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The Umbrarious- Besham's Wyrm A New Monster For Ancient & Accursed Terra Using The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers Rpg System

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The Umbrarious or Besham's Wyrm

Number encountered 1 (1d2) 

Alignment : Chaotically Evil 
Size: L 
Movement : 40 (swim 20) 
Dexterity: 17 
Armor Class:0 
Hit Dice : 10 
Number of attacks: 2 Bite/Sting 
Damage: 5d6/ 1d4+1
Saving Throw: 12 
Morale: 11 
Experience : 2,350 
Treasure: F

A horror from the blackest Hells of the imaginations of the Serpent Men, these horrors lurk in certain cursed fetid water ways, wells, and ancient sewers. They are said to be the creations of the souls of ancient serpent Men priests who have taken the names of the Outer Ones for their own gain and cast forbidden magics against their own people. These things are the result of their corrupt spirits cast into an unholy combination of demonic as well as mortal flesh and made to crawl in the lowest dung infested waterways. They are often found in sewers as well guarding ancient passageways
These horrors are completely conscious and aware of their positions within Eternity but they are completely and utterly insane. They are cunning and evil things made of reptilian stock, mixed with gelatinous decaying flesh and the lizard like heads of dog things with rows of shark like teeth. They have organs within their throats capable of creating a variety of neurotoxins and tongue like stinger capable of  punching through leather armor with easy.
 Twin stingers upon the tail are also complete the package. These deliver a sleep inducing paralysis wound upon contact.
 These horrors are semi aquatic and capable of rapid movement within the twisting maze like confines of their mega dungeon ruined world.
These things still retain a love of shiny and golden things from their previous lives. The horrors often keep a 'treasure' chamber full of jewels, artifacts, and some scientific remains. These trinkets are actually simply reminders of half forgotten memories and bits of their former lives. They merely serve to further torture the beasts with the knowledge of how far they have fallen from their former service.
Often these horrors are left to guard former Serpent Men underground facilities, bases, and vaults. Sometimes these will be places where the Wyrm once had a position of power. These horrors are often brought sacrifices by the local population and worshiped as a minor spirit of fertility and protection.
 Certain individual wyrms may sometimes have the ability to charm humans as per the spell but this is a very rare occurrence. Others sometimes are granted minor spell like abilities but this will often vary from individual to individual.
The wyrms are nearly immortal and baring accident or death by violence they often sleep for centuries at a time and truly are immortal. They regenerate very,very, slowly due to the deluded demonic blood flowing through their veins.
 There are ancient sub human cities which summon these horrors from the depths of the Earth and worship them as patrons. These fools often sacrifice adventurers or trespassers to these monsters from the ancient depth of Eternity.
 Nagas have a special hatred for these beings and the two are never found within the same locations. Nagas will hunt down and kill these horrors where they are found and replace them if possible.
 Special :
Tongue/Bite delivers venom : make death (poison) save or suffer paralysis for 1d6 +6 turns 
Tail sting delivers venom : make a death poison save or suffer instant incapacitatation (paralysis) followed by death in 2d4 rounds. 

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