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1d30 Damned Treasures of Sharath For The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea Rpg System

1d30 Damned Treasures of Sharath Random Finds Table 
  1. A blue Ixian thought globe that contains the dreams and damned fantasiese of a depraved wizard. The globe is worth 200 gold pieces to the right collector. There is a 10% chance of the thing trying to take possession of its new 'owner'.
  2. A bag of dust from the land of dreams that belongs to a demon of the 12th circle. The dust is the dried tears of the damned and is able to send the owner on a vision quest where he or she may talk with the spirits of the pasted but only the most twisted souls who wait outside time and  space. 
  3. A vial of wine belonging to the Fungus From Yuggoth made from the brains of human geniuses and mad men. The wine gives many twisted insights into the minds of the horrors from beyond space and time. 300 gold pieces and the stuff will eat through ordinary glass and must be served in lead crystal glasses. 
  4. A jar of boreas light that will waver and snake around the flesh of any who handle such things. The stuff is not quite colour and not quite light but something resembling the living flesh of certain gods. It will snake its way into the brains of those using it and cause the most murderous thoughts and dreams. It may also whisper 1d8 random spells into the minds of the owner. Worth 300 gold pieces. 
  5. A jar of dirt that is actually the remains of a long forgotten race of fools who were destroyed by the Old Ones and these are their remains. The stuff must be smoked in fish oil to access their reality. 120 gold pieces 
  6. The preserved head of a Deep One priest in a jar that babbles out esoteric pearls of wisdom and once per new moon may cast a special spell of Cthulhu. Worth 200 gold pieces to the right collector. 
  7. A preserved hand of a dimensional shambler and a strangely wrought key to the dreams of madmen. 100 gold pieces. 
  8. A strangely worked piece of gate work that seems to be made of silver and is actually the preserved nightmares of demons given form. Worth 200 gold pieces and burns the believers of the forgotten gods for 1d4 points of damage. 
  9. A finely wrought piece of a machine that still works with strange blinking lights and display that seems to be counting down for some interstellar configuration. Worth 200 gold pieces and it is being sought by priests of the sunken city of Tib. 
  10. A weirdly wrought thigh bone belonging to a human bard but worked through with strange string like pieces of alien flesh. Worth 200 gold pieces and the spell Charm human has been woven into the reality of the instrument. A +1 instrument for seducing humans and stealing their souls. There are three souls within the thing already. 
  11. A strange black pyramid with forty three demonic pacts sealed within the thing. It throbs with demonic life and strange energies. A demon will answer any call put to the thing within 1d4 hours worth 500 gold to the right wizard. 
  12. A skull  with both eye sockets sealed with precious gems and a strange mechanism within it. The machine works and is calculating when Sarnath will rise from the black sands once again. The thing has  tendril guardian monster that looms near it astrally. The guardian counts as a demon type three but with tendrils for arms. 300 gold pieces 
  13. A strangely wrought prism that shines alien light and shows visions from nearby universes. The thing is 'tuned' to Yuggoth and fungus from there will open a door and kidnap the owner if they can. Worth 100 gold to the right collector. The thing will ripple with strange visions and vistas. 
  14. A stone key that opens portals to Yuggoth, Saturn, and many other worlds but only at night under the light of damned stars. The thing is worth 200 gold to the right person or wizard. The thing is cursed however! 
  15. A piece of star stone iron that a sword maker or wizard will pay handsomely for. It may be worked into a +2 sword that can be used for defense against things from the outer darkness. 300 gold to the right buyer. 
  16. A strangely wrought statue of an alien wizard. This thing is actually his soul and it now has been lost for three thousand years. The undead being that is the statue now seeks it between the stars. He counts as a minor lich but once brought together the thing will leave this plane. The statue is also sought by a mad wizard who wishes to use the thing to command the undead horror. Worth 200 gold pieces and what was that sound behind you. 
  17. A piece of glass that is actually candied dream stuff. This glass is shaped as a human heart and throbs with the life of dreams and nightmares. It may grant special insights into spells having to do with love and lust. The thing grants true sleep to those who use it. 200 gold and the thing leaves strange echoes of far off alien worlds in the mind of the owner who will long to visit such places. 
  18. A brick from the far off city of Ib that is still sticky to the touch and slick with the waters of the place. The thing will summon 1d8 ghosts of Ib to the owner of the piece once per new moon. They may try to harm the owner or help him depending on mood. Worth 100 gold pieces and the thing carries a curse of IB within itself. 
