Wednesday, January 22, 2014

1d10 Random Bits And Pieces of Potent Magic Artifacts Table For The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea Rpg System

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1d10 Random Bits And Pieces of Potent Magic Artifacts Table
  1. This bronze like metal child's toy echoes with the haunting laughter of its ancient owner. The thing will summon a ghost when moonlight hits it. She will want a favor in order to unlock its magical power and potential. 
  2. A jeweled bracelet with bits missing except for one perfect pearl eye of the serpent that grants true sight to its owner. But the monsters of the world will be drawn to its owner unless he or she finds the cursed owner who has been wandering across the face of Hyperborea for thousands of years. The bracelet might help. 
  3. A small golden medallion part of a greater design. This small piece  shines with an inner light spell. The there is a bit of a demon's dream that still touches it. Once in a while an evil stray thought comes through. The horror is drawing closer to the medallion. 
  4. A small draw string leather bag of silver buttons with an Atlantian light design on them. They were once part of a royal cloak. Each one may fire off a 'magic missile' spell as part of a display. There is an air of tragedy that hangs about them. From time to time they almost seem to weep. 
  5. A bit of music from Leng, this music bit of music on velium like material will play through the owner's mind but only a part. They will be cursed to find the rest of the music which is actually part of a summoning rite in the form of a 'Grand Opera'. The entire opera will drive the owner of the music insane. They will perform the entire piece themselves and be torn to pieces and their soul consumed by the Outer Gods. 
  6. A piece of river glass which is actually a semi precious stone that belongs in the crown of an arch lich. The crown still sits on the abomination's head but this simple stone will float in the air and point to the crown. The user will dreams of the lich who wishes his crown complete. The owner will be promised through telepathy fabulous treasures if only they complete a series of small tasks for the evil thing. 
  7. A stone eye ball part of the statue of a god in Atlantis. The thing even now searches for his eye. This little bauble grants infravision and occasional prophecies. It also grants visions or nightmares of the god owner of the thing. The user will be under a minor curse to seek out the owner. 
  8. This small piece of amber contains the essence of several people's souls  trapped within. The owner will be haunted by the babbling cacophony of these souls but also have access to their intellect and wisdom. There is a 30% chance that they may know some vital scrap of information about the land you are currently in. They also have dark and perverse secrets that occasionally bubble to the surface. These secrets may spill from your lips and shock or insult those around you. There are rumors of men being led to incredible treasures by these types of spirit traps. What item was this piece originally from. 
  9. A bag of one hundred perfectly smooth ball baring like spheres. These are actually information spheres of the Great Race of Yith. They might reward or destroy those who return them. 
  10. A half a coin belonging  to the Deep Ones. This coin if made whole will summon both Father Dagon and Monther Hydra who will want to eat the summoner. The coin can not control the Great Old Ones. The spell has been etched off of this half of the coin. Even now a vile wizard is searching for your half of the coin and will soon be upon you demanding it.


  1. You're a bad ass Needles. I hope your players let you know that. This is going in the ASE folder and I hope to inflict one of them on my players, and when the complain I'll be all "I just roll the dice man, if you want to blame someone then Needles is it".

  2. Its comments like this that keep me going Calum. And be my guest blaming me all you want. I do have more coming up. Cheers!

    1. I'm glad you liked the feedback. I'm actually using a lot of your sci fi tables from Swords and Stitchery. I even mashed a bunch into one big table called '1D140 Random Space Station Encounters, Spacers, Rogues, Rascals, Employers, Space Marines, and NPC Hirelings Table' and I'm using it with a big stroke of the SciFantasy brush for 'offworlder' types in ASE.

      I recently rolled on it and got:

      134. An ancient metamorph is seeking the love of its life. A retired space marine who shared a night of passion but whose life is now in danger. Its willing to hire a party who might help him survive the space phantom whose tracking him down to kill him.

      This has turned into one of my favorite sub plots.

      So the metamorph spent the night at the PCs fire and shared it's story before leaving the next day. I named the metamorph Quitarros, who is so ancient as to have very bad memory recall, and could only describe the missing lover (who fell through a hole in time) as 'The one who's touch is like rampant stallions and the kiss of the breeze at the end of summer'. The PCs decided it was a flake and declined to assist.

      The PCs were on their way to a festival and I created a D30 table for random festival encounters and included the (Space) Mercenary known only as ... "The Lover of Quitarros'.

      Would you believe I rolled it in the very next session!

      That Space Phantom (a Wraith - also on the table) is in fact on his tail, having picked up his scent in the time hole and Quintarros has been desperately searching for hundreds of years (or more) to try to find him before the wraith.

      That wraith has to turn up some time I reckon.

      I guess my message is that thread/subplot wouldn't exist without that table, and tables like that don't just pop into existence (without quite a bit of work), so thanks again for the great stuff, it really has made our game better.

    2. Oh wow thanks a lot my friend! Great to hear all of that and humbled. I love the community and DYI spirit of the OSR. I don't know if that's why I'm such a retro gamer and DM. Please don't take what I'm about to say as me being a jerk or anything. I don't have any ego when it comes to this stuff.
      I'd like to take credit for a lot of the ideas that have appeared in these tables. That being said much of the spirit that you find in them is from Gary Gygax, Dave Hardgrave, The Judge's Guild folks, Game Science Publishing, Professor Barker, Mr.Anderson, the whole OD&D/AD&D TSR era group, and many, many others. All of the modern writers who have writers who continue to teach, inspire, and just plain kick my ass. James Ward, Tim Kask,Lee Williams,Luke Gygax, and many others who are always just plain showing the way. Let's not get into the bloggers cus that's a whole other four paragraphs.
      My point here is that each and everyone of these folks had the guts to put into their products that 'XYZ' was their world but now its your world and you need to make it your own.
      Same here with all of the material that I've written in these blogs. Take these paints, crayons, etc and go play Calum MacPherson. I'm very humbled to try help you and anyone else I can.

  3. Without experience (influences) there is no creativity. It bothers me when someone bad-mouths someone else just because they can identify some of the influences. I happily let my players know what mine are. All those guys you reference had influences too (I must look some of them up) and I'm totally happy with what you've said; my Jerk-O-Meter is definitely reading '0'.

    p.s. My Father has a heavy duty Singer a lot like the one in the photo, he repairs horse tack and stuff.

  4. We're one of the only folks who work on heavy duty horse tack machinery in Ct.
    That's where I just got back from is a 'repair job'.
    Glad that I read 'o' on the Jerkmeter. I've got a ton more material coming up on the blog tomorrow and over the weekend.