Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Splatter Punk 70's & 80's Post Apocalyptic Horror Campaign Sundown Edition - Actual Play - Starting Out In Mercy

Last night I started the PC's in Mercy Square. One of the walled cities in the 'Supernaturalypse.'
They're getting a feel for the walled island in the middle of the New England end of this nightmare world.
Its located someplace in Upstate New York.
Between the sheriff and the mayor the place has a very cosmopolitan feel. Yet the citystate has a very dark and somewhat 'warhammerish' fantasy flavor about it. Mercy is essentially a temporary refuge at best and a tragic accident waiting to happen at worst.
So why Mercy?
 Well here's the Drivethrurpg description:
Post Apocalyptic Town: Mercy Square is the third installment of mapped, detailed "villages" for a post apocalyptic wasteland. Inspired by the Hamlet On A Page series, this product offers the GM a basic overview of a post apocalyptic settlement on a single page. A map is provided as well as a list of numbered locations which include the total population of citizens found at such locations. Below the map is a detailed description of the community.
Located within the heart of a devastated city, Mercy Square is an over-populated, rubble walled settlement of urban dwelling, post apocalyptic survivors. Founded by Mayor John Greenburg (Area 4) and Sheriff Logan Bolton (Area 4), this community was based on the aspects of hope, safety, and restoration of civilization. Since the community’s humble beginnings of a mere sixty some citizens, the secured urban area now houses over a thousand survivors. Although the buildings within the complex are perfectly capable of providing the needs of shelter for at least another five hundred or more, the overall feeling of this urban safe-hold is that the community is bursting at the seams.
In essence, Mercy Square is suffering from something that is a hard found blessing in the ruins of the apocalypse.  That combination of a blessing and a curse is overpopulation. While the community offers the perfect model for the rebirth of civilization as it was once known, the ruins of the surrounding metropolitan city is quickly running dry in regards to needed resources. The community has a constant need for food, fresh water, and gasoline. While the community’s scouts, scavengers, and drivers make a constant effort to supply the community’s needs in recovered goods, such ventures are starting to fall short of need.

You can get it right over HERE
The PC's are already seeing the signs and portents of  Trey's 'City' and the horrific effects of the world that they find themselves within. They've started to look for work and the encounters below reflect some of what they've already encountered. 

1d10 Random NPC Encounters In Mercy 
  1. A junk trader selling his wares. There is a trace of ghoul blood running through his veins. His eyes glow with a weird light and he eyes adventurer a bit hungrily from time to time. He's friendly enough. Sharpens knives for two pennies and trades stories with adventures. 
  2. A group of refugees from out West. Some sporting horrific burns and scars. They're off to see Mercy's healers and doctors. 
  3. A group of hobogoblins is moving through the crowds pick pocketing and telling tales. They're willing to trade some items for hooch. Just came in on the rails.
  4. A priest whose community is being beset by vampire bikers is looking for adventurers and fighters. 
  5. A traveling tinker with a coat full of wonders is actually a skilled technician and is looking for work. He has 1d4 random relic technology for sale. 
  6. A husband and wife team of acrobats are performing for the crowd. Actually their 'recruiters' for a local cult of the Old Ones. They tell tales that carry hints about local adventure locations if one is willing to listen. 
  7. A group of soldiers from another city state is looking through the crowd. They're actually 'drafting' manpower at the local watering holes. There are 1d8 2nd level fighters working the crowds. 
  8. A group of caravan merchants is selling fruits and veggies from across the land some of these are actually enchanted with weird powers. There are actually two of the farmers among them who are undead. They've sold their souls for remarkable abilities with things that grow. 
  9. Half ghoul funeral director brothers are setting up shop to offer their temporary services. They are experts in dealing with the undead and especially zombies. They are always looking for adventurers to help them in their endeavors. They sell all kinds of wood handy crafts and coffins including stakes. Some with special qualities. 
  10. The sheriff and his men who will be wanting to question the characters. They'll like to know the comings and goings of everyone. 


  1. Wow! Love it! Its neat to see how my products are transformed into something much greater at a group's gaming table.

  2. Well its a product that has a lot of potential! Very cool stuff on the players part! There's more to come!