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1d10 Hearses From Hades And Beyond For Your Old School Horror Campaigns

Call Hearse 
Spell Level : 7th 
Range: 50 miles
Duration: A night and a day
This spell calls forth a hearse of unusual aspect. The nearest vehicle within a 50 mile radius will answer the call compelled by the ghostly powers from beyond. This vehicle will have 9 hit points with a 30% chance of being a 12 point monster. The hearse will have an armor class of 6 and a top speed of 120 mph. This monstrous hearse will serve for a night and one day after which it may depart peacefully or have to be rebuked by the mage with a successful wisdom and charisma roll. Each of these cars have a devilish intelligence and evil cunning to them. There are exceptions but they are few and far between. It is quite easy to call these cars from beyond the grave.  A sack of grave dust, the motor oil from a car used in a crime, and the car battery from the most famous car yard in Detroit are needed. The spell must be done during the height of traffic under the stars of the Big Four. Any damage done to these cars from the realms beyond is healed with the new moon.

1d10 Hearses From Hades And Beyond Table 
  1. Satan's Ride - This jett black matt finished hearse is actually an Ernyes bound into the shape of 1960 Caddy hearse. She ferries souls  directly to her master. She will also carry one to the first level of Hell and beyond. Quick temper though and loathes red heads. 
  2. The Fiend - This car moves between the realms of the just dead and hell. Has the temperament of a pit fiend. Has been known to terrorize small desert towns from time to time. Also stalks young men in their twenties. A charmer with the ladies or it thinks it is. 
  3. Eddie - An ordinary hearse that's taken on a life of its own. Frequents air port parking lots and moves between planes at will. Fairly even tempered but with a cunning streak as well. 
  4. The Clown Car Of Souls - This yellow Hearse manifests on nights of the full moon and vomits forth 1d8 lemures and souls of the damned. The car regularly tries to act as a taxi and stalker
  5. The Hungry Ride - This car's interior is actually the stomach of a demon. The creation of a botched binding rite this car has the temperament of a murderous creature of the night. Stalks the high ways and by ways of the planes. Mean spirited and spiteful as a car can be. 
  6. Hitchhiker's Special - This jet black hearse with a cherry red stripe hunts the desert roads of the world looking to feed on hitch hikers of all stripes. Often vomiting them at remote locations of the planes. Then again its prone to eat them as well 
  7. That Which Rides - This Lovecraftian car frequents New England highways picking up the occasional passenger and ending their sanity and wits whenever it can by making joy rides through the planes. Its 9th level wizard owner has a reward for its return. It is now in the service of the Old Ones. 
  8. The Doppleganger - This Caddy hearse is a shape shifter and masks itself as luxury ride. Then it takes the owner for a night of hell across the infinite dimensions finally dropping them off after they lose their minds. It frequently eats politicians and despots. 
  9. Gygax's Gearbox - This hearse frequents the planes and ferries parties to Greyhawk or Blackmoor in times of greatest need. A lawful ride with a stylized dragon on the front of it. 
    1. Efreeti's Engine - This fiery tempered ride will grant your darkest desires or burn your soul to a crisp. Haunts for the desperate or lonely looking for vengeance and hate. The monster will serve an evil wizard for 1001 days then try to eat his or her soul.  
        1. Invoke Hearse 
File:Hearse - Bodywork by O'Gormans.jpg
Spell Level : 7th 
Range: 50 miles
Duration: 1,001 days
The wizard casts the call hearse spell after which this spell is cast. The wizard must have the specially prepared fluids for the car and create a bargain with the monster car. The car will try to trick or even kill the magician as the dance begins. The wizard will be locked in a psychic dual with the car as it sits within a specially prepared circle of motor oil and pig's blood. This circle must be prepared ahead of time while invoking the incantations of the big four gods of the auto.
The wizard must make a successful wisdom and charisma roll. He must agree to meet all of the car's needs and provide it with a blood sacrifice upon the new moon.
 In return the car will serve him for 1,001 days without fail. These rites are very rare and only available in scrolls of Detroit and The Motor City. It is said that music from the 1950s such as classic rock and roll help with these spells.

There are rumors of lesser cars with the powers of bound nightmares within them. These are very wild and only the most desperate of men would call those from beyond the pale. 

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