Sunday, February 16, 2014

Review On The Free OSR Product - Children of the Aesir From The Andonome Coterie For The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea Rpg System

Grab It Right Over
Right this is exactly the sort of quality product that I'm looking for when wanting to bring you the best AS&SH adventures for review and down load. This is a Viking style system agnostic adventure that can easily be slipped into your current sword and sorcery game or right into the AS&SH world.
The Drive Thru Rpg Blurb: 
Children of the Aesir is a gritty, Norse adventure.  Twelve unhappy prisoners are thrown into an acursed mine and each player receives a number of these characters to play; and they will need all of them.  The characters are weak and the dungeon is brutal.  They will be strangled, burnt, bludgeoned, insulted and confused.  If any reach the end of the dungeon and retreive the blood-stone, they will receive the revelation that they are the child of a god and a mortal - a demi-god, and are fated for great things.  At this point the surviving characters receive great powers and can return home, blasting and hacking at the creatures they previously fled from.
This is a fifty three page brutal romp of Norse goodness that will melt right into the background of your current Norse AS&SH campaign. The maps are nicely drawn and plot brutal and nasty. This adventure makes a nice middle of the road adventure for AS&SH with very little in the way of fiddly bits to get in the way of your PC's excitement. 
The plot has some twists and turns. The adventure operates like something right out of a Frezetta painting come to life with your PC's bloodied and bruised as they navigate this adventure. The ideas here are not original but they are freshly presented into a whole cloth that can easily be adapted to about 90% of the retroclones on the market currently.  All in all this one is well written and interesting. With a bit of work this adventure could be the start of a mini campaign lasting several weeks with experienced players. 
All in all Children of the Aesir has lots of potential for the right group of players and its a nice free product! Don't miss this one! 

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