  19. A key of iron belonging to a Keeper of Damned Stars, this key will open any door put it as long as their is a map of the heavens within the dwelling place. The key will want to pass over such an item. The key it is said echoes the visions of these maps to its trapped original owner who plans to escape from one of the buried star spheres of Sarnath. 
  20. The eyes of a witness - This is the persevered right eye of a fool who has seen the dreams of the land of Sarnath for themselves. Wizards value such things as they can be used to find scrolls, treasures, and the preserved madness of the nameless region. Demons are said to pluck the eyes of such fools out and pickle them with their breaths under the torturous red sun. 200 gold pieces to the right wizard. 
  21. A ghost in a cut crystal bottle that once belonged to an Ixian necromancer. The thing will serve as a familiar but the wizard must give the ghost his breath to seal the deal. A pact will be made with the head of the ghost's former tribe and the owner's soul must join the fool for all eternity lost within the damned land of Sarnath. The ghost grants visions of lost Ixian lands, artifacts, and greatness once per month. These are actually to drive the fool mad with weird and strange insights into the insane realms of sorcery and depravity. 
  22. The preserved blood of a demon candied by pickling it within the cold flames of Yuggoth. The stuff aids in the summoning of any demon who will demand a taste of it. 200 gold pieces and it acts as a swift and sure poison otherwise. 
  23. A vase of preserved testicles of madmen and foolsused to placate Lamia and other horrors. Worth 50 gold pieces and the vase is cursed with a minor death spell. 
  24. The preserved brain of an insect from Yuggoth which can be used as a minor mechanism to navigate between the planes of otherwhere. The thing is attached to a strange machine with many alien dials and brass displays. 300 gold pieces to the right buyer but the owner will be targeted by the Fungus from Yuggoth. 
  25. The Side arm of Sarnath - This strangely wrought Ixian weapon has elements of both alien bio mechanical organs and preserved inhuman organs in a compact energy weapon configuration. The weapon has elements of preserved tissue, inhuman cut alien crystals and a set of weird blue green metal plates around the firing chamber of the weapon. With a pull from a finger bone like device the weapon charges its strange energy style contents that produce a sickly sweet smelling beam of energy that does 1d6 to 1d8 points of damage. The thing has a range of forty yards and is found with 1d8 charges built into the thing. Even having this weapon has been known to cause insanity and at the very least exceedingly vivid alien nightmares. 
  26. A crystal fragment of Sarnath this cut alien crystal will act as a Crystal ball but the thing shows alien vistas, weird gods, and ill omens to any wizard gazing into it. The thing can also create a ray of living coloured energy once per week that does 1d4 points of damage to anyone within sixteen feet of it. They will be subject to excessive pain as  the weird living light courses through their nervous system overloading and causing miss fires as horrid visions and nightmares of insanity over take their minds. 
  27. The Eye of The Serpent's Past -This alien eye once belonged to one of the numerous demon serpents that swims in the Outer Darkness between the stars. The eye will create strange visions in the minds of anyone it is shown to stunning them with vistas of insanity as their mind is taken from their bodies. They are shown their true place in the universe and for 1d10 rounds they will be stunned as they're souls are locked in doubt and pain about their place in the overall scheme of things. There is a 10% chance of the target's mind attracting the attention of one of the Serpents of the Outer Darkness who will hunt the target in 1d8 days and devour their souls. 
  28. A mass of 10 pounds of alien coins and the fossilized remains of some strange alien humanoid. The thing is frozen in horror and tortured horror. The coins are of alien gold and are slightly sorcerous. Once per week they will call some nameless alien ghost to their owner. The owner must make a wisdom check to control these other worldly horrors who will want to relate their secrets,tales, and destiny. 100 gold pieces to a necromancer. 
  29. A whistle that will call 1d6 ghouls and their night gaunt mounts. The ghouls will want to know the reason for their summoning and it better be a damn good one or they may tear you limb from limb. 200 gold to a wizard or necromancer. 
  30. A statue of  one of the Lesser Gods of Hyperborea now forgotten by modern societies. The thing will appear if the statue is prayed to and demand to be worshiped . Failure to do so will result in the fool being carried off by nightgaunts and flown to Saturn, then left there as a sacrifice to some alien horror. Pledging allegiance to the god then the worshiper will be changed into a follower of the god. Worth 200 gold to a cult of this god! 

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