Thursday, January 9, 2014

Six More Sword And Sorcery 80's Cult Classic Movies For Your Old School Campaigns

 Here we are among the terror of tapes and titles of yesteryear. Here you'll find errm 80's 'Classics' to bend the mind & sanity as well provide some inspiration for your old school sword and sorcery campaigns. 
Here are five more titles that are both trashtastic and awesome in awfulness. Don't forget to rewind and return the tapes by Sunday. 

The Barbarians 1987 

The Amazons 1986 

Battle Of The Amazons 1974 

The Warrior and the Sorceress 1987 

Death Stalker 1983  

Barbarian Queen 


  1. I am not ashamed to say I own all of these but the two with Amazon in the title.

  2. All of these have been given to me as gifts over the years. They're 'classics' in their own rights. As for the two with 'Amazon' in the title, they're movies that sort of bridge the gap between 'Sword and Sorcery' as well as 'Sword and Sandal'. But the 'Sword and Sandal' films are whole different slippy slope to go down. And you were warned about insanity.