Thursday, July 25, 2013

Splatter Punk 70's & 80's Post Apocalyptic Horror Campaign Sundown Edition Influence - 1d30 Trashtastic Monstrous Servants of The Ancient Gods

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There are creatures you don't ever want to encounter. Monsters spawned from the darkest brain fevered corners of the human imagination. Things that simply kill and kill again. They were spawned from darkest alley ways of the human collective unconsciousness during the 'Supernaturalpyse' . Now these monsters serve their dark masters and begin the summoning! 

 1d30 Trashtastic  Monstrous  Servants of The Ancient Gods Random Encounters 

  1. 1d4 Flesh Melting Clowns AC 8 Hit points 2 Damage 1d6 acidic 
  2. 1d8 undead mutant cultists AC 7 Hit Dice 3 Damage 1d4 bite 
  3. Small village zombies AC 9 Hit points 1 Damage 1d3 
  4. Giant Freaking Spider AC 7 Hit Points 6 Damage 1d6 Acidic bite 
  5. Spider Draco Bats AC8 Hit Points 3 Damage 1d4 plus implant and explosive birth 
  6. Giant Of The Old Ones AC 8 Hit points 10 Damage 1d6  # 1d4 accompanying mini monsters 
  7. Evil Unicorn Mutate AC 7 Hit Points 6 Damage 1d4 hooves, 1d8 horn 
  8. Mist Ghost AC 3 Hit points 3 Damage 1d4 claws 
  9. Giant Blue Bottle Flies #1d4 Hit points 6 Damage 1d4 plus implantation and infection 
  10. Giant Flesh Eating Hydra Worms AC 6 Hit Dice 8 Damage 1d8 per bite 
  11. Engorged Bane Worms #1d6  AC9 Damage 1d4 Flesh rot Disease 
  12. Gang of Three Undead Scare Crow Things AC 8 Hit Points 3  Damage by Weapon Regenerates as troll 
  13. Asylum Ghosts 1d6 AC 7 Hit Dice 4 Damage 1d4 claws and infection 
  14. Mummified Giant Dinosauroid AC7 Hit Dice 10 Damage 1d6 Radioactive breath weapon 1d8 per blast
  15. Gang of Mutant Zombie Bikers AC 8 Hit Dice 3 Damage By Weapon
  16. Shark Goblins #1d6 AC 8 Hit Dice 4 Damage By Weapon or 1d6 bite 
  17. Clock Work Steam Things Ac 6 Hit points 5 Damage 1d4 claw/tool 1d8 bite 
  18. 2d4 Drac Rat Bats AC 7 Hit points 3 Damage 1d4 bite/claws 
  19. 1d4 Humanoid Cockeroaches AC 8 Hit Points 4 Damage 1d4 claw or by weapon 
  20.  Time Lost Flesh Eating Zombies 1d6# AC 8 Hit points 3 Damage 1d4 zombie rot 
  21. 1d6# Bile Worms  AC 7 Hit Dice 3 Damage 1d4 per acidic shots 
  22. 1d6 # Slime priests AC 6 Hit Dice 4 Damage 1d4 tendrils and infection 
  23. 1d4 # Gang of Steam Things Humanoid AC 7 Hit Dice 4 Damage 1d4 blade or 1d6 'eye of the old ones ray '
  24. 1d4 # Masked Mime Horrors AC 8 Hit points 4 Damage 1d4 by tendril 
  25. 1d6 # Frog Demon Minions AC 8 Hit Points 3 Damage by Weapon 
  26. 1d6 Robed Horrors AC 8 Hit points 3 Damage 1d6 acidic tendrils or by weapon 
  27. 1d4 mini terrors AC7 Hit Dice 2 Damage 1d6 or by mini weapon 
  28. Animated Ghostly Motor   Parts AC 5 Hit Dice 2 Damage 1d6 Blunt Trauma
  29. 1d4# Gill Men AC 7 Hit Dice 4 Damage 1d4 claws plus poison 
  30. Night Mare God Minion AC 8 Hit Dice 7 Damage 1d6 Regenerates as Troll  

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