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Free Dark Conspiracy PDF Resource And Fast Review - Demon Ground Vol 1 - October 1998 (Premiere Issue)


 Back when I downloaded my first issue of Demonground it was the dark days of the internet when things were more wild and innovative. Naw that's simply nostalgia talking.
 Demonground was/is a professional quality magazine pdf that has some fantastic content while actually covering a wide variety of horror related table top rpg stuff.
The premiere issue was no exception boasting some top names in the horror rpg field. You've to register to download the issue but its a small price to pay for another horror resource that you can actually use for both Dark Conspiracy, Call of Cthulhu, Little Fears and lots more. 

Vol 1 - October 1998   (Premiere Issue)

Cover Art: 
The Devil's Day by Alan M. Clark 
Beginning of a New Era by Marcus Bone 
A Short History of DC by Lester W. Smith 
A Long, Hard Look... by Geoff Skellams 
Terror Train  by Mike Marchi 
House Rules: 
Nine New Careers  by Geoff Skellams 
Dimensional Physics  by Mitch Polley 
Automatic Fire Table  by Moritz Capelle 
Slings and Chains  by Mike Marchi 
Dark Races: 
The Gatherers  by Marcus Bone 
Crazy Charlie  by Marcus Bone 
Stark Raving Mad  by Geoff Skellams 
Interior Art: 
by James Collins, Eyal Feingersch and Mike Marchi
With the release of Dark Conspiracy Demon Ground has suddenly become a great resource to revisit and age hasn't diminished the quality of the work one bit.  This issue has a built in adventure for Dark Conspiracy that actually works, a complete NPC, and another Dark Race. The nine careers are usable but need a bit of fine tuning. The short history of Dark Conspiracy is a bit bitter sweet for me looking back on it now but its informative and complete in what it says and does. 
The Dimensional physics article  is well done but really opens new doors for a Dark Conspiracy DM. Slings and chains are very useful because of the inclusion of gangs, mutants, and the unsettled nature of  the world of DC. The automatic Fire Table is now covered in the new DC rules. All in all a very cool horror resource and its very useful for other games as well.
 About three stars in my humble opinion but your milage may vary
You can register and download it right over Here

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