Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Trashtastic Horror Role Playing At Its Best! Planet Motherf#$%er By Jack W. Shear

Planet Mother#$@er By Jack W. Shear is out! This is a high octane horror and mutated system neutral setting! I do pay attention to the author's blog over HERE and was expecting this thing to come out for the Savage Worlds system?
 Nope this puppy is system neutral and balls to the walls weirdness! 

According to the author - It's a "Psychoholic Trash Culture setting" in slim trade paperback form.  If you're into compendiums of fully fleshed-out setting info, this will disappoint.  This supplement sketches the lines of a setting, hands you the keys to the Camaro, and says "Your turn to drive."  As I've said elsewhere, Planet Motherf&$%^er is less a completely realized thing and more a state of mind."
Que some Rob Zombie and begin reading. 

Here's the idea.

So if the quality is anything like what I've seen out of the insane mind and pen of Jack then we're in for a road trip to the Abyss using a lowrider, a pack of cigs, and some rot gut! From what I'm reading this bad boy looks like it could be cousins with any retroclone. Very DYI material which suits me just fine. Your mileage may vary however. I'll be covering more of Jack's material and its usage coming up in my own campaigns coming up. In the mean time here's my boomstick!


  1. Your welcome but don't thank me just yet I'm not done pimping your stuff yet Jack. Since there's a horror campaign I'm in the middle of giving birth to! Stay tuned more of Jack's stuff to come!