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Free OSR Mega Download - The Basic Fantasy Field Guide From The Basic Fantasy Rpg For Your Old School Campaigns

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This is an eighty four page  monster manual for The Basic Fantasy Rpg packed to the brim with monsters and is perfect for any OD&D style campaign. There's a huge number of familiar faces but there's a totally whole different way of dealing with these monsters. The book takes a nonsense approach to it's creatures, everything here is geared for maximum adventure potential, there are over one  hundred eighty creatures with a full array of original and public domain artwork, and its well organized.
A DM can't ever have enough monsters. These are both the benign and darkly dangerous for the health of adventurers. They can easily be slipped into a wide variety of OSR adventures at the drop of a hat.
These are the creatures that your going to want to populate your OD&D style dungeons with. The monsters are very well done in the old school tradition with plenty of new variations to keep it punched up and fresh as well as deadly.

So what's in this book? According to Drivethrurpg:

Need a few more monsters? You've come to the right place! This tome contains over 180 creatures for use with the Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game. From ordinary animals to extra dimensional intruders, this book contains something for almost any game!

Challenge your players with alien Eelbats or deadly Clockwork Skeletons. Populate your wildernesses with stalwart Chelonians or the wily Rabbit Prince. Perhaps the next tomb your players raid will house a powerful Bone Horror! These and many more weird, wonderful, and wicked creatures lurk within this book.
There's been a ton of work put into the monsters in  this book and the Basic Fantasy authors & contributors know their material. There are quite a few surprises slipped into the back door  of this free download. The problem and issue with monsters is really one of expansion, there are always always room for that one special creature that you as a DM need. This book has quite a few creatures to fill in that special niche.
The monsters here are wide ranging, interesting, dangerous deadly, and don't simply conform to the usual OD&D tropes all of the time. The authors have done a nice job of mixing it up to give a DM a real variety of creatures.
When a DM has a huge sprawling ruin to populate with monsters this is really a great book to grab. This really is a no nonsense game book that highlights, hits all of the monster high points, and gives all of the best stat blocks at a glance. I can honestly recommend this book without reservation as yet another great Basic Fantasy rpg line book with a full dance card of all of the living dangers for your dungeons and adventures Did I mention that it was free?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Soul Forged Armor For The Basic Fantasy Role Playing or Your Old School Campaigns

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There are times when a DM needs something a bit more well special then the usual 'magic sword' that we get in OD&D and basic.I stumbled across this particular take on the magic sword the other night.
According to the PDF : 
Soul Forged Armor is armor that has been infused with the soul of a warrior or paladin. It is usually created for a specific purpose. That purpose can be good, or evil. It can be specific (eg. A Soul Forged Lich Slayer would be created for the express purpose of slaying Liches), or it can be more general (Soul Forged Armor of Chaotic Good). It can be forged for a specific group within a game world. Often, an order of Holy Warriors will choose one of their greatest, and have his soul forged into armor so that he can be called upon in time of dire need.
This idea is simply the bare bones of a very cool idea that can easily be fleshed out in a game such as Lamentations of the Flame Princess or Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea as a type of lost magical artifact that while powerful cares with it an air of the sinister and more then slightly weird.
Its really only two page pdf with some interesting and very respectable high ideas that adds a bit more flare to the idea of the magic sword which is already steeped in real world myth and legend.
Its always the little touches such as these that bring home the classic tropes of old school sword and sorcery. With a bit of conversion this article can serve as a nice set of old school mythological guidelines to create an other aspect of the dark fantastic for your old school D&D game. Not too shabby a free download at all that infused with a sword and sorcery classic piece of gaming meta mythology.
1 4 Рукоятки скифских мечей. IV в. до н.э. Курган Чертомлык (Никопольский район).jpg

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Free OSR Adventure - The Tavern Of Daednu By The Oliver Brothers For Your Old School Campaigns

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Everything about the Tavern of Daednu is well done and very interesting. This is a small twenty page module that is big on encounters and if done well could well be a first rate horror style introduction adventure. The module paces itself well and solid.
With a bit of work this module could be adapted into a solid location adventure into your old school campaigns. Everything about this module screams add me into your game. Since this is an AD&D 1st edition module, you can easily add it right in. The plot and NPC's here are very generic but with a few clever twists this module can be a party's introduction into the darkness that lays at the heart of your horror or weird sword and sorcery campaign.

