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Even More Free Sword and Sorcery Material For Your Old School Campaigns - The Valor of Cappen Verra By Poul Anderson

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 Over the Christmas holidays I received this wonderful sword and sorcery anthology from a friend of this blog! 
The anthology came out in 1968! 
This is a solid piece of work with a great cover by Virgil Finley! I do so love his classic lines and great  artwork which also has him on the cover of the book.
The rest of the collection features: 
Poul Anderson - The Valor of Cappen Varra
Lord Dunsany - Distressing Tale of Thargobrind the Jeweller
Robert E Howard - Shadows in the Moonlight
Henry Kuttner - The Citadel of Darkness
Fritz Leiber - When The Sea-King's Away
C.L. Moore - Hellsgarde
H.P. Lovecraft - The Doom that came to Sarnath
Clark Ashton Smith - The Testament of Athammaus

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*I'm sure if you look around its available for much less folks.

'The Valor of Cappen Verra' is a wonderful story that features Cappen Verra a bard of no small qualities who from the sophisticated South and seeks employment with a court in the North. He ends up almost buying it from a troll and well go read the story.
 Cappen Verra is a different sort of fellow from the usual stripe of sword and sorcery heroes. He's a guy up to his neck in the situations he finds himself in and uses every trick in the book to get out. 
There isn't any sword play in this one but that's fine with me. Cappen Verra isn't that style of bard you see.
The fact is that I've seen this bard much later on in a certain bar in Thieves World. He's every bit the Anderson creation and a pleasure to read. He also makes a wonderful model for an NPC bard in a campaign. Anderson's other creations like the night mare world of fairy from 'Two Hearts and Two Lions' echoes throughout this story.
 I really enjoyed Cappen Vera for a real change of pace from the usual blood and thunder tales we often find in sword and sorcery.

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