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Pulp Horror Saturday - 1d10 Random Finds Of The Hidden Eye Spell Table

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The Hidden Eye 
 Spell Level 5th 

Range: Random 
Duration: 3 Hours
The caster lights three candles in a triangle along the sacred paths of Shu'ri in alignment with the astral winds. This spell needs the eye from a murderer, the tongue for a flame lizard, and the tears of a damned witch to succeed.
Once cast this spell opens a psychic portal into the realms of the newly dead and deceased. The window will roam which ever ways the astral winds take it. Those who this spell will gaze into the dreams and left off memories, wants, and dreams of the dead.
The spell will show their relatives, secrets, passions, etc. Many casters use this spell to check on the souls of the dearly departed and their hidden secrets. There is a 40% of attracting a watcher of the dead. These specters hate the living and the intrusion into the realm of the spirits.
 The caster must make a wisdom check every 1d4 rounds to find the right window of the spirits. There is a 20% of something looking at or recognizing the caster. There is a 10% of some PKA entity following the window and escaping from the realms of the departed. 

1d10 Random Finds Of The Hidden Eye Spell Table 

  1. The caster watches the murders of several victims all jumbled together. The violence is horrible but he is able to find a hidden clue among the whole thing
  2. A judge of the dead sentences a former friend of the caster and the victim sees the caster. He or she begs for their afterlife. The scene plays over and over again. 
  3. The caster finds a soul has been sealed away in a nearby building by a band of demons. The soul cries out eternally for someone to help them. 
  4. A magic item is leaking its energies into the nearby realms. The energies act as a beckon to ghosts, demons, and others. The thing cries for release from its prison. 
  5. The caster is privy to the sexual acts of the ages. There is a 40% of some secret being revealed that may ruin or help a near by NPC 
  6. The spell backfires and sends all present into the realms of the newly dead. The gateway remains open for 1d4 rounds 
  7. The spirits of the damned notice the character and he gains a valuable contact among them. 
  8. A lich has been trapped beyond and will bargain with the casters for freedom. Will you help it
  9. Found what you were looking for but the judges of the dead will give you a warning this time. Next time you will be on trial in front of them. 
  10. The judges will give you the information you seek in exchange for a mission. 

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