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Splatter Punk 70's & 80's Post Apocalyptic Horror Campaign Sundown Edition : 1d30 Crazed Cannibal Tribes of the Adirondack Mountains Random Encounter Table

The call of the Adirondack Mountains has attracted every degenerate tribe of mad men and manics from the time of the 'Supernaturalypse'. Hoards of knife wielding psychopathic mutants and lone monsters stalk its trails and byways. Perhaps its the energies that flow through the hills,maybe the monsters that simply lurk in mankind have been unleashed for generations finally. Below is a small cross section of these strange feasters of men. They fight as berserks often high upon the twisted  fungus that grows around mutated trees and upon the mountainsides themselves. 
1d30 Crazed Cannibal Tribes of the Adirondack Mountains Random Encounter Table 
  1. 1d6 Degenerate tribe of Old One Worshipers led by a 2nd level fighter. Armed with short swords, bows and arrows, and cleavers. They enjoy torturing their prey. 
  2. An inbred group of 'family' members looking for victims. 1d4# 
  3.  Strange old timey religious nutjobs and psychos looking for converts and another 'last supper' 
  4. A traveling bunch of mutants and freaks twisted into mockereis of humanity. 1d10 of these monstrous mad bastards. 10% of mutations among them. 
  5. 1d6 nuns and missionaries looking to 'save souls.' They've actually been infected with 'zombie rot fever' 
  6. A band of demonic cultists from a nearby community looking for a meal and sacrifice. Armed with short swords and ritual knives. 1d8 of these demonic servants.  
  7. A solitary tinker twisted beyond all human hope and sanity hunting down his latest victims. Armed with sharp knives and a quick wit. 
  8. A band of trappers possessed by a Wendigo spirit. There are 1d10 of these possessed souls roiling through the hills. 
  9. Former bounty hunter turned psycho cannibal killer. 3rd level fighter armed with bow and arrow. Short sword, shield, and cooking implements. 
  10. 1d8 time lost victims transformed into horrid beasts of hunger. The gate way is still open to their dimension hell there may be more of them. 10% chance of them coming through. 
  11. 1d10 A pack of preteen savage cubs hunting down victims as part of their rite of passage. Armed with slings, rocks, and knives. 
  12. 1d20 zombie rot infected farmers with the craving for flesh. Very hungry and pissed off. Armed with farm tools  and knives. 
  13. A pack of escaped criminals infected with dimensional energies hell bent on eating whomever they can. 
  14. A bunch of former alchemists who were a part of a military experiment who are now hosts for a new bio weapon plague looking for victims and hosts. 1d8 of these murderous, hungry bastards. 
  15. 1d10 former 'Guardians of Light' fighters now possessed by a demonic hunger spirit who crave the cooked flesh of the living. Armed with swords, armor, and attitude. 
  16. A group of cursed outlaws, looking for lunch. Armed with bows & arrows, on horse back, etc. Functioning cannibals and capable of complex planning. 
  17. A traveling sales man on horse back. Actually a scout for a murderous tribe up the road of 1d20 1st level fighters who crave the flesh of humans. 
  18.  A lone fem fatale cannibal psychopathic warrior woman looking for a group of victims. A third level fighter armed with bastard sword, armor, shield, and attitude. 
  19. 1d10  A pack of outlaws suffering from a mild case of lycanthropy that manifests as cannibalism. They are mostly functional until night fall then they fight as true beserks and eat the raw flesh of their prey. 
  20. 1d6  Former towns people mutated into crazed psycho killer cannibals. No better then rabid animals. 10% chance of carrying rabies. 
  21. A group of twisted highwaymen robbing and eating their way across the state. Armed with black powder weapons and on horse back. They carry bastard swords and light armor. 
  22. 1d8 Dimensional traveling mutant cannibals from Dimension X. 10% chance of alien artifact among them. 
  23. A lone chain saw wielding psycho killer cannibal armed with stakes as well. On a holy crusade to rid the world of others and eat them. 
  24. 1d8 Degenerate politicians from an alternative Earth. Here to consume anyone they can. Looking to start a cult known as a party. 
  25. 1d10 mutated soldiers from another local city state exposed to cosmic radiation from a fallen meteor nearby. Armed with M-16's and cosmic hunger for the flesh of others. 
  26. 1d8 cannibal cultists lead by a third level wizard. Out for a sacrifice and meal. They have a camp near by. 
  27. A tribe of cruel torturing cannibal savages 1d10 of the things! Mostly 3rd level warriors armed with bows and arrows, slings and rocks, and short swords 
  28. An escaped psycho cannibal in a straight jacket! 1st level fighter armed with a knife. 
  29. 1d8 alien cannibals armed with ray guns. There is a downed saucer nearby with a 20% chance of more of these things. They are looking to start a colony here. 
  30. An infected cannibal paladin suffering from 'Zombie Rot'. Very dangerous. More monster then man. This mad dog has a 10% chance of carrying rabies. 

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