Tuesday, December 18, 2012

1d20 Random Magical Sacrificial Knives For Your Old School Horror Campaigns

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Ceremonial offerings of sacrificial flint knife blades with magical properties. Each knife is invested with the blood, anger, passion, and thunder of the priest who created it.The blade fairly hums with the power coursing through it.It also hungers for blood and power of its victims. 

  1. Cha'bors- This blade sings in the hand of the wielder and whispers the sacrifices darkest secrets. +1 blade 
  2. Cha-yurh- This blade is chipped and broken cutting anyone wielding it. It causes infections to the fool who wields it. But it does effect magical beings 
  3. Gothotham - This blade shines with its own inner red hellish light. The blade hungers for all. Acts as a vampire blade once per day. 
  4. Ha'zhostholep - This blade changes the wielder into an undead monster for 1d3 rounds once each day. 
  5. Ha-li -This blade whispers the secrets of time granting its wielder a wizard's eye spell once per week. 
  6. Hu'shamal - Each morning this blade howls for blood with the sun up but will heal 1d4 points of damage once per week 
  7. Igna-ekenat - Worn smooth by the rivers waters this blade is supernaturally sharp and cuts like the sun across the water on a beautiful day. +2 blade 
  8. Keilorha- This blade feeds the gods hunger direcly. Allows contact diety once perday but the wielder must make two sacrifices to do so. 
  9. Kello The Thief - This blade steals a bit of life force for itself. Heal 1d4 points of damage with each use. The blade is cursed and murderous 
  10. L'keki - Blood and passion mark this blade. The blood of life itself flows through this blade. Once per month this blade may be used to bless a couple with a child of the gods and all that goes with it 
  11. Lihachugo The Child of The Stars- This blade knows the stars and will allow +1 to all naviagation and building rolls 
  12. Lot-ni - This blade has been touched by the lips of the god of death. Feign Death spell once per week. The blade burns undead when handled 
  13. Mengotuak The Murderous Killer of Men. This blade will drive the weilder into a beserk state and call for as many sacrifices to the gods as possible including other priests 
  14. Nekr-thag The Wings of Hell - This blade will curse the wielder with a set of useless bat wings and demonic features. The wielder will be nothing more then a play thing of the gods. Cursed by all accounts 
  15. Ondath The Cursed of Man - The blade howls the secret names of 31 demons its blade wishes to taste. There is a 30% of the demon hearing its name and appearing
  16. R'phurabhihot - This blade changes its user into the lowliest form of undead with each sacrifice. The priest is a mindless minion of the gods of the undead. He will attack the nearest person. 
  17. Rnog - This blade causes rains of blood and madness. Those struck by drops of rain become mad for 1d4 rounds unless a saving throw is made. 
  18. Skrnac The Goddess's Bosum - This blade heals all who touch it for 1d3 rounds but they will bleed themselves an entire pint of blood. The blade hums with the song of its goddess 
  19. Yall-okisa The Zombi Maker  - This blade will summon 1d4 zombi directly from the under world who will try to change the wielder unless the wielder knows the sacred dance. Usable only once per week 
  20. Zogothath The blade of Change - Each wielder of this blade receives 1d4 mutations each time it is used.  

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