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Terror Crows : 1d20 NPC Table of The Urban Masters of Flight And Nature

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 There are exceptional and rare crows that occur in nature as an example of loners, vagabonds, and birds of an incredibly cagey intelligence.  These birds may attach themselves to parties as NPC support and friends. In  food and company these creatures will exchange information, act as  information about the local environment, and function as a liaison.
They are anything but ordinary birds however. These crows have double the normal hit points for their species and have been blessed by the gods with 2 extra points of intelligence. Should one of these creatures be struck down in abuse or anger. The person  will bring down a curse upon their heads.
These creatures often find themselves at the center of events of horror or terror and have an undeserved reputation as harbingers of evil and murderous circumstances. In all other respects they are ordinary crows
1d20 Myths Table of The Urban Masters
  1. King's Adviser - This wise bird acts as the memory and adviser to kings. He has seen a succession of masters and is now looking for a new one. 
  2. Messenger of Woe - This warrior serves evil clerics and warriors as eyes and ears 
  3. Stalker of The Innocent - This Corvid hunts the innocent for thieves and highwaymen reporting his findings to his master 
  4. Dark Avenger of Good - This foe of evil acts as the eyes and ears for paladins and often haunts those of foul and evil deeds 
  5. Follower of Carrion  A follower and companion of necromancers who knows all of the best spots 
  6. Messenger and Reed - A healer and kind hearted trickster who counsels young warriors and mages 
  7. Haunter of Dead Places - A hunter of secrets, souls, and dead men's shiny treasures 
  8. Flyer of the Foul Wastes - A carnovoric explorer of of ruins and dungeons. He feeds on the remains of outlaws and bandits 
  9. Angry Mocker - A rebel and comedian of the dead. Always ready with a quick joke 
  10. Death And Taxes - A bird who watches the comings and goings of the dead. The accountant's companion 
  11. Retriever of Souls - The bird who travels between worlds retrieving the stories of the dead and dying. Sometimes avenges the wrongs left undone 
  12. One Of The Lost Twelve - This bird represents the last vestige of twelve lost saints of the gods. He is looking for a young warrior 
  13. The Boatman's Companion - This bird was the former companion of Charon himself and knows some of the bastard's ancient secrets 
  14. Songs of a Dead Dreamer - Representing the souls of a lost tribe this bird wanders the wastes mourning them. Yet he yearns for a friend. 
  15. Flyer of Cross roads - He knows the time and place of the devil's next appearance and agenda. A very cagey bird indeed with his own agenda 
  16. Carrier of Fire - Within this bird's breast is the original fire of mankind. He moves across the planes one step ahead of a hunter of the gods. 
  17. Counter of Dead Dwarves - He feeds off rumors and secrets of fallen Dwarves. He is a font of their legends and knows where the bodies are buried. 
  18. Puzzle Of The Gods - Knows the latest gossip of the gods and demi gods. This one shares his knowledge in exchange for snips of information. 
  19. Dragon's Hunger - This bird feeds on the kills and remains of a local dragon. He knows where all the good stuff is. The dragon is getting wise to him though. 
  20. A Kind Word - This bird is actually a lost minor god of law locked into the form of a crow. Will appear to help an adventurer in times of great need. 
    File:Carrion Crow (Corvus corone) (5594566707).jpg

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