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1d10 Random Encounter Table Of 'Those Who Have Bared Witness To The Summonings' For The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea rpg System

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1d10 Random Encounter Table Of
'Those Who Have Bared Witness To The Summonings'
  1. A wailing writhing mob of villagers stumbles out of the woods and proceeds to walk slowly towards you. They're words don't make sense until you can hear bits and pieces of an ancient summoning spell. Over and over is heard the name of some forbidden and half forgotten god.  Then they begin to surround you and that's when you notice the daggers. 
  2. A half mad man stumbles from the bushes, half of his body is burn and the other half covered with strange writing from the city of IX. His tongue has been cut out and two fingers removed from his left hand. The poor wretch is dying but needs and wants to spill his tale. Help him or kill him either is mercy for the gods have shown none. 
  3. A being stands in the middle of a circle of blasted and weird reeds. This being is nether man nor female and devoid of any sexual characteristics. The thing also has no face at all but if you approach it, the creature will begin carving into the soil signs and symbols of what or who did this too what was once 'her'. At the end the thing will melt away as if in a dream. 
  4. A wretched thing of twisted limbs, arms, faces, etc. all fused together and groaning stands or writhes in the middle of a road. It wails the name of some forbidden demon who has done this and begs to be killed. The horror crawls toward you. There is a 60% chance of it carrying some horrid disease. If it lives it will evolve into a monster of legend and myth seeking out its old village. 
  5. A single child of some lost tribe appears in the road the child speaks with the voice and mind of a scholar of old. He will tell his tale of the coming of a lost god and of the new horrors to be visited upon a nearby city. The city was dust a thousand years ago. But there are a handful of innocent villages near by. 
  6. A blind man stumbles toward your party. His sight was taken by the gods because he has witnessed the gods having congress with a mortal. He has come seeking that mortal to kill him or her. But the story changes. He has the face of an old man but the body of a youth of twenty summers. And he carries and ivory carved dagger of unknown make. 
  7. A lady from a nearby minor royal house is traveling by horse back to a nearby village. She is dressed for adventure but she has no time for anyone. She is actually possessed by a minor god who wants to make trouble for mortals. The other gods of its pantheon are seeking it. They will possess nearby mortals. You have been chosen to bare witness to these events. 
  8. A minor cat god Ufrex is seeking one of his sacred lost charges and wants to enlist your add. A minor noble is his vessel and seeks your party's help. She is surrounded by 60 or more cats including a saber toothed tiger. 
  9. A strange bubbling rolling cloud heads toward your party. It contains the lost souls of twenty two minor houses of Atlantis and they have a tale to tell. They also may try to possess your party. They have witnessed the coming of the demon sultan and none may stay their hands. 
  10. A young child has been possessed by the dreams of dread Cthulhu. A puddle of water has formed around his feet and strange tendril like things bubble below the surface. He has called for your party by name. 

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