Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Christmas Aftermath Event - THE LENZKIRCH ADVENT IS LIVE !

Making it’s debut December 26th at Midnight, The Lenzkirch Advent.
Created by Tim Dry, Eric Fabiashci, and Eric Gross. This collaboration encompasses original music, research, and animations bringing a new level of story telling to the Pandoric histories.
We were fortunate enough to enlist the talented Mr. Dry, writer, actor, and musician to be open to working with us on a project. After many discussions, we all decided that doing a Christmas Pandoric is just what would start the year off to a good start.
The task, monumental. Involving all our combined efforts around the clock to produce the twelve (12) days of the Anti-Advent. Mr. Dry was able to set up a photo shoot to time with the writer/researcher Eric Fabiashi who began the task of culling the web for information regarding everything pertaining to Advents and the outline for the history of the advent. What they both came back with was monumental. Combine this with the lightning Photoshop skills on hand and the whole effect is staggering to behold.
For Twelve days starting on December 26th at Midnight, one day to the Advent will be added and view-able each day. This is not a simple story to read and walk away from. This is to be experienced. But, Mr. Dry has also upped the ant-(advent) by crafting a truly disturbing tale of the Advents dark history." 
 You can read more right over HERE
I'm very proud to be a part of this project. Each day another part of the story shall be revealed. The advent will reveal another link to the events of the Anti Christmas as they unfold every time you click on the link marked for each day. You can view the first animations right over HERE  Check back each day as the horror continues for the next twelve days! 

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