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1d10 Puzzles,Artifacts, And Toys of Damned For Your Old School Horror Campaign


 Its that most wonderful time of the year again. The time when the shoppers come out of the woodwork for that perfect gift for those girls and boys on their list. The time when the residence of Rosewood gather in the shops and big box malls of their little city. There are however other places that are spoken of down dark alleys and 3:00 am whispered conversations around bar stools. Places about which the stories usually end in choked whispers and tears. Followed by another round of strong drink. 

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Chiang's Emporium of Imported Artifcts  and Treasures is such an establishment. Filled to the brim with antique dolls, artifacts from around the globe, nick nacks, and row after row of toys. Chiang's is the kind of place only seen once a year which seemly unfolds itself on December 9th of every year only to disappear on the 23rd of December again.
 File:Daughters of miners playing with toy house in company store. Koppers Coal Divison, Kopperston Mines, Kopperston... - NARA - 540925.jpg

Chiang's seems to specialize in the old, unusual, and downright deadly. The toys are always in reasonable condition and the price is scaled to the client's needs as well as the shop's own.
Old Man Chiang himself is always present with his blob of a black cat Trixie whose always close by but seemly never gets into the toys or underfoot. Chiang will always answer questions about items or is available for consulting work as well. 

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Trixie is ever present for whatever is on going. There are rumors about Trixie being a monster or demon from the very gates of hell itself. Chiang laughs this off every time.
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Trixie pictured above.

Here are small selection of items from Chiang's. If you don't find what you are looking for please inform our helpful staff and we would be happy to do a weekly special from Chiang's various wares

1d10 Puzzles,Artifacts, And Toys of Damned
  1. The Machinery of M'gringrthuim - A delicate silver green sphere and clock from the 1700s with a small smatterings of diamonds. Plays six remarkable tunes and softly glows to itself. 875.00 is the asking price. Found at the scene of a murder/suicide. 
  2. The Sphere of Ronchialri - This Greek machine from the 1400s is a clock and mini astrolabe of the most ingenious type. Allows one to know the time and dates when to summon " demons" or open a door way to the underworld. Once belonged to a contemporary of John Dee. $650.00 Found from private collection after the suicide of its old owner. 
  3. The Puzzle Of Urthanaron - This American puzzle/toy maze was created in the late 1860s and represents the legend of the Minotuar or some such creature. The maze is a wind up puzzle of the most incredible tin type you've ever seen. Notice the delicate brass and steel gears. Hours of amusement and fun! $ 200.00  And it has a small blood stain in one corner 
  4. The Mesmerism of Shaulugithlian - This weird doll comes from the Shaulugithlian region in Wales in the UK. A representation of the goddess of woe and the wyrd. This doll is said to bring fortune to its owner and show buried treasure but there is a dark side to its wyrd. The doll is said to be the resting place of an ancient monster. Notice the delicate stitch work along the border of the eyes. You just don't find work like that any more. $ 300.00 and its yours. 
  5. The Engines of Ncamirngaiyr -This set of odd wind up toys zip around the brass tracks like so. They form intricate patterns on paper like so. These patterns show the rate of the astral wind and the doorways that they create. It is said that those who follow these gates and keys may speak with the dead, amuse themselves with the dreams of the gods, and toy with fate itself. The set is a great toy without the hoodo. 600.00 for the whole set. Be careful the blades are very sharp. Not for children under 16. 
  6. The Works of Omotholzah - This wonderful little book of seemly nonsense riddles will entertain both girls and boys for hours on end. With over two hundred plus pages they might not even finish it. Made in the 1900s this book is gold leaf and gilded edges  on pressed leather with a tooled cover. Created as a one of a kind work this one will drive the collector seemly mad with its riddles  and puzzles. 400.00 is the asking price on this rare gem. 
  7. The Jeweled Toys of Yiggryina - This Arabian set of mechanical toys was created in the 1860s for a crowned prince. See how they cleverly click together and join to created twelve toy like configurations. These are made with semi precious stones and gems. This rare one of a kind work is perfect for the mature collector and his inner child. The toys mimic the movements of the various forms of government and were once supposed to predict such things. 
  8. The High Artifact of Zstaguar - This weird contraption is supposed to mirror the inner workings of a man's mind. You move the gears here and here and twist this and you get a series of strange optical illusions  No I don't see something over my shoulder why? Well 340.00 is the asking price on this puzzle. Don't mind the blood stains there and there. 
  9. The Personal Slave of Maothl - This incredibly life like automaton is capable of 45 separate movements and weights as much as a real child. The thing is capable of moving over 40 yards in any direction on its own. With a flick of these switches you can change its sex, age, or even face. Twist this set of gears and you can change the entire configuration of the thing into a dog or something like that. A very cool piece at $500.00 
  10. The Woman Of Kiaz - A doll of the highest quality this china doll is made into the likeness of the Czarina of Russia herself Kiaz. The mysterious Kiaz who disappeared in one night from her bedroom and had one of the shortest reigns in the history of the great country. This doll was made for her but was never delivered. She approved the prototype but never accepted delivery of this one. The only thing found in her room was that doll. Notice the eyes of this doll and she even cries so life like. 400.00 for this rare piece of history.
The Horrid Reality of These Toys 
  1. The sphere is able to gate 1d4 demons from the lowest depths of the planar Outer Darkness 
  2. Acts as an unlimited contact other plane spell when in operation. 
  3. Summons a Servitor of The Old Ones to the user and then returns to the toy 
  4. This monster is bound in the form of a doll. A shambling mound of the most evil intent that will give the user 1d8 gold coins every week. The doll will kill the user on the winter solstice 
  5. This toy may open a door to the afterlife, act as a speak with dead spell, and allow one to peer into the astral.
  6. This is a Necronomican for children 
      1. This set of toys will predict the movement of politicians and leaders. The thing however has a very evil intelligence and intent 
      1. This thing allows one to see the invisible and to interact with those within the Outer Darkness 
      1. A clock work horror/ zombie like being 4 hit points armor class 5 and 1d4 points of damage per round. Regenerates like a troll when it feeds on human flesh and machinery 
      1. The doll is the Czarina of Russia herself Kiaz. She has been bound into the dolls form by Hastur himself forever more and will whisper the secrets of nightmare and grief to the user along with 1d4 first level spell per day.  
Each Item is a cursed item from Swords and Wizardry as per the rule book and almost indestructible. Almost! Happy Shopping  

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