Tuesday, December 25, 2012

1d10 Broken Toys - New Random Christmas Monster Encounter For Your Old School Horror Campaign

 There are toys that slip through the cracks of reality into the realm of the lost and the fey. Pieces of a child's dream that slips into the realms of nightmares and Christmas past. These creatures are both chaotic and lawful. These creatures often recruit adventurers to deal with matters of utmost importance to the courts of fairy and fey. These creatures often recruit or accompany adventurers on journeys into the lands of fairy and nightmare. They can also be the direst of nightmarish enemies or NPCs. 
Armor Class: 8 
Hit Dice: 2 -3 
Attacks: 1d4 claw or weapon 

1d10 Broken Toys - New Random Christmas Monster Encounter Table 
  1. Sir Upton The 1st Teddy Bear Knight of the Realms - Veteran of more then 30 campaigns of the Wars of The Rats is wise beyond his stuffing. He is looking for a party to help with a very troublesome warren of rats and Rat kings for his mistress. This highly intelligent bear may teleport three times per day without error. 2nd level fighter and envoy of the realms of fairy.
  2. The Gnome of The Unknown - A small fairy gnome mercenary is willing to show any group willing to pay his tax of shiny buttons and 3 gold coins the backdoors of reality and the passages of time. He was once an action figure named Rupert and the name still holds power over him. He is armed with a razor of sharpness. A 2nd level thief and explorer of beyond. 
  3. The Calico Princess - This handmade maiden has been stitched together from the garments of great western adventuresses and heroes of yore. This princess is a capable envoy to the realms beyond fairy. She is on her way to Blackmoor to recruit a group of adventurers for a war on the orcs assaulting her queen's realm 
  4. Doctor Fenious J. Rabbit - This once stuffed rabbit has become a mad villain of the most vile type and wants nothing more then take the stuffing out of adventurers. Armed with a harness of scalpels and sharp knives. Chaotic and very unpredictable but likes to see blood. 
  5. The Chrustmas Gnomes - A group of Christmas gnomes created from a group of garden gnomes who hire themselves out to guide parties into the most fetid parts of fairy. 3rd level thieves of the most dire stripe. 
  6. The Wise Guys - A Trio of Nativity figures that are actually 3rd level wizards & and advisers to the various courts of fairy. They often travel the world looking for adventurers to embroil in one intrigue or another. Very chaotic and very dangerous in a humorous sort of way. 
  7. The Jester of Psychoses - This toy jester is animated by the darkest specters and ghosts that cross the planes. He has murdered four hundred families and is working towards five hundred in the coming year. There are three fairy courts with rewards on his head. Has the heat metal ability and produce darkness at will. A very dangerous toy and also a 5th level fighter. 
  8. Rick Ranger Doll - This 5th level paladin of the courts of fairy is looking for a group of adventurers to accompany him on a quest into the darkest recesses of the Monster's Closet to regain his boy back. Stolen from him eight months ago 
  9. The Doll of Cthulhu- This doll is a conduit for the power of the Great Old Ones and is looking for a new child of power. Very dangerous and sanity shattering 
  10. The Box Of Wishings - A Jack in the box that is actually a Jinn princess looking for adventurers to break his/her curse which lead adventurers into the foulest depths of fairyland and nightmares. 


  1. would you like to expand this for PDM or could I run with it and give you credit for the whole shebang..let me know....

  2. I could could easily expand this if you'd like please email me at sewmantwentythree at gmail dot com. That's the number 23. Thanks for the opportunity and the comment. I didn't see this right away. Thanks very again.