Sunday, January 19, 2014

Review and Commentary On The Free Dragonfoot OSR resource- Mama Bechoes Brothel

Get It Right Over 
The Blurb :
Every town needs a cat house. Yours is no exception. Just don’t make Mama mad, she’s very protective of her girls, among other things
Every sword and sorcery campaign needs a brothel. My Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hypberborea game began in this three page brothel with some wilely secrets. The PC's were assembled in the common room and gotten into some of the darker aspects of the campaign around some of Mama's 'special rooms'.

These maps are well thought out with a good bit of detail but not so much that the DM can't fill in the background as they like. The establishment has some interesting twists and turns that are easily added to as needed.
 The material is quick, simple, and concisely laid out for a DM to download, print, and go. With this era of tablets this is big plus but given my preoccupation with maps and player handouts this  one made a very nice addition to last night's game.
A very nice little cat house with some interesting additions. All in all I was pretty damn happy with my visit to Mama's! ;-)
Happy Gaming! 

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