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1d10 Minor Magic Keltic Helms From Hyperborea For The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers Of Hyberborea Rpg

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These are some of the minor magical helms found within the various hordes of the Keltic peoples along the border regions of Hyperborea crafted by the Keltic wizards and wise men. Many of these enchantments are not known among some of the larger tribes of warriors. Only the various fringe elements know how to work such enchantments and many of these have been lost to the ages.
Many of these works of magecraft are only known to certain wizards,druids, and will workers who have forged alliances with strange Fey spirits now lost among the woodland who will only honor the ancient packs.

1d10 Minor Magic Keltic Helms From Hyperborea
  1. Helm of the Bull King - This helm grants its user the ability to pass among the undergrowth and shape shift into a bull once per day. The user may also gain a blood lust in battle once per new moon but must spill a small amount of blood to involve the helm's power. 
  2. The Folly of Pwyll - This helm will allow the user once per day to gaze into the 'Other world' and summon a minor spirit from there. The helm does not grant the ability to control such things. The user must deal with such things  himself.The user gains a +1 on all damage to such spirits. 
  3. The Helm of Sadb ~ The user of this helm may turn into a deer once per day and gain the senses of this animal. However should the user use the powers of the helm more then twice per day there is 20% chance of them turning into an enchanted deer permanently.  
  4. The Ringed Helm of TaLiesin - This helm is wreathed in whirls of silver filligree and wonderful workmanship. The helm grants true sight and will grant a prophetic vision once per new moon. Once per month the user may transform himself into a hare, a fish, or a bird. Over use of the helm will result in a curse upon the fool. 
  5. Helm of Single Combat - This helm will only be worn by a true hero for use during 'Single combat' for settling matters of war between countries. The helm will grants its user a +1 with all weapons. The user will have the weight of history upon them and may once a week call upon the spirits of those who have worn its before him. Once the use of this item is done, it must be given away or returned to a temple or sacred grove. Failure to do so may result in a curse. 
  6. Helm of Morgan ~ This strangely wrought helm allows one to cross into the other realms and remain their for two new moons unharmed by any strange magic energies. The helm allows one to understand any Fey languages and see through enchantments as well as beguilement. 
  7. The Helm of Laeg - This helm grants a +2 on all chariot driving and handling attempts. The user will always have true direction and never be lost while wearing it. The user must make a dedication to the horse gods once per 21 weeks to keep the enchantment in place. 
  8. The Helm of The Romantic - This helm allows its user to find his 'true love' and may grant the user 'a vision beyond the tragic' and a cryptic riddle to avoid fates worse then death. A bard of third or better may be consulted to find out its meaning. These helms grant protection the spells of certain terrible witches and wizards upon the New Moon. 
  9. Helm of The Cauldron - This helm is worked with the images of fourteen virtuous warriors and once per week it may be used to cure the wounds of warriors. The helm may also be used to create a drought horrid to undead doing 1d6 points to any caught within its enchantment.The user may pour spring water into the helm to grant a vision of the future once per month.
     The user must sing of the deeds of heroes of legend once per week while wearing the helm. 
  10.  Helm of Arawn - This helm grants the user the ability to move among the Otherworld of the dead once per day. The user must be careful or attract a minor undead horror. The user may once per day create 'the Light of Arawn' and drive back any undead for 1d6 days. The user does +1 damage to any undead. The user must pray for the souls of the dead once per week however to keep the magic of the helm. The user bath the helm in the light of the full moon lest he attract the wrath of Arawn himself.

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