Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Slicing Deeper Into The Free Download of Issue One Of Underworld Lore From Gorgon Milk and Co.

Get It Right Over

Gorgon and crew did a fantastic job of breaking down some great D30 tables, weird fungus, undead options and more all in 25 pages of tomb rattling fun!
 Much of this material focuses on dungeon dwelling denizens and the diseases which infect them. I've been re examining the material for adapting it to a number of different settings including sword and sorcery. Many of the tables and articles are perfect for a long abandon city, urban environments, and adding just a bit more weirdness to some of the more prosaic dungeon encounters.
Basically I've been looking into the after effects of 'The Green Death' in AS&SH And many of the pathogens that seem to come down the pike in many of the swords and sorcery settings that I've been using lately.
I've also applied much of this material to more modern settings with some pretty interesting results. Horror gaming often seems to hang on surprise. The problem is that role players always seem to have 'been there gotten the tee shirt' and don't comeback for more. With games like Call of Cthulhu (which is awesome by the way). The pressure is on to do something different. That's where magazines like 'Underworld Lore' help fill the gap. If you've got 20 minutes before your players arrive and need something special. Here you go.
The weirdness factor alone is sure to stir more then a bit of interest among some of my more shall we say 'jaded' players.
 All in all the issues of 'Underworld Lore' that I've seen have been very well thought out, expertly edited, and get straight to the point of Old School Gaming. The run of these magazines has been perfect for throwing a few curve balls at even the most experienced players and always seems to make them come back for more.
 Did I mention that the issue is free and does all of this in twenty four pages?  

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