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1d30 After The Lovecraftain Ritual Is Over Random Find Table For The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea Rpg

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1d30 After The Lovecraftain Ritual Is Over Random Find Table 
  1. 1d10 brass bracelets and flutes all covered in post birth residue. There are three hundred gallons of the liquid scattered about the area.
  2. A large blood splatter over the entire area and human entrails in the trees. There are 1d100 coins of unknown vintages scattered across the area. There is a 10% of these being semi precious metals. 
  3. A three hundred pound gold ankh sits in the middle of a giant pit of slime. The thing glows softly to itself below it is a rough human outline covered in burnt skin and organs. 
  4. A giant glowing crystal dagger far to large for any human hand to wield. The thing sings softly to itself of  madness and desperation. 
  5. The entire area is covered in a single scroll sheet of music rolled up and it weights in excess of five hundred pounds. Sewn into the center of the thing is three different people's skins. Race and type is not of any known peoples. 
  6. A single slime covered rock which is actually a large gall stone of some inhuman creature. The thing is covered in glowing glyph work 
  7. A baseball sized instrument not made for a human mouth covered in a strange arrangement of holes and signs not in any human language. The thing has an air of incredible sadness and loss to it. It sits in the middle of a burnt human outline. 
  8. A single perfectly persevered eye ball sitting inside a bleached skull. The eyeballs still lives. Who knows what horrors it has seen? 
  9. An incredibly intricate spell book in an unknown language bound in the freshly created skin of someone actually five different someones. The thing radiates laws and order. Every page is done in a different style of alien writing. 
  10. A single small statue of a little girl set on an altar. On the other side of the altar is the desiccated corpse of an old woman covered in tattoos depicting eternity and old age. She has been frozen to death. 
  11. A throne seated with the body of a wealth individual whose head has been replaced with a golden statue's head. The body is wearing purple and gold robes. The corpse still shakes with dangerous occult energies. 
  12. This strangely wrought jewelry could not be worn by any human being it is too large and it is made by no human hand. The stuff burns flesh for 1d4 points of damage and has a strange assortment of crystals whose light dances in the darkness of evening. 
  13. A stripped down and skin less corpse with the head of a giant insect lays on the middle of a field of locusts. The insects scatter as one when you approach the naked thing. It will collapse into itself as soon as it is looked upon and blow away accompanied by demonic laughter. 
  14. A strange demonic thing awaits atop a pile of decaying corpses all of which are exact doubles of nearby villagers who are vary much alive. The thing will mock and torment the party with taunts but provide no answers. The pile will disappear but leave behind a pile of slime and offal as soon as morning light hits it. A strange occult sign sits in the middle of pile. 
  15. A priest of some forbidden god has been gutted and strung out across the area his remains cover three miles around but his head and face are perfectly preserved and are mostly still alive but he can not speak at all. His lungs are in a nearby bush. 
  16. A pile of brass and gold sits upon an altar while a nearby drum made from a human skull keeps time with a human heart atop the pile of items. It stops when approached. 
  17. A book sits upon the altar, its pages turning in the wind as if by a human hand. There are illustrations of the party in its pages with weird signs and symbols drawn around each party members heads. As soon as their seen that's when the headaches start. 
  18. A single obsidian knife sits in the center of a pile of slime and offal, it is in the shape of a giant cloven hoof. Within the cloven point is the severed head of some person. Their still alive and mouthing the praises of this forgotten god of damnation. 
  19. A single area is covered with a multitude of fungus of an alien type. The stuff glows to itself in the darkness and seems to have an abundance of humanoid eyes growing from the fungus. 
  20. At the center of a burnt area is a small wooden cabinet. Inside is a perfectly preserved human arm that holds a scroll. There's a 20% chance that this scroll contains a powerful spell or the name of some Outer One. 
  21. The area is infected with the nightmares of demons and horrors from beyond. Reality runs like wax until the first light of dawn touches the area. There is a treasure of gold someplace in middle of this hell from beyond the dreams of men and damnation. 
  22. Reality is broken in this area and 1d10 demons run through the area causing untold horror and mayhem. By morning there is a perfectly human baby sitting upon an altar. Where did it come from and what is its destiny. 
  23. There is an ancient wooden door in the ground and it was not there two days ago. At night knocking can be heard from behind the door as well as demonic twittering and laughter. Then the handle begins to turn. 
  24. A section of timber as if from a cross sits in the middle of the area. The thing is covered and blood as well as bits of bone. It glows as if on fire and bleeds fresh blood every morning. The thing is thought to be cursed but no one knows what that curse might be. It sits seemingly defying all of the elements 
  25.  A corpse of a perfect youth is found at most sixteen summers. Carved into his chest is the mark of the Elder Ones. Its almost as if branded into the skin and it glows at night. Anyone possessed by a demon brought near the thing will have that demon driven out but the fiend will not know why. The thing will never decay or rot but no man knows who this is. 
  26. The flute of some thing from outside time and space sits in the center of a pile of human bones. Anyone removing it is curse to play the thing and will be struck by lightning adding their bones to the pile. 
  27. Giant knife sits in the center of the ground it pierces some great pile of meat and organs. Removing it allows the organs to come to life pumping 1d10 gallons of acidic slime upon anyone in the area. The stuff does 1d4 points of damage and nothing will grow in the area. This event will kill all plant life and animals in a two mile range. 
  28. The entire area is covered in solid stone statues of some unknown peoples. There will be insect headed, animal headed, and strange youths all about the area. They are naked but covered in odd limbs and organs that no sane man has. These things will seemly change places at night but never move from the area as if waiting for something. 
  29.  The place is covered with millions of alien insects which will attack the first person using the name of some lawful god and devour them. The insects will form the basis for a new god never seen in the area before. 
  30.  The area is covered in over ten different corpses all flattened as if by the hand or claw of some giant tendril or octopus like thing. Bits and pieces are missing from the bodies and the entire area smells as if some giant rotted fish oil was spread across the entire affair.

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