Monday, January 20, 2014

1d10 Unholy Sacrificial Knives For Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea

The blades had been worked from the 'holy place'. The rock and stone worked with skill and dedication to their bloody and demanding god. The priests began to chant and the long process of creating the sacred tools had begun.
It would take them twelve cycles of the little moon to complete their task but the power of their ancient and unholy gods sustained them. Each one would be imbued with a different talent for the taking of the flesh, blood, and spirit from the sacrifice.
Each one would be worked by fire, skill, and a bit of their own blood as well as their spirit. They would live on through their tools. The jungle witnessed their workings as it had countless times as the moons crossed the skies of Hyperborea.
 There are other blades made by a thousand cultures. 
Here are some examples.

1d10 Unholy Sacrificial Knives
  1. Yruitro - This blade of quartz and flint is wrapped in preserved human intestines and sings as a bird while it goes about its work. The thing is +2 when cutting through the flesh of sacrifices and is as sharp as a surgical instrument. The thing will be greedy having been buried for far too long in the soil. There is a 40% chance of it trying to cut its finder and bleeding them out right there with their own hand. 
  2. Zimru The Greedy One - This blade of midnight black obsidian is always ready. The person wielding it gains a +2 on initiative and it cuts as a +1 dagger. The blade is imbued with the spirit of the priest who wielded it. He no longer remembers the ancient gods he once served only that there must be blood and sacrifice. His crippled and insane ghost hovers around this blade. 
  3. Yunus The Ghost Taker - This blade was made by Norse men and its blade is made of wrought iron and forged from the cold ice of unmelting snow fires. The thing hungers for blood and souls. It is a +2 weapon and turns its wielder into an cannibalistic berserk who rage at each full moon. He shall regenerate as a troll and turn to Chaotic Evil in word & deed. The blade will ever be at his side until he is killed by fire. 
  4. Resuro The Butterfly - This blade was created by fire and lightning at the heart of a volcano dedicated to the butterfly gods of Chaos. The blade gives its bearer immunity to fire and flame. The bearer must seek out the helpless and feeble to slay. The blade is +1 but thirsts for blood for its unholy gods. The wielder will always have murder in their mind and heart, always lurking for the moment to strike. 
  5. Hrtyru The Crow - This blade has been forged from the discarded remains of many nations by Pictish war priests. The thing will seek out the hand of a warrior wronged by civilized man in battle. It will act as a +1 dagger in all respects. But the thing craves the eyes of men. It will make its wielder eat the eyes of his victims and know their memories. These memories will stay with the wielder for 1d4 hours then they will want to repeat the experience. 
  6.  Eirrrush The Wandering Skinner - This skinning blade was forged from the molten heart of a meteor by the hand of a minor god. This skinning knife was passed down through many tribes of the East until finally it was lost to legend. The thing seeks the skins of man and those wielding it must cut the skins of their victims off after battle. The knife grants +2 on strength and dexterity in the form of a rush of orgasmic battle fury before a battle but the rites must be observed afterwards. Failure to do so means a minor curse upon the wielder until he makes amends to the knife's spirit. 
  7. The Iron Scalpel of Jruru The Butcher - This never rusting  scalpel of bone, quartz, and iron  was once an instrument of healing but its owner healed a murderous berserk unknowingly and his spirit passed into the owner. Jruru The Butcher is the name of both the blade and the spirit within. The blade was finally lost in a harbor someplace in the West. The owner was burned at the stake pleading his innocence. There is a type two demon living within this blade. It will have access to all of its usual powers after possessing the wielder after 1d4 days. In all respects this is +2 blade of sharpness otherwise. 
  8. Jachale The Jade Heart Taker - This blade of iron wood was carved from the god tree Jachale and flaked with many pieces of lost jade. The blade is the home of a multitude of ghosts who crave blood for their god. They feel that somehow this will free them from their wooden prison. It never does.
    The blade acts as a +1 dagger but once per day the user may use the pass wall abilities of a ghost. He will have many of the minor abilities of a ghost. These are not without a price however. The user must drink the heart blood of an innocent after three months. Within 1d8 months of using this blade. The wielder must pray to 
    Jachale or join the spirits within the blade itself. 
  9. Xrruruer The Spirit Taker - This blade was forged from the wedding gifts of Xrruruer a princess of a long extinct people. She is cursed to wander across the world in the form of a blade after betraying her family to Cthulhu as a sacrifice.
    Those wielding this blade will be in contact with her spirit and possessed of a longing romantic interest with this unholy thing. She will demand the souls of the wielder's victims. Those slain by this blade will erupt into a mass of horrid tendrils as the victim's soul is sucked into the void to be devoured.
    The blade may harm things not able to be harmed by normal weapons but wielder can not rid themselves either the blade or 
    Xrruruer herself. Her knowledge and power will be passed to the wielder for a time( those are up to the DM). 
  10. The Blade of The Mad Sultan - This blade of iron and quartz has been dedicated to the demon sultan god himself. Those who wield it are themselves forfeit to the mad thing. It acts as +1 dagger but will slay any being. Those who wield it will themselves have their very souls consumed. The thing supposedly has a fate to slay a city. It has not been seen in many centuries. Its legends are lost to Hyperborea 


  1. It slices, it dices, it even cuts through a tin can. And it's unholy!

  2. And it will swallow your soul!
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  4. Hi Stormy, unfortunately blogger isn't built with those features in mind. Your best bet would probably be to join Google G+ which has many of those types of features. I know that there's a thriving OSR table top community on it. I would however read up on the features before getting into it.
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