According to the Dragon's foot intro: 
The Tavern of Daednu seems a pleasant place for adventurers to spend the night, but all is not as it seems. A short adventure for character levels 1-3.
According to the adventure the structure for the module is laid right out in the open from the  introduction: 

"The Tavern of Daednu is a short
adventure for 3-8 characters of 1st-3rd
level. The scenario works best with
characters of low level who are veteran
players. They will of course be suspicious."
Don't let this fool you as a DM, with a bit of work this module could make a fine introduction adventure for a Lamentations of The Flame Princess game or a even a game of Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea. The weird adventure elements here are compelling enough to keep PC's interested and busy from the ground up.
The adventure reminds me of Solomon Kane and some of the older Weird Tale influences here and I like the feel that I got from this one reading through it a few times. 

There are two levels to the inn and with a bit of clever slight of hand this adventure location can be used over and over. The writing here is interesting, the plot can be reused a couple of times, and personally I think that  the PC's should escape with their lives with this one. Only to have the place show up again later on in their adventuring careers. This is the sort of adventure location where adventurers should cut their teeth and be thrust into the darkness only to escape knowing that its waiting for them.
Grab this adventure, twist it around, and drop it into your campaign for a sword and sorcery twist on the usual basic AD&D game module. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

The New Free OSR AD&D 1st Edition Module From Dragon's Foot -The Barrow of the Moon Druid By The Oliver Brothers For Your Old School Sword and Sorcery Campaigns

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Sweet mother of Tiamat, I go to sleep last night and wake up to brand new module on Dragon's foot for AD&D first edition for a basic set of level of level 2-4 players! I'm not sure who the Oliver Brothers are but man I'm going to keep my eye on 'em.
The Barrow of the Moon Druid is very exciting on a number of levels. First this is a free download and that right there is one of the exciting things about this module.

Right off the bat just from thumbing through the pdf of the The Barrow Of The Moon Druid, one get's the sense of the pulp and dark fantastic about this module. The artwork evokes a sense of 1930's Weird Tales mix in with a 1970's TSR style module.

The introduction goes into the dark and twisted background: 
What lies inside the ancient barrow of the moon druid Arasgain? Only those of stout heart should endeavour to survive the perils inside. An adventure for character levels 2-4.

Right in the introduction the of the adventure, the authors lay out the parameters of the adventure. This module can easily and conveniently be inserted into the backdrop of the DM's old school campaign with little to no fuss. Here's the module's back blurb and it spells out how to use the module : 

As your party travels the Old Road which cuts a path through the dangerous moorlands,
you spy an old barrow sitting off in the distance. An old gnarled tree, the only tree to be
seen on the moor, sits atop the barrow watching over the round door set back deep in
the mound. What possible treasures lie within the barrow mound, the one said to be the
burial location of the Moon Druid? Who within the party will be brave enough to enter
The Barrow of the Moon Druid?
Contents :
The Barrow of The Moon Druid is both a location based adventure & a tradition crawl with some twists into the back drop. The is a place with a deep and abiding pulp style history and the darkness of the location colours the landscape and ideas of the module.
Encounters are balanced, concise, and deadly for an AD&D 1st edition or
OSRIC style module. Looking over this one, a clever DM could adapt this one to OD&D with some slightly of hand and number crunching. 
Here the Barrow adventure itself is laid out in pretty clear detail but with lots of room for DYI conversions into the back drop of module.
The maps are clearly and very well done. This is a twenty seven page module with two parts to the adventure location The Barrow Part I and The Moon curse Part II with some defining NPC's and events that surround the whole of the adventure worked in solidly into the background and history of the place.  This also sets up the new  monsters and it has definitive nods right back to First Edition AD&D Deities and Demigods. Note that the Oliver brothers know exactly how this book was intended to be used and do so with style in this adventure. This is pretty damn complex plotted lower level adventure module.
All of this ties neatly and somewhat nicely into the backdrop of the module which incidently has a Celtic/Sword & Sorcery feel. Elements of this module could and should be used for a Lovecraftian cult, and its black miracles. Yes this is that well done.
 There is a boat load of new material packed into the setting,history, monsters of this adventure.
All in all this is an essential hardcore sword and sorcery AD&D 1st edition module with all of the trimmings with the potential to be used extensively as a 'drop in' adventure location.

