Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Weird Wednesday - Ul muchtis - The Christmas Creepers

Ul muchtis - The Christmas Creepers
 Type: Other/undead
Armor Class: 3 (16)
Hit Dice: 3 
Attacks Slashing Tendril Blades 1d8 
Saving Throw:16 
Special: Boneless Form, Automatically Hide In Shadows,Immune To Cold
Move: 9 in Semi Solid Form, 23 in Complete Boneless 
Challenge Level/ XP: 3/60
Ul muchtis - The Christmas Creepers have been terrorizing the kids of Rosewood since 1936 right after the visit of Christmas night when the Walker family was mysteriously slaughtered.  Only little Jimmy remained to tell the tail. The monster came from inside the chimney and within moments took the entire family. The thing seemed to melt into the shadows moving this way and that. Sliced and diced everyone except the smallest child.
An examination of the home turned up some very odd slime's and fungal residue. The Creeper's legend was born and Jimmy was placed within the care of the state.  
Ul muchtis continued to visit the little boy giving out some details of its existence here and there while threatening the little boy.
Ul muchtis are created from the dreams and wishes of unfulfilled children twisted and captured by certain fairies. Then sacrificed to ancient twisted god things the result it is the Ul muchtis. They who act as assassins and killers for hire to the most twisted of black magicians and foul necromancers.
 These things are completely boneless and may hide in shadows as a thief. The monster is mostly immune to physical attacks but takes massive damage from fire.  The thing is immune to cold and uses ice and snow to add in its sneaking, climbing, clinging, and moving acquiring targets.
The monster often follows Santa Claus's rounds and targets one of his special children. The thing stalks, then kills entire families leaving one survivor to tell the tale. The monsters often feed on winter fairies and Jack Frost's children. They also eat man flesh as well able to eat a grown man in five minutes or less.
This has led to several groups such as The Friends of Santa, The Elves of The Red, and The Fellowship of Jack Frost all of whom track and try to destroy as many of these mad bastards as possible.  

Please note that this image was found via tumbler and I don't know the original artist. There is no intent of copyright or trade mark infringement. This monster was inspired by the image.

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