Monday, December 17, 2012

1d20 Random Where Does That Secret Door Lead Table

 1d20 Random Where Does That Secret Door Lead Table 
  1. Down, down into the depths of the Earth to the secret catacombs of the Derro and the horrors never seen by the eye of normal folks.
  2. The door is  actually the mouth of something very vile and nasty roll initiative right now! 
  3. The passage is actually the intestines of some god awful beast from the lowest depths of a horror writers imagination. There are 1d4 smaller 3 hit point monstrous devourers waiting to feed on the party. 1d3 points of damage from their vile teeth. There may also be puddles of stomach acid here and there. 
  4. The door leads into a 1d4 random planar location: 1. Carcosa 2.The backyard of the current location.3. Advenus The First plane of Hell 4. The First layer of the Abyss 
  5. The door leads into a wizard's lab complete with bubbling alchemy equipment as if the wizard just left moments ago. 
  6. The passage leads to a location miles, and miles away. Random monster encounter here 
  7. The passage leads to a grave yard at night and as you emerge there are 1d4 Lovecraftian Ghouls who are very suprised to see your party does anyone know the language? 70% chance of these creatures attacking 
  8. The passage is an ice filled slide that snakes its way deep underground to a larder of some monster or demon 
  9. The passage winds its way through to a carnal house of horror. The lair of a serial killer of the country side who has remained undiscovered so far. Until now! 
  10. The passage lead down,down into the bowels of the Earth and miles of tunnels to the center of the Earth and the horrors that await there
  11. The passage leads to the resting place of an ancient Lovecraftian god who sleeps the sleep of ages. And must never be disturbed until now! 
  12. The passage is lined with hundreds of bones some of them dating back centuries. The passage leads to the lair of 1d8 zombie/ghouls who are waiting for the party. 
  13. The passage leads through walls lined with thousands of holy texts. At the end of the passage which seems to go on for miles there is a giant brass door which is hot to the touch. 
  14. The passage seems almost like the puzzle box from the movie Hellraiser. The floor is covered over in a fine mesh work of odd ornament looking glyph. The passage leads to a wall covered in different symbols 
  15. The passage leads no where at all. Turn around or so the illusion seems to tell you but then it beings to lose power and that's when the horror begins 
  16. The passage leads into a 20th century closet of some woman in Brighton England and she screams, picks up a knife and attacks 
  17. The passage leads right to the lair of a Grendal style monster who awakens to have a lovely conversation and dinner. Your party is dinner 
  18. The passage leads to the workings of a party of Morlocks and their giant stream works. There are 1d6 morlocks waiting for a new round of slaves to join their ranks 
  19. The passage is part of a net work of tunnels to hidden brothels throughout the countryside. The party will become newest additions to the hideous menu of horrors that these places serve to their most jaded customers. 
  20. The passage leads into the mind of one of the world's most demented writers and the nightmares it contains 

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