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1d10 Random Treasures of The Ghul Tribes Table For Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea


"Only the real artist knows the actual anatomy of the terrible or the physiology of fear—the exact sort of lines and proportions that connect up with latent instincts or hereditary memories of fright, and the proper colour contrasts and lighting effects to stir the dormant sense of strangeness",
"Pickman's Model" H.P. Lovecraft

1d10 Random Treasures of The Ghul Tribes
  1. The artificial copper and bone leg bone of a king. The thing will act as a perfect focus for necrotic magic. The weird negative material planar energies fairly crackle around the thing as a halo of energy. 400 gold pieces for this treasure of the ancients. 
  2. A set of bone pan style pipes made from human and near human finger, thigh, and toe bones. These cunningly made instruments may be used to call down the nameless horrors from beyond the stars. 100 gold pieces. 
  3. A skull sealed with wax and ancient coins from the realm of the damned. This skull sings when exposed to moonlight and will call the tribes of the damned for worship for the cult of Mordiggan. The thing may summon 1d8 zombies once per week. 500 gold pieces to the right collector. 
  4. A jeweled gargoyle's claw that clutches a crystal orb. This piece of greater artifact can be used to open a portal once per week to the realms of Negative material energy once per week. Anything caught within this swirling hellish vortex of energy will be sucked to the otherside and suffer the effects of Negative planar radiation unless a save vs death is made.Otherwise they may contract ghoul plague or a wasting disease. 400 credits but handling this thing is dangerous. 
  5. A hand of a ghul king - This hand clutches an intricate puzzle box with a treasure within. The hand will open any lock it is put next to every new moon and the box moves of its own accord. A bit of blood must be rubbed on the skin. 
  6. A brand new pyramid of brass and iron has come for a tomb of Atlantis. The thing moves of its own accord in the midnight hour of the full moon. It will summon a minor demon of sinister aspect once for every chime of  the hour. The caster must have a battle of wits with these things from Hell. 
  7. A tomb stone from Rlyh that has the names of seventy two kings craved into it. They may be summoned once per week as wights to serve the owner of the stone. They will demand a boon as well from the living and a minor sacrifice. The owner must sup with them as well and share their dread company. 400 gold pieces 
  8. A flute that calls the burning spirits of the damned once per week. It must be played in an ancient cemetery of sinister aspect. The dead will wish to talk about their secrets and lives. The owner may learn of treasure, spells, or worse when the speak. They may not shut up ever. 300 gold pieces 
  9. Finger Of The Elder God, this bone finger bone belongs to an ancient alien god. Once per week the owner will become possessed of the thing and its horrid secrets will be whispered into his brain. The bone may also be used once per week to cast a wall of bone in a forty foot radius around the caster. The spirits of the damned may whisper mind numbing secrets to the fool when this wall is erected. 100 gold pieces
  10. An eye of a star spawn of Cthulhu allows the owner to see with sight beyond and see the true nature of the world around him. Monsters and dread things will be drawn to the eye by the power of that which can eternal lie. The owner once per week may open a doorway to many strange eons. The owner of the eye gains 1d20 extra years upon their lives but may go mad as the spawn who is imprisoned within the Earth squeals and screams its rage against the walls of the mind of the user and reality itself. 500 gold pieces. 
Many of these items are available for sale at the bazaar of Al' Creetref within the Nameless Place near the  City of the Ghul Kings.
The admission to such places is the corpse of damned man and finger of an innocent one. 

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