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1d10 Random Minor Things Blown In On The Borea Winds Table For The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea rpg System

Occasionally the inter-dimensional winds can blow all sorts of minor items on to the lands of  Hyperborea and some of these things can be quite weird, valuable, and with very strange effects on those that find them. 
1d10 Random Minor Things Blown In On The Borea Winds Table
  1. A rain of rings from strange an alien lands. Many of these rings are of metals and type unknown upon the shores of Hyperborea. There is a 10% chance of some minor magical ability. Many of the rings are not made for human fingers or are of strange design never meant for human beings.  There is a 2% chance of a ring being cursed and its owner being poly morphed into another type of being alien to the world. 
  2. The area where you are is covered in blood red crystals. They will evaporate in three rounds but some will stay. There are strange objects embedded in them such as dog or cat eyes. Some of these are still alive and look out onto the world blinking as well as looking around. Some of these have a strong 'true seeing' ability but those who used them may be subject to a slight shift in personality and become more sullen and an air of sadness radiates from them. 
  3. The area is bombarded  with weird strands of golden metal beads on chains. These beads and chains are of some strangely wrought brass. Any demon or being with demonic magical blood in their veins that touches them will be compelled to tell the truth or be subject to intense physical discomfort. They will be on -2 on all rolls while these objects touch their flesh. No animal will go near these objects and will howl as well as cause problems when they are brought near them. 
  4. Strangely wrought containers, bottles, and jettison falls from the sky all around. These things smell of burnt flesh and weird perfumes come from them. Planet life grows weird and misshaped when these containers are left in the area. Many types of molds, slimes, and jellies will grow seemly over night when this stuff is around.
  5. Sheets of thin translucent metal is found all around with the edges slightly burn. They are covered in hieroglyphs of an alien language. There is 3% chance of a strange spell written on them. Parties of lizardmen are seeking these objects but do not know why they do so. Only that it is very important. 
  6. Weird pools of rain water is scattered around the area. These multi colored pools are slick with strange rainbow patterns. In the center of each puddle is a single gold coin of some unknown denomination and mint. Each of these coins bares an elder sign and looks very,very, old. Birds are scared of these objects and the coins always seem slightly out of focus when you look at them. There is a minor magical level around them. 
  7. The area is covered in foam and in the center of this foam a strange humanoid baby grows. The thing looks organic but bits of it are machine like and weird. The thing communicates by hissing and telepathic communication. The rest simply evaporate in the noon soon. These things wish knowledge and are capable of storing anything they see. Many hold the secrets to vast dungeons and resources. After 1d4 days these things will evaporate never to return. 
  8. A single golden torc with the power to heal any wound, torc will act as a cure light wounds spell once every new moon. The torc was dropped by an ancient god who now seeks it back. He shall grant one boon and the torc must be returned to him. 
  9. The clawed tendrilled arm of some hideous monster. The arm is still alive and very murderous. It will do 1d4 points of damage to whomever it can reach. The thing has an aura of sheer evil about it. There is a demon who seeks his arm back. 
  10. The charded remains of some ancient Atlantian sky craft falls from the sky. There is still a magical power source still active. The thing will pollute the 5 mile countryside in weird radiations and act as would a 'Colour out of Space'. There are wizards who would pay handsomely for such a find and others who curse this thing from the sky. The thing is cursed and anyone who finds it will become caught up in its spell for good or bad. 

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