Friday, February 21, 2014

Review and Commentary on The Free Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea Resource - Masks By Colin Chapmen

Grab It Right Over
According to the blurb on the AS&SH website : 
  • Masks is a resource created by Colin Chapman. This 4-page PDF document provides a means for players and referees to randomly generate racially specific physical features (hair colour, eye colour) and other distinguishing features.
    This is actually so much more then simply a distinguishing features set of tables. This is a great random NPC table that can be used to generate instant NPC foils for your AS&SH adventurers. Bump into someone in the city or small town and wham your PC's are embroiled in the business of some interesting hi jinks. This is a perfect tool to get the ball rolling with adventure in the offering.
    The fact that the generator is simple and concise is perfect for DM's who like to 'wing' it or even if you want to get in on the details. Does the NPC have a facial scar from the pox and some other odd details that simply adds to the flavor of the encounter. This is the generator for you folks. Simple, easy, and ready to go for any retroclone really. A great free resource to use. 

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