Tuesday, January 28, 2014

1d10 Random Eldritch Statues Table For The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea System

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1d10 Random Eldritch Statue Table

  1. This ancient Atlantian statue is one of the lost gods whose no longer worshiped and now long forgotten.The thing now waits and anyone dwelling near it will feel weak and a bit faint. The thing will do 1d4 points of damage per round as its malice and hate washes over the target. The thing accepts sacrifices from the nearby village of cavemen. The thing will soak up any flesh or blood offered to it. Once every new moon it will give a prophecy to a magically sensitive person. 
  2. This ruined statue is actually a trapped god, one of Old Earth locked, frozen in time and space. This poor soul is quite insane and dangerous. Every new moon the statue will release its soul in the form of a dire wolf and take souls as it will! There is an ancient treasure locked in a stone box at the base of the thing. No local will go near the stone horror. 
  3. This ancient statue of Cthulhu is missing its head and sits by a body of fetid water. The thing now has a mass of stone tendrils in its head's place. It will come to life to take a sacrifice should an accident take place near it. It will level drain any wizards that it happens upon. There are 1d8 minor relics under it. The thing has a hate for all magicians. 
  4. This blood stained  statue of a giant saber toothed  cat  stands and is the center of a cult of cat worshipers. They are a group of 1d10 2nd level thieves who attack any nearby travelers offering up their bodies and treasures to their twisted pagan god. A group of bounty hunters is hunting for them but they vanish every thirty days after they take a group of victims. There is now a missing shipment of minor gold trinkets. 
  5. This ever burning statue is actually the center of an ancient family curse. The thing will burn for eternity and its flame came consume magic items immune to flame. Its history is shrouded in blood and mystery. It constantly hungers for flesh and anyone approaching it will be burned for 1d6 points of magical fire damage. Every new moon it will produce a minor trinket of fire resistance for the price of a minor limb. 
  6. This statue is draped with incredibly intricate tapestries that depict the past, the present and alternative futures of the local area. The thing is actually a living giant undead creature (a giant zombie) that uses the tapestries to locate prey and stalk the living. Many different legends surround the thing. All of them do not account for its movements every three weeks however. A minor cult of followers sacrifices the occasional drunk or adventurer that they can capture. 
  7. This statue of a giant gargoyle is the frozen remains of a monster from a lost dimension. The thing will react if a thief approaches it. The thing can sense the darkness in one's soul. It will react with 1d10 tendrils that do 1d4 points of damage. It will suck the blood, intestines, and fluids of anyone caught by it. There are 1d4 minor scrolls of offering to it. 1d100 coins are scattered about its base. 
  8. This statue is made from hundreds and hundreds of fused metal bones. The thing is actually an ancient Atlantian computer that calculates the alignments of alien stars, every 1d6 months, it will curse anyone present in its company. The thing reacts to relics of the Great Race of Yith by shooting a ray to the owner for 1d4 points of flesh melting damage! 
  9. This ancient statue of Cthulhu sits and sends out millions of nightmares that will drive anyone who sleeps nearby insane unless the appropriate saves are made. The thing tracks the movements of its master through Hyperborea and beyond. 
  10. This statue is made of trillions of fused Atlantian coins, each one for the doomed souls of Atlantis. The thing's coins are cursed, anyone who handles one of these coins will take the place of the doomed. They will possess the bodies of anyone they can and seek out a nearby ancient ancestor worshiping cult of fanatics. These cultists seek to raise ancient Atlantis by any means necessary and seek to add the power of millions of souls across a thousand lifetimes. They will not stop and simply wait for another life time!


  1. My players are starting to believe that anything interesting they encounter is a trap. This will totally serve to reinforce that belief, and reinforce that it will! Nicely done.

  2. As they should! Thanks!
    Thanks but you might want to check out the newest table of Hyperborean mayhem. I've put together. There are things that shouldn't be disturbed in tombs as well. Not all of them are empty either!