Wednesday, January 15, 2014

1d30 Random After Remains Table For Lovecraftian Encounters For The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea Rpg


1d30 Random After Remains Table For Lovecraftian Encounters
  1. Moving one celled glowing protoplasmic life forms scattered all over the ground. Still pulsating with unholy life 1d6 
  2. White green puddles of liquid jelly like substance. Has a slightly acidic smell to it and does 1d4 points of damage to exposed flesh. 
  3. A mangled and slightly burnt humanoid corpse. The thing isn't identifiable as human. 
  4. The ground is covered with intricate burn marks of unknown origin 
  5. The entire area is covered in unholy inhuman eyes belonging to random creatures not of this world. 
  6. Bales of rusty wire and debris belonging to some unknown metal. The stuff turns to dust as soon as touched. 
  7. A rusty sacrificial knife covered in blood, pus, and smelly alien urine. 
  8. A bit of tendril and rime covered organ tissue. About three pounds worth. 
  9. A weird colour lingers in the air and leaves oily residue on the fingers of anyone passing through it. 
  10. A lump of solid gold half melted coins 5 pounds with all fused together. Strangely glows in the dark with an inner pink light. 
  11. The burnt remains of fused chickens, cow, and other less identifiable fleshly organs all fused into a three hundred pound mass of stuff. 
  12. Three humanoid corpses all burnt and flash froze all at the same time fused at the hips. Bits of unidentified alien stuff thrown in as well. 
  13. Fourteen metal rusted three foot long metal triangles all welded together. 
  14. Seventy five melted three hundred pound gears made of brass and other machinery. Etched with acid damage. Burnt leather smell to it. 
  15. A solid mass of three thousand bass skeleton keys all run together like melted waz. Glows green in the darkness. May make humans sick and hair may fall out. 
  16. Six men's corpses all fused together at various points of the limbs. Especially at the tips of the penis. Very dead with massive trauma damage to the heads.  Race unknown. 
  17. The corpse of a single dog with a human skull. Freshly killed add dressed for cooking. 
  18. A strange alien slug creature that pulses in time to a human heart beat. The thing still lives. 
  19. Four million written curses covered in intestine like jelly material. 
  20. The fresh corpse of a sperm whale with strange dorsal fin damage and large chunks of meat removed from the head and underbelly. Something moves under the skin of the beast. 
  21. The twisted remains of a giant like humanoid monster twisted inside out. 20% chance of some alien artifact. 
  22. A weird twisted metal piece of machinery that glows when the darkness comes at night. Mostly at night it glows with an unholy light. People go insane around the thing after three days. 
  23. Forty slabs of virgin wood with the fresh corpses of something spread between each one. They are beginning to rot in the sun. The smell is awful. 
  24. A perfectly preserved skin from a twenty year old male of unknown origin. Just his skin remains. There is a smell like fresh strawberries and cream. The hair looks freshly washed. 
  25. Neatly folded clothing along with the neatly folded skin, organs, and liquid bones of a humanoid. There is a 10% of a cache of artifacts. 
  26. Three neatly dissected corpses of Deep Ones preserved in Amber like stone vessels. There are eighteen vessels containing the delicately sliced remains. 
  27. Eight Giant organs of flesh and tissue eight foot across. The things are pierced through with over a thousand tiny silver bells. They sound in the wind! The flesh glows. 
  28. A twenty foot long elder sign burned into the ground. At its center is a rotted corpse of something. 
  29. The hollowed out remains of some giant sea creature carelessly dropped with its organs filled with silver like stone. The stone glows with inner unholy light and a ghost wails nearby. 
  30. A strange ball of energy like material burns the ground and stains reality. The thing glows during the day or at night as it does 1d6 points of damage to anyone exposed to it.


  1. That's just gross Needles, I love it. Consider it appropriated for my ASE game.

  2. To coin a phrase, there will be more coming up Collin. Ftghn ;-)