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1d10 Random Table of Broken and Cursed Weapons For The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea Rpg

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1d10 Random Table of  Broken and Cursed Weapons
  1. Threau - Only the hilt of this broken sword remains and while it still counts as a +1 dagger. The blade laments its days of war, blood, and thunder. The spirit of the blade has been twisted by its time rusting, useless, and waiting for a new owner. The blade's spirit is insane and will cut the first person to pick it up grievously and deeply for an additional +2 points of damage. It still remembers where many of its previous owner's plunder and loot is buried however. 
  2. Frewu The Cutter - This blade belonged to a master thief and his spirit still resides in the blade. The master sneak and taker of treasures has been locked within the iron molecules for so long he will wish the most trivial things when some one picks up this corroded instrument. His skill and guile will still be sharp but his ghost hovers around the blade. It waits for some fool to pick it up and wield it. He may possess them slowly grabbing ahold of their soul and spirit. His Chaotic evil infecting them over 1d6 days or even months. They will lust for coin, jewel, and flesh as he did. 
  3. The Serrtiuri  - This broken and corroded instrument is a far cry from the long sword it once was but the many kills of this weapon still reside within its its Atlantian steel. The blade will turn the fool who picks it up into a berserk and they shall be a creature of darkness. The blade will make the user perform a rite of  bridging of spirit. The evil of this blade will transfer into a new vessel  and the owner will be bound to this blade for eternity another victim of its evil. 
  4. Yrrutru - This iron mace is still solid but its owner has long turned to dust. The owner will hear the insane echoes of its clerical master within their head. His years of  being bound to this hunk of iron having twisted his mind into a far less forgive monster. Those who use the thing will be turned into a wight as the darkness and negative energy course through the fool who uses this relic after 1d10 months. +2 mace when cleaned up but cursed with foulness. 
  5. That Which Has No Name - This war hammer was once owned by a minor demon of an ancient linage and it still drips with his dark drool. Anyone handling the thing must save vs poison or be effected by a will stealing poison. Their mind will echo with the battles of the past and they will carry out ancient acts of evil and mayhem to any around them. Eventually the fool who owns this war hammer will turn into a proto demon and become scaled, dark, and monstrous. He will flee from the sight of his fellow man and go off with his brother demons. 
  6. Puntreru The Wandering Quill - This broken reed is actually all that remains of the skilled assassin Puntreru. He traveled in the guise of a monk, poet, and artist. The quill was enchanted to drip with horrid poisonous ink and bile. The stuff still moves under the broken remains of this item. Anyone handling it must save vs death or become infected with his evil and his soul numbing poison. They will die horribly as they relive when the ancient gods came for the fool's soul. They're memories and knowledge still infect this instrument as well. Perhaps it might be worth something to the right wizard. 
  7. The Tongue of Azathoth - This black bell of iron may be found by a large lake where it was cast. The lightning bolt clapper still rests within it. Across its surface there are worked ancient and terrible images of the demon sultan. The thing will never rust but will ring  with a dirge like sound when an evil or black souled fiend of terrible aspect picks it up. They in turn will become the vessel and instrument of the demon sultan upon this plane. They will wander across the face of the Earth seeking out those who worship and push forward the insanity of Azahoth. Once per day the Chosen may call down a lightning strike as per the spell.  Those 'Chosen of Azathoth' become debased creatures of instinct, pain, and lust. Gain and addition 1d6 hit points and 1d8 mutations, the bell will become their most prized possession and not even death can separate then from it. 
  8. Dagger of  Thluhu - This ancient piece of meteor iron is fashioned into a single dagger. The thing is worked with startling etched characters that seem to move and dance as one looks at it. The dagger will cut the first person that picks it up and they will be infected with the madness of the good. The user will gain some of the abilities of a Deep One. But grow weaker during daylight at night they will assume the aspect of a Deep One and carry out the agenda of building a cult to the lost Atlantian aspect of Cthulhu. After using this +1 dagger eventually a Star Spawn will carry them off to an unknown reward with their tentacled master. 
  9. Hand Maiden's Tear - This weirdly worked piece of never rusting iron was once a throwing dagger of strange aspect but all of its points are broken and gone. Its power are not a tenth of what they once were. The owner will be sent strange and disturbing dreams of some nameless cold hell where a demon god is imprisoned.
    Once per full moon the owner of this dagger may summon a type one demon of female aspect. The thing will serve and teach the owner miracles of its demon god but owner must betray a loved one in order to gain the gifts of this horror god.
     Eventually the demon maiden will demand the flesh, and soul of the owner and turn them into a free willed ju ju zombie. The fool will then act as the agent of the demon god upon this plane and hunt for the souls as well as the skin of others. 
  10. The Bullets of Garco - There are hundreds of bead like shot that once belonged to this demon weapon master. He betrayed his demonic master and for his trouble was turned into demonic living sling stone ammunition. These sling stones will do 1d8 points of damage but for each point of damage they cause a year or season of life from the user must taken. They will slay that which can not be slain by mortal weapons and eventually blood equal to the number of bullets used must be given to the name of Garco. Over use of these bullets will result in a blood curse upon the line of the user of these weapons. 

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