The Barrow of the Moon Druid
By The Oliver Brothers
For Your Old School Sword and Sorcery Campaigns 

I've said before that this is a fantastic old school module and do I think that it could be used for a sword and sorcery campaign? The answer is a resounding,'yes'. The adventure is done in such a way as to be fully contained within itself and this is its core strength.
The Barrow of the Moon Druid could easily be converted into a number of AD&D style clones with little issue. My idea would be to use it is a part and parcel for a Hyperborean Celtic back point for Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea campaign. Because of the system of that retroclone its so easy to do a conversion and given the motives of the NPC's there's a clear line of sight to drop in the module into the mix.
For other retroclones such as Lamentations of the Flame Princess and other retroclones of weird aspect, some element base conversions are going to be needed. That being said the bench mark of this module with the character levels works very well for an OD&D style campaign with the usual conversions as necessary.
All in all this is one very well done module whose authors dedication and passion for the hobby shines through. You can see the amount of work that goes into these and the sense of fun that appears behind the work . All in all, I personally think that this is a free download worth your time. Happy gaming and keep em rolling. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Free OSR Adventure Download - Fortress, Tomb, and Tower: The Glain Campaign For Your Old School Campaigns

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Fortress, Tomb, & Tower contains three easily adapted Basic Fantasy retroclone rpg system mid level adventures. It clocks in at sixty one pages but what's in it?
And just because its free should you down load it?
Well according to the the Basic Website blurb: 
This adventure series from the World of Glain includes three distinct adventures, suitable for characters of various levels: Fortress of the Iron DukeTomb of Karsma Megalos, and Crooked Rock Tower.

The adventure is designed for PC's of second thru forth level, and believe me it lives up to its reputation. These are nice mid level adventures that can easily be adapted to any old school sword and sorcery campaigns. There are certainly an number of old school retroclone systems one thing I've noticed is the way in which the Basic Fantasy rpg system seems to exploit the down and dirty nature of its D&D roots. Something that comes across in the presentation of their material. Because of the nature of the adventures, PC's are fully exploited in the backdrop of the world of Glean the setting for these adventures.
There are motives, backdrop stories, and more to exploit the PC's their fullest and these adventures make the most of the situation. The adventure plays with the PC's as they thread their way through this adventure.
Because of this aspect of the adventure, the fact is that these adventures are perfect to add to an existing game such as Astonishing swordsmen and sorcerers of Hyperborea. The system is different enough to warrent a bit of shoe horning on the part of the DM.
The adventures are clear cut with enough plot to keep the players interest as their PC's lives dangle over the over arching plot running through the back of this adventure.
Watching what the PC's are doing and dealing with is key to running through this set of adventures and keeping the PC's on their toes is one of the things that this adventure excels at in spades.
 Because of the free nature of the pdf there is plenty of wiggle room to keep the over arching plot threading of the adventure from shoving the whole affair off course. 
All in all this was a great little read through and I can't wait to exploit the PC's to the full extent of this adventure. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

1d10 Magical Chalice Table For The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea rpg System and Your Old School Systems

There are treasures of ancient workmanship and strange aspect which are the focus of adoration for dread rites and forbidden magics. They are the source of extraordinary power and the focus for dangerous cults, many have been left behind after the power of their gods fades and yet legends and myths grow around them creating the central focus for adventures.
Heroes, rogues, and adventurers seek their power, wizards lust for mystic might, and indeed empires are forged from the center of their droughts. 

