they are powerless to harm the owner but may taunt or tease the fool. 

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Read Two Excepts From Shulalarolan The Wanderer by Eric Fabiaschi Coming Soon To Proto Dimension Magazine

File:Vitoria - Catedral Nueva 94.JPG

Here Are Two Excepts of 
Shulalarolan The Wanderer by Eric Fabiaschi
Coming soon to Protodimension Magazine !

The .45 slug impacted the malformed and delicately stitched skin of the demon. The skin and skull beneath collapsed into itself as ripe rotten fruit left out in the hot sun. The whole thing melted and ran like a ice cream special from a Summer's day into a nearby gutter. The blue of the mysterious fluids that preserved and gave the thing life bubbled one last time. The corpse melted with gusto. Shulalarolan allowed himself a smile of some satisfaction. 
After 200 years of the "Crippled Gods" hospitality it was time to see what the world had to offer. He summoned the Configuration at his side and merged with it. The paths of darkness spun themselves out before him. Now it was time to find what had happened to his ship. One step at a time he thought. 
But he was free now. Free of the dogma, the pseudo mummery that passed for religion, and the tortures of small minded demons whose flesh was teased and stitched beyond all hope. He allowed himself a smile for the first time in centuries as he stepped on to he paths. 
Shulalarolan The Wanderer by Eric Fabiaschi
October 12, 2011

The clowns had found him and were on his trail again. 
Shulalarolan tore through the road between universes as quick as his four legs could carry him. They had found him after his fangs had consumed the caretaker's soul in the graveyard of the ancient gods. The humanoid born of incubus and daughter of eve's soul rested within his diseased gullet nurturing his power and thrice damned remains that passed for his own soul.
His rat- wolf form gave him a glittering series of sense shattering impressions and allowed him to lose them in the half formed nightmares that passed for dreams these days. The Colt 1911's and the crystal skull were now a part of the non flesh that formed his other self. These waited else when. Ready at the beckoned call of this creature from out of the most ancient of legends and magic induced hallucinations. 
On wards along the road between places Shulalarolan The Wanderer raced against the coming of Paradise's dawn. The light of heaven shall not find me. "Rahab's brood will not catch me and I will slip through the cracks of these worlds once again" he thought as he raced onward. Ever onward. 
"die Todten reiten schnell" "the dead travel fast" 
Ellenore, is a poem written by German author Gottfried August Bürger in 1773

These stories are inspired by the music of Tim Dry. And the artwork of Eric Gross from the Followers of the Pandorics. They'll be appearing in the next issue of Protodimension magazine along with the world of  
Shulalarolan The Wanderer. 

 Find out more about Tim Dry right HERE
The wonderful creations of Eric Gross HERE
Then download the latest issues of  Protodimension magazine HERE

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