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1d10 Random Items From Among The Ship Wreck Table For The Astonishing Swords Men And Sorcerers of Hyperborea Rpg System

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 1d10 Random Encounters From Among The Ship Wreck Table

  1. An ancient Atlantian princess dead, around her neck is a wrought iron key upon a chain. She wears the finery of a by gone era. She has 1d8 pieces of jewelry. Her neck has a strange set of gills. There is ancient dagger piercing her side. A strange tattoo covers her right hand in which she clutches something. 
  2. A trunk of  some kind with astrological symbols hastily painted all over the thing. It floats in the tides but something heavy rattles from within. Something heavy and perhaps alive as there is a sudden movement from within the thing. There is a forty percent chance of some ancient artifact within the thing! 
  3. A small boy of alien origin washes along in the tide. He has copper colored skin with an odd cast to his skin. The rags he wears don't correspond to any known culture upon Hyperborea. At his side is a belt that appears to be a leather style material and at his side is a knife of a steel and copper coloured material. An odd compass is in the handle with directions that are both mysterious and unknown. He is still alive. 
  4. The corpse of some bloated and monstrous fish like thing washes among the waves. There are over a dozen enchanted and broken spears piercing it. There is a forty percent chance that one or more of them may be able to be recovered but the thing's blood is slightly acidic doing 1d4 points to anyone handling the monster's remains. 
  5. A living mermaid swims among the bodies of the corpses of sailors. She eats their flesh while collecting odds and ends from the corpses. The thing is actually a form of Deep One and is a form of royal Deep One an evil Siren Queen. She is a third level wizard and armed with an enchanted short sword. There is a 40% chance of the fiend having a magical treasure upon her person. She may call 1d6 Deep Ones to her at any time. She is evil, quite insane by human standards, and will kill anyone who gets in her way. 
  6. The bound, chained, and trapped form of a humanoid wrapped in a cloak. The thing is a were shark bound in silver edged chains. He has been cursed in a bizarre rite of destruction by priests of Mu. Releasing him will cause the monster to go berserk and attack anyone around him in a blood lust filled attack of fin and fury. 
  7. An ancient trunk of iron wood floats along in the tide. The thing contains the mummified remains of three humanoid undead. They will attack as wights and devour any living thing they come across. The interior of the trunk has been lined with gold leaf and protective spells. The trunk is worth 100 gold pieces to the right wizard. They have four gold pieces sewn into their mouths as part of the creation process. 
  8. A clear vessel of cut crystal floats along on the currents. Inside are a bound and very pissed off shoggoth. The thing will attack the first fool to open the vessel. It will mutilate the corpse of whomever opens the vessel eating the eyes and sex organs  of the victim. It will leave the corpse as a warning to others. 
  9. A giant raft of alien living flesh floats along the tide. A great piece of an Outer God lost to the seas of Hyperborea. This thing has a 60% chance of carrying a plague and it must be burned before it makes land fall. 
  10. The painted corpse of a bride of a funeral rite. This corpse is actually a lich created for an Atlantian rite of burial at sea by burning. This thing has survived and made landfall. This fourth level wizard/priestess is very pissed off at the living and will seek to destroy anyone she comes across. She must be put down for the good of the world. She wishes to cross over into the afterlife but the rites of her homeland keep her anchored to her decayed and withered half life of undeath. Half of her soul has passed on and the other half cleaves to unlife. 10% chance of having minor magical treasures 

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