File:Ardagh chalice.jpg
Photo by Kglavin
1d10 Random Magical Chalice Table 

  1. Alkandut - From Old Earth, this chalice has been known as king maker, the widow cup, and by many names from throughout time. The chalice magically reads the heart and soul of its drinker after wine is poured into its cup. The user gains 1d4 points to attributes and +2 to wisdom. The cup may once a month grant a cure light wounds spell and it has a 30% chance of sealing a dimensional breech. The cup will do 3d6 points of damage per round to those not of lawful good alignment who handle it. An ancient elemental spirit of fertility dwells within its metal confines. 
  2. Angorugu - The Cup of The Stars, this chalice is the focus for several astrological gods and grants its user the ablity to see beyond and open the doors between planes. The chalice may grant this if spring water from a lower valley spring is poured within it. It may open or seal  a dimensional door once per day. Used more then once a day and the power of the chalice will rip the user apart as the cup's spirit takes offense and 4d6 points of damage pours into the fool. 
  3. Bakaulo- The Blood Cup, this chalice magically fills with the blood of a lesser saint Bakaulo who quested for this chalice back in the days of Old Earth. The chalice grants its owner the ability to heal land and people of wounds of the soul allowing a barren land to yield 1d4 seasonal harvests and healthy infant mortality rates. It may also grant a vision every 1d6 weeks. 
  4. Cagitua- The Emperor's Bane, this chalice has a long and bloody history of royal linage until it found its way to its current holding place. The chalice allows one to hear the thoughts and wishes of the people he rules. It also grants one a vision from beyond, a communion with the ruler's god once per month. There is a blemish upon the cup, for those who use it have a 2% chance of attracting fate and for someone close to the owner to betray and try to murder the owner of the cup for possession of it. And so it goes 
  5. Laulan -The Hunter's Moon, this cup allows its owner to assume the guise and shape of a hunter or animal of prey once per moon after blood of the kill is poured into it. The owner of this cup will have incredible insight into the nature and mind of animals as well as the powers that watch over them. The owner must dedicate every third hunt to the spirits of the cup or bad luck is sure to follow. The owner will find 1d6 extra kills per month from the cup's influence and other tribes of hunters will look to the owner for wisdom and insight. 
  6. Drotundu - This chalice was the center of worship for a group of knights from Old Earth who sought a refuge for their wives and families. The chalice's spirit  is able to provide insights, guidance, and wisdom in the form of dreams and illusions every new moon but the owner of the chalice must engage in prayer and rites of the chalice every day. They must forgo marriage and procreation for the rest of their lives. The spirit demands fidelity in its owners for the good of the familial lines and once every 1d8 years calls these families together to observe the travels it has made. The cup is now lost. 
  7. Fangoru - The cup of ancient kings, this cup has passed from ruler to ruler across the centuries and all of their spirits reside within. Those who drink from this cup may experience their wisdom, memories, and lives within the visions the chalice grants. The chalice will also grant 1d10 extra years of life to the owner and insure that the owner is fertile and gains an heir. But there are those who whisper that it is the chalice's children who rule in the stead of the owner and a blood curse follows in its wake. 
  8. Otundur -This chalice once belonged to a cult of the moon goddess Otundur but it was stolen by a necrotic cult who twisted its spirit and now serves dark forces. The cup will grant undeath to those who taste of its dark icor as the cup magically fills each new moon. The thing may create one vampire or 1d20 zombies under the command of the spirit's cup. The rites of this chalice are far too awful to writ down here. Once per new moon, the chalice may summon a minor demon of low aspect who will demand a blood sacrifice and serve the owner of the cup. Those who handle the cup will be tainted by it. And will become of low undeath aspect after death. 
  9. Hagodrimanguna - This cup will change and liquid poured into it to pure spring water. The cup of prophecy as it is known has yet to have its powers unlocked and waits its rightful owner. It has been known in the past to heal, grant wishes, and destroy armies with its might. But for now it sleeps in legend and has been lost to the mists of time. 
  10. The Vangorca - This cup belongs to a long tradition of blood sacrifice and war, the cup of warriors demands the blood of the vanquished. It grants its owner a temporary increase of 1d6 points for stats but lasts as long as the battle. Once over the cup will offer new visions of conquest and war but the spirit of the cup always demands this,eternally. The cup may create 1d8 berserk from ordinary men by causing them to be possessed by the dark warrior guardian spirits who serve the cup. There is a legacy of blood and thunder associated with this cup.  

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The Giant Leopard Seal For The Astonishing Swordsmen And Sorcerer of Hyperborea Rpg

File:Leopard Seal 1844.jpg
Number Encountered: 1(1d4)
Alignment: Neutral Evil.
Size: L 
Movement:30(60 swim)
Dexterity: 9 
Armor Class: 5 
Hit Dice: 5 
Number of Attacks: 1 bite
Damage 2d6 
Saving Throw: 14 
Morale: 9 
Experience: 400 
Treasure: -- 

A superior predator on the ice and water surrounding the arctic seas of Hyperborea, the giant leopard seal is without peer on or below the ice. They are dangerous and vicious creatures who are superior prime opportunists who stalk, hunt, and bring down prey of an incredible variety.
These monsters were originally bred as a food source by the Elder Things and used for centuries  as a stock animal. These vicious animals  that roamed the seas only to be brought down by Elder Thing hunting parties as sport. With the virtual extinction of the Elder Things these giant horror's numbers have exploded. 
These monsters are far more vicious and dangerous then their none gene engineered smaller brethren upon whom they feed as well. They are a vicious and dangerously vindictive animal with a mean streak about them. Some of the locals believe that they retain a bit of the tainted magic of their Elder Thing masters because of their almost malignant hunting habits. They never give up once they find easy prey. Packs have been known to pursue a man across the ice for days at a clip and never seem to give up the hunt.
These monsters are highly prized for their blubber, fat, and bones by locals in the polar areas.
The monsters stalk prey, hunt namely human and surrounding tribes in the areas where they live, and the mutant penguins of the polar regions of the Hyperborean seas.