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Cybernetic Module For Ancient And Accursed Terra Using The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea Rpg System

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The cybernetic module is an ancient Atlantian invention created from the divine tears of the goddess Imirish also known as The Daughter Of Law and Order. The module is carved into the shape of a scarab and was once granted to minor functionaries of the Atlantian empire.  They knew counter spells to keep its most potent effects of Law at bay. The powers of Law are imparted into the pseudo universal matrix of the item with shadows of technologies existing on several planes at once.
 Once per week the owner may read the thoughts of anyone within a 90 foot radius. The user must maintain constant concentration for this link to work. As per a 'Helm of telepathy'. Using the module will cause the user's eyes to take on an eerie blue green yellow cast. This may linger for 1d4 rounds after user has ended use of the module.
The user may determine if the target has been the target of 'demonic' influence or power as well as the time mind technologies of the 'Great Race of Yith'. The module is wrought through with a fine mesh of micro psychic circuitry that uses the body's own electric fields to power it. The user may disrupt once per new moon the minor technologies and artifacts of the Great Race and their ilk(remotes, wands, etc.) Those technologies will seem to cause the user debilitating headaches and they will be at -2 on all rolls when in their sphere of influence.
The continued use of the module after 1d8 days will cause the target to shift toward the extreme lawful strain of the divine and they will be contacted by the powers of Law as per the 'Contact Other Worldly Being' spell.  The user will eventually become a tool of the Bureaucracy  of  Law itself. These divine powers will see, hear, and act through the wearer.

The weird circuitry of the module will thread its way through the user as they sleep. He or she will not feel any pain but will gain the use of ultra vision as the spell once the process is done. They will gain 1 point of wisdom but this will be because of the unending perfect planes of Law that they dream of at night. Emotions will start to be shed, loves lost, and ties to the mortal world broken as the user becomes more enraptured with the gifts of Law and Order.
 The module will act as a scarab of protection after the user gives himself or herself over to Law completely.

They will gain the following after 1d10 weeks of the use of the Cybernetic Module:
Clairvoyance once per day 
Contact Other Worldly Being(of Law) once per week 
Temporal Acceleration once per new moon 
Understand Artifact of Law once per week

The final phase of the this item will happen after a 1d8 year period of use. The user will become a 'child of the module' and plane shift into the planes of Law to become a part in the so called 'Unending Machinery of Law' never to be seen again upon the mortal plane.  

These modules were used in different areas of the Altantian Empire originally as part of the so called Shreruri or  'Cybernetic Religion' Once an official state run religion that fell out of favor after the death or assassination of one of the many emperors of the world spanning power.
 The modules powers relate to the divine rites of creation and creative endeavors spurred on by the state but the rites connected with such activity are lost to the ages. It is said by certain sages that these modules reflect the benign yet obtrusive side of Atlantian religion of the time.
One thing is for certain, the Derro hate those who use such items especially and have captured, tortured, and executed users of such items with extreme prejudice. This has spurned a legend that Imirish herself is a prisoner of the mad ones and even now lays at the center of the underworld empire. One thing is certain thousands of such modules lay within the Derro vaults under the Earth. 

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