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' Better Then Any Man' PDF For Lamentations Of The Flame Princess For Free (Sort of) Review And Commentary

'Lamentations of The Flame Princess' is a pulptastic game which has been doing interesting things for a couple of years now. I'm getting a Monday night game together based on the 'Supernaturalypse' and I've decided to use Lamentations as the base system with some twists. More on that later.  'Better Then Any Man' is out for download for free.
Right over
 The Plot According To Rpgnow:

War is Hell

The Swedes are invading!
Sorcerers have taken Karlstadt with the aid of unearthly creatures!
In W├╝rzburg, the Prince-Bishop schemes to retain control of his domain.

… and yet darker forces gather…

Thousands - perhaps tens of thousands - will die before the week is out. Can a group of luckless adventurers change the course of the events? Profit along the way? But what can they possibly do against those who consider themselves Better Than Any Man?

Better Than Any Man is a deluxe LotFP: Weird Fantasy Role-Playing adventure for character levels 1–4. Dungeoneering, wilderness adventuring, investigation, politics and negotiation, many new spells, magic items, and monsters—this one has it all!

LotFP Weird Fantasy Role-Playing is the traditional horrific adventure RPG out of Finland that holds nothing back. It is part of the Old School Renaissance family of games, which makes this adventure broadly compatible with dozens of other old school systems.

If you can endure Better Than Any Man, look for other LotFP adventures and supplements right here on DriveThruRPG and RPGNow!

Evaluation and Commentary 
The plot is pretty vicious, the pages clock in at 180 pages, the encounters definitely hit the pulp occult vibe with this one. The presentation is well laidout and this one provides a good overview of the LotFP system. 
The encounters are tight but not railroady. There are goals and their are definite consequences if their ignored. That being said the authors go into some real Lovecraftian territory and take the party on a hellish ride into a world of nightmare and folly. The monsters are wicked and the action is thick in this one.
It feels like this might be an introduction into a Lotfp campaign. There's leanings here of a much larger background and solid background that feels filled in. There's more going on behind the scenes of this plot then is simply presented in the adventure. Could there be a campaign world coming out soon?  I don't know but I do feel that there's quite a bit going on in the background to merit more fill in.
Over all the product is slick for a freebie and yes there's a whole saga with kickstart attached to the history of this one but that's not why I'm looking into the product.
The truth is that for an introduction product into a mature dark pulp fantasy product this isn't half bad at all.

Why its sort of free. 
Better Than Any Man was LotFP's Free RPG Day 2013 release, and is presented here as a Pay What You Want item. If you want to pay $0.00 for it, no problem.
However, the layout for this PDF edition has been redone from scratch (the print version was 96 pages + cover) to take advantage of the electronic format. If you think this adds value (or if you think the adventure is just that cool to begin with), please do consider coming back and purchasing this PDF for as many dollars as you think it's worth.
Half of all income from PDF sales here go straight to the graphic designer who did all this work. The other half goes to the publisher/adventure author to invest in future releases.
Since I'm friends with quite a few artists and graphics people I feel that its very important in these financial times that they get paid for the work that they do on products like this. Hence why I'm spreading the love.
 Do I think that 'Better Then Any Man' is worth your attention and download? In a word yes!  

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